Your Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for October

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This is a major month for you, Scorpio! In fact, October is going to be nonstop! But the cosmos are kind and, to help you prepare for the upcoming sprint, the Full Moon in Aries on October 1 invites you to stop and take a breath. Under this sky, the area of your chart associated with health and wellness is activated, so don’t be afraid to carve out time for some relaxing yoga, pamper your pores with a face mask, or brew up some aromatic tea. Remember, your day-to-day habits reflect your internal realities. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, engage in thoughtful activities that will help you slow down. I’m not going to lie: Writing in your journal will always be more rewarding than scrolling on Instagram, so when in doubt, flip your phone into airplane mode and spend a few hours off the grid. You deserve a break.

Don’t sting the messenger, but I do have some not-so-pleasant information to report: On October 13, Mercury goes retrograde in your own sign. What does that mean? Simply put, it will be extra annoying! With Mercury sliding through Scorpio, all the mishaps will feel super personal. But it’s not the end of the world, so try not to get too stressed about this planetary plie. Yes, your internet will collapse. Yes, your camera will freeze. Yes, you’ll accidentally “reply all” to an email that you were not meant to receive in the first place. It will be annoying, but it won’t ruin your life. Try to keep perspective, Scorpio love!

Just a few days later, on October 16, a New Moon in Libra will deliver a dark, velvety sky. With no nocturnal illumination, you’ll be looking inward, so don’t be surprised if you have some powerful emotional revelations under this sky. You’re a sensitive creature, Scorpio darling. You’re constantly absorbing feelings. By mid-month, give yourself permission to process all of this psychic stimuli—there’s a lot to unpack! Likewise, the New Moon is a terrific time to get some extra sleep: Dreams can help us work through complex emotions. Go ahead and hit snooze!

But, wait! Stop everything! Did I just hear that…there’s a new birthday baby in town? Yup! Happy solar return, Scorpio love! On October 22, the Sun slides into your zodiac sign, which means the next few weeks are all about you. In astrology, birthdays are referred to as “solar returns” because it’s the day the Sun returns to the exact position it occupied at your moment of birth, making a 360º cycle! During Scorpio season, be sure to bask in the Sun’s warm radiance. Don’t be afraid to shine!

Now, real talk, you’re the spookiest sign of the zodiac, so it’s no surprise that Halloween occurs during your birthday season. I mean, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to dress up in a scary costume, terrorize their neighbors, and then be rewarded with candy? Classic Scorpio energy! But this year, Halloween might feel extra chilling—it’s not the weather, it’s the Moon! On October 31, a Full Moon in Taurus (your opposite sign) electrifies the night sky, making this haunted holiday extra enchanted. For you, this lunation is all about perspective, so get ready for some changes relating to interpersonal dynamics. Have you outgrown an existing alliance or, alternatively, are you finally ready to commit? Full Moons expose werewolves, but remember, they only shines on what already exists. This is about connecting to your truth.

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