Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw claims ‘Marxists’ are trying to pull down statues to ‘purge America of its traditions’ – The Sun

REPUBLICAN Rep. Dan Crenshaw claimed "Marxists" are trying to pull down statues to "purge America of its traditions." Crenshaw's comments came as Black Lives Matter protests continue across the nation following the death of George Floyd. Amid ongoing protests, demonstrators across the nation have pulled down statues of Confederate and US historical figures. The Rep. first made his comments on […]

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It's All Happening: 'Almost Famous' 20th Anniversary Reunion Podcast Is Coming in July

In the time of coronavirus, we’ve enjoyed plenty of reunions, albeit virtually thanks to the magic of the internet. But we’re about to have a cinematic reunion that rings true to the act of “getting the band back together” more than any other. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Cameron Crowe‘s semi-autobiographical film Almost Famous, and Cadence13’s Origins podcast […]

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