Woman who has Botox at 21 panicking about gills due to bulging in her jawline

A 21-year-old woman who got her first round of Botox is freaking out after developing "gills" on her jawline, as shown in a TikTok video.

In the clip, Lexie explains she had the treatment about a week ago to "prevent wrinkles" but also because she heard it helps with headaches

She says: "The place where I bought my Botox had a package deal so if you bought a certain amount of units you get some for free.

"I'm young and I didn't need all of the units in my forehead, and I had twenty units left.

"You can't share or save Botox at all so I was like 'I already paid for these so I might as well use them'.

Lexie said the beautician suggested injecting her jaw, the masseter muscle, and claimed it would help prevent teeth grinding.

"Now when I clench my jaw I have gills," she reveals.

Showing off the bulging in her jaw, she adds: "I'm kinda concerned. Has this happened to anyone else?"

The video was "liked" more than 40,000 times and hundreds of people left comments, with many reassuring Lexie that the swelling would go down eventually.

One user said: "It goes away. I panicked too when mine did that lmao the Botox just hasn’t settled yet."

Meanwhile, other people cautioned Lexie that Botox can go badly wrong and urged her to be careful.

A woman commented: "Omg I got Botox in my jaw too and it slimmed it down so much the extra skin is now a double chin and I’m so upset."

Someone else said: "My mother did the Botox in her head for migraines. However, after years of doing this, the muscle atrophied thus leaving indentations, be careful."

According to the NHS, Botulinum toxin injections can only be given in a face-to-face meeting by a qualified medical practitioner, such as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist prescriber or nurse prescriber.

Complications include a headache and flu-like symptoms for the first 24 hours, bruising, swelling and redness, a "frozen" look, and temporary droopiness in the face.

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