You can create a Cruella-themed bedroom for £31.50 with simple upcyling hacks

Cruella is currently a hit in cinemas, with Emma Stone playing the iconic Cruella de Vil.

And if you or your child is a big fan of the live-action Disney film, you may want to recreate it in your own home with some DIY and simple upcycling.

To mark the release of the Cruella movie in cinemas, MattressNextDay has given their top tips for transforming a bedroom into a Cruella and Dalmatian themed reality.

And what's better is that you don't need tons of money, as it'll only cost you £31.50

For your DIY transformation, you'll need Two A4 Photo Frames (£10), a tin of furniture paint primer (£5) a tin of black paint (£6) and a tin of white paint (£6).

You'll also need a packet of red feathers (£2.25) and polka dot wrapping paper for accessories (£2.25).

Step one: Upcycle a chest of drawers with Dalmatian paw prints

If you have spare drawers (or any type of bedroom furniture) that could do with a little TLC, you could give these a Cruella-style makeover.

All you need to buy is two tins of paint – one white and one black (£6.00 each) – and some furniture paint primer (£5.00).

Start by sanding down your furniture to rough it up enough to allow your paint primer to stick. Next, wipe down the surfaces with a tack cloth before priming them. Next, paint all of the furniture white so it’s prepped for the ever-famous paw prints.

Tiffany Ratcliffe, Head of Design at art art art suggests “making a paw print stencil using cardboard you have at home and use the black paint within the stencil.”

Step two: Give walls a Dalmatian dotty effect with leftover paint

Next, you could create a second stencil using cardboard to create a fun design.

Or, if you want something more low-key, and to get the family involved with painting, Tiffany has a fun tip.

“Paint the feature wall white and put black paint on a paintbrush when the wall is dry and flick the black paint straight onto the wall. It will fall in random splatters and can be a modern way to create the polka dot look.”

Step three: Source red feathers and upcycle your lampshades

Tiffany also suggests “sourcing red feathers [£2.25] from either a fabric or charity shop and decorating your lampshades or ceiling shades to match Cruella’s famous red dress.

These feathers can be stuck onto a plain pendant light you already own, with superglue.

This would also be a fun bonding activity with your child.

Step four: Bind books in polka dot wrapping paper for accessorising

If you have some unwanted books, you could also bind these in polka dot wrapping paper (£2.25) to create accessories that would make Cruella proud with your creativity.

You could even display these on your new refurbished drawers.

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Step five: Sketch Dalmatians and frame them for as little as £5

This is another task that could get the family involved as well as saving you money.

Ask your children, and any other family members, to sketch or trace pictures of Dalmatian dogs using black pencil on white A4 paper.

You can then place them in two A4 frames and attach them to your feature wall (£5each).

A fun task and they look lovely too!

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