UK coronavirus deaths hit 36,393 as 351 more die – lowest Friday total in 8 weeks

CORONAVIRUS fatalities in the UK have risen to 36,393 after 351 more deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours.

A total of 254,195 people have now tested positive for Covid-19 across Britain – up 3,287 cases from yesterday.

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Today's death toll refers to those who have died in all settings – including care homes, hospices and the wider community.

The latest rise in deaths confirmed by the Department of Health is bigger than it was yesterday, when 338 more deaths were logged.

Today's figures are a slight decline from last Friday's 384.

It's the lowest number of deaths recorded on a Friday in the UK for the last eight weeks.

In England, the total number of Covid-19 deaths rose to 25,388 today – up 121 from yesterday.

NHS England confirmed the patients were aged between 41 and 98 years old, and three had no known underlying health conditions.

In Scotland, a total of 2,245 patients have died after testing positive for coronavirus – up by 24 from yesterday.

In Wales, seven more deaths were recorded overnight, bringing the overall tally there to 1,254.

There have been three more deaths in Northern Ireland, bringing their death toll to 504.

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WWE WrestleMania 36 LIVE RESULTS: Drew McIntyre calls out Tyson Fury who ACCEPTS fight, The Undertaker’s retirement hint – The Sun

WRESTLEMANIA 36 concluded in spectacular fashion – we have a British WWE champion for the first time in history!

The WWE managed to pull off a cracking Wrestlemania to lift spirits around the world, despite it being pre-taped and with no audience.

  • Drew McIntyre made history as he defeated Brock Lesnar to become first-ever British WWE Champion – then called out Tyson Fury and ex-Chelsea star Chris Sutton and amazingly Fury has accepted
  • The Fiend Bray Wyatt dominated John Cena in bizarre Firefly Fun House Match
  • Edge beat Randy Orton in a bloody Last Man Standing Match
  • The Undertaker ended AJ Styles in crazy cinematic Boneyard Match – which took EIGHT hours to film
  • Braun Strowman new WWE Universal Champion after replacing Roman Reigns to beat Goldberg

Follow ALL of the latest reaction from WrestleMania 36 below…


    Who's feeling a little worse for wear after a weekend of wild WrestleMania action?


    Shortly after WrestleMania 36, The Undertaker sparked fears that he could retire with a cryptic Instagram post.

    Speaking to his 2.5million followers, he said: “It was a hell of a ride. boneyardmatchwrestlemania 30years.”

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    It was a hell of a ride! #BoneyardMatch #WrestleMania #30years

    A post shared byUndertaker (@undertaker) on


    Tyson Fury has insisted he will fight Drew McIntyre “anytime, any place, anywhere”.

    The Scottish Terminator called out the Gypsy King after he survived a series of F-5s from Brock Lesnar to upset the odds and claim gold at WrestleMania.

    And heavyweight champion Fury has hit back on Instagram.

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    @dmcintyrewwe has call me out after his @wwe Wrestlemania 36 victory, first I say congratulations and what a fantastic job. Secondly I accept his challenge, anytime any place, anywhere.👍🏻🙏🏻

    A post shared byTyson Fury (@gypsyking101) on


    Chalotte Flair added another accolade to her collection as she became a two-time NXT Women's champion with a win over Rhea Ripley.

    However, many fans joked that they were forced to turn their TVs down for the dream clash that took place behind closed doors at WWE's Performance Center.

    One tweeted: “Rhea and Charlotte are putting on a hell of a match and sound like a Williams Sisters tennis match.”

    Another said: “Charlotte and Rhea Ripley sound like they just overate at Chipotle.”

    A third cheekily added: “Otis and Mandy's Mania moment going sound like the noises during Rhea and Charlotte's match probably.”


    Drew McIntyre called out Tyson Fury and Chris Sutton after becoming Britiain's first ever WWE champion.

    After the show, he told talkSPORT: “When it gets backs to normal, the next thing I want to do is fight Chris Sutton.

    “And Tyson Fury was talking trash, let him know I've won the belt and after I beat Sutton I'm coming for Fury.”

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Single mum, 36, charts her harrowing descent into death from coronavirus while looking after her two kids – The Sun

A SINGLE mum-of-two, whose coronavirus infection was misdiagnosed, chronicled her gradual death in harrowing posts.

Anastasia Petrova, 36, first suffered a fever on March 23, and died just eight days later – one of Russia's youngest victims so far.

The Russian business magazine editor had been working from home in Perm while caring for her two beloved sons Ilya, 12, and Yaroslav, ten.

Located close to the Ural Mountains, Petrova "cheerfully trained for an online lecture” during her first day in lockdown, March 23.

She attacked “Covidiots” who gathered in a crowd of more than 150 in the city.

But, later that day the editor noticed her temperature had suddenly soared, and she was suffering from a sore throat and serious cough.

Phoning her doctor, she was asked about contacts who might have recently returned from abroad.

Petrova explained that several had been away, but had returned home "more than 14 days ago".

She was advised to take her temperature every 20 minutes and take paracetamol to lower her temperature.

“You can see how it drops from 38.4C to 37.3C,” she wrote hopefully.

Petrova dismissed her symptoms, posting: “I believe it’s just ARVI (Acute Respiratory Viral Infection), by the way (not Coronavirus).”

That evening, her "favourite" doctor arrived, and spoke with her "from a metre away".

"She promised they would come and take a test [for Covid-19] and asked me not to leave home for 14 days, or at least until I had a negative test," the mum added.

But, Petrova wasn't worried, as the doctor said she doubted it was the killer bug.

She posted: "We giggled about issuing me a sick note for ARVI – she had visited 32 sick people today.”

Keeping an eye on the pandemic's deadly impact on Italy, Petrova noted that “thousands” were dying there while Russia “had everything under control".

Her health took a dramatic turn within a day, however, and she was in hospital by March 24, just one day after experiencing initial symptoms.

“The resuscitators came with a ventilator, very cool and professional,” she wrote from her intensive care bed.

“They wear masks for snorkelling, by the way. In addition to masks for their mouth and nose.”

The editor was ordered to continue breathing the oxygen supplied, while help was readily available "if I feel worse".

Petrova later updated that hospital staff “cursed the ambulance crews for not using full protection when on emergency calls.

“My temperature was brought down to 38C.”

Later, Petrova posted to her friends: "Neither I nor the doctors think that it is coronavirus".

Her symptoms suggested she was suffering from "ordinary flu".

But, doctors decided to keep her in hospital, because of "the state of my lungs and very high temperature."

Petrova added that she had "no strength, I sleep 90 per cent of the time.”

Worryingly, on March 27, she posted that her test was negative for coronavirus.

But later, her pal revealed that the ill woman messaged her the following day: "Yulia, my second test was positive. I feel very bad."

This was her last communication and she died on March 31.

Petrova’s two sons have reported to be negative for the coronavirus and will be raised by her mum, Marina, also an editor.

Paying tribute, one of her friends, Tatyana Cherepanova posted on social media that she was "unusually gifted, talented, with such a fine mental abilities”.

However, people in Perm expressed concerns that her passing was being listed as something other than coronavirus.

This prompted acting governor of Perm region, Dmitry Makhonin, to tell reporters: “The death of journalist Anastasia Petrova has caused a great public outcry.

“If it was known that she had coronavirus, why are they [authorities] silent about this?

“It is unacceptable to hide information from the public.

“We must not lie to the people.”

Moscow is Russia's epicentre of the pandemic, and strict measures are in place to prevent the disease from spreading.

The Moscow Times reported that more than 3,500 people have been infected in Russia, and that 30 have officially died from the new bug.

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