Jennifer Garner doesn’t want her kids to meet Ana de Armas ‘until the time is right’

Yesterday I asked what Jennifer Garner thought of Ben Affleck’s near-daily PDA walks with his new much-younger girlfriend, Ana de Armas. Jen did a nice family walk of her own, complete with all her kids, the nanny, the dog and a cat in a stroller! It was super cute and it may have been unavoidable that the paparazzi were there. The paps are bored and camped out in that neighborhood waiting for Afflarmas especially. Plus they’ve been stalking the Garner-Afflecks for years. (It’s a flies to honey situation I think.) Soon after I published that, Garner’s go-to outlet, US Magazine, had a story about how Ana is not going to meet their kids anytime soon.

A source reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly that [Jennifer Garner], does not want her three children with [Ben Affleck] to meet [Ana de Armas] until the time is right.

“Ben is understanding,” the source tells Us. “[He] said he would work with Jennifer to prepare the kids for meeting [Ana].”

[From US Magazine]

In the video on Us’ site they add the detail that Jennifer is “supportive” and “happy” for Ben’s new relationship. Plus they say “Ben’s relationship with Ana is serious and he is already thinking about having kids with her. Ben loves children and loves being a dad. He would love to have kids with her one day.” How long has Ben even been with Ana?! Us Mag says in that video that they’ve only been together since early March. That was when we first heard about them too. Although they worked together in the fall they’re both so demonstrative, and Ben operates so quickly (narcissists do that), that I doubt they were serious for more than a month before that. I bet that Jen is just waiting it out to see if they’ll last. That’s what I would do. Plus, Ana looks younger than their nanny. I said it. And their dad cheated on their mom with their nanny! (Sure they were “taking a break” but still living together.) Did the kids even know about that? Did they wonder why their nanny had to leave so soon? They’re going to google it if they haven’t already.

These are new photos from yesterday of Ben and Ana doing their PDA pap stroll and Jennifer Garner and her kids taking a walk with their nanny and cat in a stroller. Their dog Birdie stayed at home this time. For those of you who wonder where Ben’s majestic German Shepherd has been, I’ve seen aerial photos of his mansion and he has a huge backyard. I bet that dog is super happy to be going on walks now though. I also assume he or she gets along well with Ana’s little dog. In videos on the photo agency’s subscriber site, you can see Ben’s dog walking slowly for Ana’s dog, like they’re looking out for each other. In those videos Ben seems kind of surley and takes out his phone a few times to take pictures of the paps.

Thanks to all of you yesterday who told me not to adopt a border collie unless I had a yard. I watched my friend’s beautiful border collie for two weeks before all this and I fell in love with her. (The dog, Mango, not my friend.) Mango is an older dog who is content with long walks, but my friend has a yard where Mango plays frisbee often. Once I convince my landlord to let me get one, I will consider a breed that’s more of a homebody.

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Andrew Parker Bowles tested positive for corona, he hung out with Princess Anne?

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Here are some photos of Andrew Parker Bowles hanging out with the Princess Royal, HRH Princess Anne, on March 10th and 11th. They spent time together at the Cheltenham Festival. It’s especially interesting, I suppose, because Anne and Andrew were once lovers and then he married Camilla Parker Bowles. Then Camilla and Prince Charles had an affair throughout the Parker-Bowles’ marriage, then Andrew and Camilla divorced, and Andrew and Anne are somehow still good friends. Andrew and Camilla are still chummy too, and not just for their kids and grandkids. Basically, the whole thing is incredibly incestuous, but it’s just the way the British blue bloods operate.

Why bring up this old history? Because Andrew Parker Bowles has tested positive for the coronavirus, and now people are like “but he was hanging out with royalty just a few weeks ago!”

The former husband of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has tested positive for coronavirus. Andrew Parker-Bowles, 80, was one of many attendees at the Cheltenham Festival earlier this month who has reported symptoms of the respiratory illness, according to The Telegraph. The annual horse racing event went on as scheduled between March 10 and March 13 despite fears surrounding the outbreak, attracting over 250,000 people over four days.

Parker-Bowles, who announced his divorce from Camilla in 1995 after 22 year of marriage, was spotted with Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth‘s 69-year-old daughter, on at least two days during the event. Anne’s daughter, Zara Tindall, was also in close contact with him on March 10, the first day of the festival.

[From People]

Yikes at the festival being some kind of ground-zero for a deadly viral infection. As I keep saying though, it feels like London – and now the Cheltenham Festival – was a viral hotbed during that same seven-day period, roughly March 7th through March 14th. There were tons of big, public events in London and no one was self-isolating or social distancing yet and so many infections happened during that seven-day period. Anyway, I hope Andrew is okay, and I hope Anne and Zara are fine too. As far as anyone knows, Anne is currently self-isolating in her estate, Gatcombe Park. But! Anne was one of the last Windsor royals to shut down her public schedule. She was still doing events on March 16th/17th. Hm.

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Katy Perry Posted a No-Makeup Selfie and Holy Cow, the Pregnancy Glow Is Real

Katy Perry just shared a makeup-free selfie with her followers on Instagram, and all we can say is wow, the pregnancy glow is real. In a photo carousel, the mom-to-be posted a pre- and mid-quarantine snapshot — the first photo being from January while filming American Idol in Hawaii, and the second of present-day Perry snuggled in bed watching the episode air from the comfort of her home. With her skin glowing and looking clear as day, Perry is our self-isolation skincare goals; there’s not a stress pimple in sight.

Perry is just one of many celebrities giving fans a glimpse into their daily social distancing routine while staying home. Just last week, Miley Cyrus and Hailey Bieber live-streamed their night-out makeup routines, and Kim Kardashian gave us the lowdown on her five-minute, everyday contouring routine.

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Donald Trump brags about the ratings for his daily briefings on a deadly pandemic

I spent the weekend in a haze of my Saving Grace re-watch and barely paid any attention to the news. I know, that’s horrible, but the news is horrible and I can’t spend all of my waking moments panicking about all of this. From what I gather, Donald Trump was particularly unhinged this weekend? Did his golf course shut down because of the pandemic, and so Trump actually had to do some meetings or something? One thing he did: bragged about the ratings for his bonkers daily press conferences.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 29, 2020

Imagine for a moment the sick mind of this man. He brags about ratings during a pandemic. He brags about how people are scared and worried and searching for any kind of leadership. He spends an hour every day holding his Nazi rallies behind the White House podium. It’s disgusting. Meanwhile, there was one big piece of news: Trump has now given up on his whole “we’ll be open for business by Easter” idea:

President Donald Trump has extended social distancing guidelines to April 30 to “slow the spread” of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“The modeling estimates that the peak in death rate is likely to hit in two weeks. I will say it again. The peak, the highest point of death rates, remember this, is likely to hit in two weeks,” he said during Sunday’s press briefing.

“Therefore, we will be extending our guidelines to April 30 to slow the spread,” Trump, 73, said. The president had previously expressed a desire to reopen the country by Easter. However, he told reporters on Sunday, “it was just an aspiration,” adding that he hopes the country will “be well on our way to recovery” by June 1.

Also during the briefing, PBS News Hour‘s Yamiche Alcindor asked Trump about his recent comment regarding filling federal orders for medical equipment. “Be nice. Don’t be threatening,” he said in response to Alcindor, who accurately recited the president’s quotes from a recent Sean Hannity interview about New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s need for more ventilators to aid victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

[From People]

Yeah, not only has Trump been extremely jealous of Cuomo’s soaring popularity and Cuomo’s daily briefings full of compassion and humanity, but Trump also got into a massive beef with Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer, who is a woman and a Democrat. Trump basically said that the federal government wouldn’t help out Michigan unless Gov. Whitmer was nice to him and stroked his bloated ego. Which is not how federal aid works. That’s not how any of this works.

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Chris Pratt & Katherine went on a social-distancing walk with her family

When it comes to fresh celebrity gossip, there isn’t much going on (minus the regurgitated Swift-West-Kardashian feud). There are no premieres, no awards shows, no red carpets and no big scandals. The celebrities are pretty much isolating like everybody else, although I’ve noticed something in the past two weeks especially: so many celebrities still want to be seen! They want to still find a way to provide content. So they go for hikes or bike rides when they know the paparazzi will be there. They make videos or Instagram Live streams or they just tweet a lot. It’s kind of nice? I mean, I’m grateful for it.

So here are some photos of Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger out and about in Brentwood this weekend. They were with Katherine’s family – her mom, Maria Shriver, Katherine’s brother Patrick and her sister Christina. I get the feeling that Chris Pratt has been fully embraced by the Shriver-Schwarzenegger clan, and he’s likely been absorbed into that family. Which is probably what he wants. Whenever I’m writing a story about Chris and Katherine, I’m always struck by how well-suited they are for each other. He was looking for a larger family unit and he got it. Also: I appreciate that everybody is social-distancing even while they’re taking a walk together.

Pratt’s animated film Onward (a Pixar film) was released in early March, but its box office was obviously affected by the pandemic. He was apparently filming on the latest Jurassic Park movie, but the production was put on hold during the pandemic. Just FYI – no one really knows when all of these film productions are going to restart.

Also: Chris and Katherine did a joint reading of her children’s book on social media to benefit Save With Stories, which helps feed kids through Save the Children and No Kid Hungry during the school closings and pandemic.

“Maverick and Me” by me, illustrated by @phyllisharrisdesigns – read by me and @prattprattpratt THIRTY MILLION CHILDREN rely on school for food. Responding to the needs of kids during these school closures, @savethechildren and @nokidhungry have a new fund @SAVEWITHSTORIES to support food banks, and mobile meal trucks, and community feeding programs with funds to do what they do best—and also—with educational toys, books, and worksheets to make sure brains are full, as well as bellies. If you can manage a one time gift of $10, please text SAVE to 20222. If another amount would work better for you, please visit the Save With Stories website (swipe up in stories). There is no maximum and there is no minimum—together we will rise and together we can help. Thank you and stay safe. #SAVEWITHSTORIES

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Tiger King’s Joe Exotic is seeking a presidential pardon, don’t let 45 watch it

Mild spoilers for Tiger King, but you can still watch it and be astonished
Like the rest of the US, I’m eating a lot and watching TV. I’ve tried to fill up my days with video chats and this has worked somewhat in that I have more meetings now than ever (I have three scheduled today) but there’s much more time. Also like everyone else, I started watching Tiger King this week. It’s the number one show on Netflix, which is really something now. Watching that show is like eating an entire DiGiorno rising crust pizza. You can’t help yourself, but you feel disgusted afterwards. I have two episodes to go. No spoilers for the ending please (although we know what happens as it’s previewed in the trailer and throughout the show). The series has so many twists and turns and everything is so surreal and extreme. Kudos to the filmmakers, who picked the craziest sh-t and edited it to make an entertaining ride unlike any documentary I’ve ever seen before. They got so many interviews with colorful characters and so many candid moments on camera. The main subject, Joe Exotic, gives interviews from prison which are spliced throughout, previewing his ultimate fate. According to filmmakers he’s thrilled with his newfound fame despite how ridiculous he looks and how incriminating the footage is. He’s also asking for tens of millions in government restitution along with a presidential pardon.

Joe Exotic… who is serving a 22-year prison sentence — is demanding a combined $94 million from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, his former business partner Jeff Lowe and several former colleagues said.

The polygamist issued a call for a pardon from Trump and announced his lawsuit in March 19 on his Facebook page.

“This lawsuit has been filed in the name of Justice, The Trump Administration must be made aware of the Overreach, perjury, abuse of power and the failure to uphold the Oath of their position which is truth and Justice for all,” the gun-toting Oklahoma native wrote in the post.

A jury convicted Maldonado-Passage last year on 21 counts, which included euthanizing five tigers and hiring someone to kill his arch nemesis — Big Cat Rescue founder and CEO Carole Baskin. – From The NY Post

Filmmaker Eric Goode on how Joe Exotic is taking this
“Interestingly enough, the person that received it the best is Joe, who called me from prison. He was just ecstatic that he was famous, that the guards were praising him as a rock star, and the fact that his name and image is in lights in Time Square on Sunset Boulevard, He’s tickled to death. Sometimes it’s unexpected who is going to love the attention. I think for now, he’s riding that wave.” – From IndieWire

[From The NY Post and IndieWire]

Here’s the mild spoilery part. At one point Joe runs for governor and launches a half-assed bid for president. He reminds me so much of Trump in that his entire platform is based on his showman personality and image, with so little understanding of the issues. I truly believe that if Trump watches even ten minutes of this show he will fall for this guy’s bullsh-t and issue a pardon. He’ll probably also try to reverse the two federal laws protecting wildlife which Exotic was convicted of violating. You know I’m right! He’ll f’ing pose with baby tigers too, you know it.

Once I watch the rest of this show I’ll cover some other stories about it because there just so much material here. It’s also highly likely there will be a sequel.

Holy sh-t I just checked out Joe Exotic’s Facebook and he has this petition asking Trump to pardon him. Look at the header photo below. His approach is perfect, which is scary but simple. All you have to do is kiss dear leader’s ass if you want something from him.

photos credit: Facebook and Netflix

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Advice for couples on dealing with the quarantine: acknowledge the issues, listen

I remembered reading that after the quarantine was lifted in China, their divorce rates spiked. I was saddened by the news, but not exactly shocked. Spending that much time in close quarters during an already stressful time will test many relationships. So what can a couple do to come out of quarantine stronger? Dr. Ish Major, host of Marriage Boot Camp, told People Live that the best thing to do is to face your issues head on rather than just sweeping them under the rug.

— People (@people) March 25, 2020

Dr. Major’s specific advice was:

What are some tips you can give couples who are currently in quarantine and maybe at each other’s necks right now?

It’s one of those weird things. If you had asked us two weeks ago if we would like a week or two at home, we would have been like, “Yes! I’ll take it”. But now that it’s the thing we have to do, it no longer feels like something we want to do. So if you’re a couple in trouble, you are absolutely not going to tiptoe your way through this quarantine and get around that big pink elephant in the room. So most couples don’t get in trouble because they don’t know how to resolve issues, they get in trouble because they never actually address or acknowledge the issue in the first place. You don’t need to get the elephant out of the room, just address, “Hey, I see this huge problem that we’re having. Do you see that problem?” And then from there, you can have a normal conversation with a lot of pauses, which means you are doing a lot of listening. We don’t need each other to hep figure out our problems, we just need to be heard and ensure that. That’s the first step for couples are quarantined at home that are about to go at each other’s throats.

“We just need to be heard and ensure that,” I would add to this, “we just need to be heard and for everyone to do their own goddamn dishes.” Truthfully, I think Dr, Major’s points are great. We all know couples who bitch about each other endlessly and when asked if they have talked to their partner about it, they say, “oh they wouldn’t listen.” I know how much easier it is to pretend the issue isn’t there, but it never does go away that way. Speaking up seems scary, but in most relationships, it’s scarier in our minds than in reality. And working through something that’s been hanging between you is one of the greatest reliefs. Sometimes resolving it gives the relationship a new lease. But I really appreciate Dr. Major emphasizing the listening part. And that means really listening, not forming your next argument as the other person speaks. I think he is exactly right, most couples don’t really need help communicating properly, it’s not addressing things that does the most damage.

One turn of phrase I found very interesting was when Dr. Major said, “get around that big pink elephant in the room.” ‘Pink elephant’ is an old-fashioned way to indicate someone’s drunk. So I’m wondering if it was just a misuse by Dr. M, or was he touching on a larger problems housebound couples are having. I think as important as it is to address the issues someone might been having with a partner, we should all keep mindful about what issues we are seeing in ourselves. I’m eating poorly and it’s triggering some latent ED issues. So I doubled up on my exercise routine and it’s allowed me to stop being so hard on myself.

On another very serious note, I’m sure we have all read the stories about how quarantine is proving an even higher danger to victims of domestic violence. I’m feeling helpless because I really don’t know what I can do to help out. If there is any way we can be supportive to those in danger that you know of, please leave suggestions in the comments. The National Domestic Violence Hotline for the US is 1-800-799-7233. This website has more resources and Wikipedia has a page devoted to global hotlines. Truly, stay safe out there.

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