Wrexham fans clean up graffiti ahead of their team's open bus tour

Wrexham fans clean up ‘horrible and disgusting’ graffiti ahead of their team’s open bus tour today – after vandals tainted a mural celebrating the Welsh club’s promotion with offensive messages

  • Wrexham will celebrate their promotion with an open bus parade on Tuesday
  • Fans of the Welsh club have cleaned up a defaced mural ahead of the team’s tour
  • The offensive graffiti was scribbled over the mural just a day before the parade

Wrexham supporters have acted swiftly to remove offensive graffiti from a vandalised mural ahead of the club’s open bus promotion tour on Tuesday.

The Welsh club, owned by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, ended their 15 years stint in non-league football by earning promotion to League Two last month, profiting from a sensational season under Phil Parkinson.

On Monday, vandals defaced a celebratory mural on Crispin Lane which featured a hand-painted red dragon and the slogan ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ – a popular television documentary following the club’s successes.

One message was believed to relate to the death of a life-long fan, while marks of ‘CFC’ and ‘125’ were also scrawled on the mural in an apparent reference to Wrexham’s arch-rivals Chester FC. ‘125’ is Chester’s frontline fan gang, or ‘firm’.

Keen to remove the graffiti ahead of Tuesday’s victory parade, which starts at 6.15pm, a section of supporters worked quickly to paint over the messages.

Wrexham fans acted swiftly to clean up a defaced mural ahead of Tuesday’s open bus parade

The offensive markings were first covered over with white paint, before fans returned later in the day to add an extra coat with the correct colour. 

Posting an image of the rescued mural on Tuesday morning, one fan said: ‘We’ll pop back later with a darker top coat. Up the Reds #WelcometoWrexham.’

Fans took to social media on Monday to express their anger towards the vandals – and aimed their anger towards Chester FC supporters.

One supporter said: ‘What an awful thing to do. Jealousy at its worst.’

A second tweeted: ‘They’ve shamed their city and club.’

The mural was defaced (left) just a day before Wrexham were set to celebrate their promotion

Wrexham’s supporters took to social media on Monday to criticise the vandals – holding the fans of arch-rivals Chester FC responsible based on the markings scrawled all over the mural

Another posted: ‘I’m from Chester and don’t understand why people would do this. Shame on them.’

Meanwhile, a disgruntled fan added: ‘Flintshire Council need to re possess their ground and turn it into a Sewage farm!’ 

A fifth continued: ‘And this is why Wrexham hate Chester. Horrible jealous disgusting. Shame on you! #WrexhamAFC #WrexhamFX #WxmAFC.’

The parade is scheduled start at the Racecourse Ground before undergoing its tour of the city.    

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