Susanna Reid: GMB host slams runner for ‘coughing and spitting’ near her amid coronavirus

Susanna Reid, 49, has explained she dealt with an “unpleasant” experience while on her daily walk during the coronavirus lockdown. The presenter opened up about the situation while talking to Doctor Hilary Jones on Good Morning Britain this morning, as she addressed her concerns about the spread of the virus.

Susanna recalled that a jogger “coughed and then spat” near her when he ran past her.

The star said: “When I went out walking the other day, a runner ran past me and then coughed and then spat.”

The presenter then turned to Doctor Hilary for advice, adding: “It is normal for runners to do that in normal situations. 

“It is not particularly pleasant. Surely right now, it is spreading the virus.”

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The medical expert reassured Susanna in response, as he admitted it is “something to be discouraged but it is not a major threat”.

Dr Hilary replied: “When you are running you produce more saliva and you do see runners spit the saliva away.

“Of course it is coming from the mouth and throat and potentially if you are carrying the virus the virus would exist on the ground or wherever for unto a few hours.”

He continued: “It is not a nice habit and something to be discouraged but it is not a major threat.”

Susanna recently returned to her work on GMB after self-isolating when a member of her household came down with symptoms of Covid-19.

Two weeks ago, the broadcaster shared the news with her 683,000 Twitter followers.

She wrote: “I am currently well but due to the new advice today I will be self-isolating for two weeks due to symptoms in my household.

“Stay well everyone.”

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Susanna then updated fans about her and her family’s health via a video call from her home on the programme.

The mum-of-three, who shares her sons with ex-husband Dominic Cotton, stated she was showing “no symptoms” and believed her son’s illness was only a “seasonal cold”.

“One of the boys – one of my children – has a cough, a persistent cough, and that came on yesterday,” she said.

“Before the briefing yesterday afternoon, the advice had been the person themselves would be confined to the house for seven days,” Susanna continued to explain.


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“Well, suddenly with these new drastic action measures that changed yesterday afternoon, it meant if one member of your household had the cough or fever you would all have to go in self isolation for 14 days.”

She added: “Immediately, I thought I can’t go into work and work with you guys for 14 days.

“All the children are off. We’re two households. It’s a very unusual situation. I am very, very lucky. I’m paid even when I’m sick. I’m in a privileged position.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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Elton John relationships: Who is David Furnish? Singer’s love life revealed

Sir Elton John has had some very well known relationships in his life. He has been married twice and has had relationships with both men and women, many highly publicised, before coming out as gay. Now he is settled down with two children with his long-term husband, David Furnish.

In the late 1960s, before Elton John was a big name as a performer, he was engaged to secretary Linda Woodrow.

Linda has since spoken about their relationship, saying she was devastated about their break-up, which happened a month or so before his first big hit Your Song.

She told the Daily Mirror: “We were a month away from the wedding when he drunkenly woke me up and told me it was off.

“Then he called his stepfather to come and get him. He walked out and that was it.

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“I was so shocked. I loved him very much, and I thought he loved me.”

She also claimed Bernie Taupin and John Baldry told Sir Elton to call off their wedding, saying “he was going to ruin two lives, his own and mine [Linda’s].”

Some have suggested Linda is part of the lyrics for his song Someone Save My Life Tonight, which she called “painful” whenever she hears the lyrics, which talk about having someone “roped and tied, altar-bound, hypnotised.”

Following their relationship, Sir Elton became involved with John Reid in 1970, the label manager who later became his manager until 1998.

Some of their life is chronicled in the movie Rocketman where Reid was portrayed to be fairly manipulative.

Their romantic relationship lasted around five years, but their professional relationship did not end well.

In 2000, Sir Elton sued the former manager director of John Reid Enterprises (JREL) Andrew Haydon, as well as accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers after a private letter was published in The Mirror in 1998.

Reid appeared in court saying: “He was incandescent with rage and he believed that someone from John Reid Enterprises had sold that information to the newspapers and told me in no uncertain terms to find out how it happened.


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“I was very angry about it too and for a couple of weeks there was a terrible tension between myself and Elton and within the office structure because everyone was under suspicion of having somehow leaked this letter to the press.”

Later, it was discovered the letter had been found by Benjamin Pell, a notorious man who looked through bins of law firms to find compromising documents of well-known people.

Despite this, Reid settled with Sir Elton outside of court.

After Sir Elton and Reid split up in the 1970s, he came out as bisexual in an interview with Rolling Stone, and in 1984, married German recording engineer Renate Blauel.


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Their marriage was short-lived, and they divorced in 1988 and Blauel has never spoken publicly of the marriage.

In a 2008 interview with The Australian, Sir Elton said of the marriage: “A drug addict thinks like this: ‘I’ve had enough boyfriends, and that’s not made me happy, so I’ll have a wife — that will change everything.’

“And I loved Renate. She’s a great girl. I really, really loved her. But, you know… it is one of the things I regret most in my life, hurting her.”

A few years later Sir Elton told the world he was gay.


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Who is David Furnish?

In 1993 Sir Elton began a relationship with former advertising executive David Furnish, from Toronto, who was working as a filmmaker.

In 2005 they were among the first couples to have a civil partnership in the UK, doing the ceremony on the day the Civil Partnership Act came into force.

When gay marriage became legal in the UK in 2014, the pair married in Windsor on the ninth anniversary of their civil partnership.

David and Sir Elton have two children, both of whom were born through a surrogate.

Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John was born on Christmas Day in 2010, and their second child, Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John, was born on January 11, 2013.

According to The Telegraph both children have the same surrogate mother.

On the boys’ birth certificates, both Sir Elton and Furnish are listed as the children’s parents.

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Dame Helen gets behind campaign raising funds for NHS intensive care staff

The Oscar-winning actress posted a picture of herself first thing in the morning to help boost the fundraising appeal in aid of Britain’s critical care heroes. Dame Helen, 74, wrote on Instagram: “In return for this picture of me literally first thing in the morning, please donate to the intensive care support.” Dame Helen joined celebrities including Killing Eve actress Jodie Comer, 27, and Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston, 56, who are raising awareness of the Intensive Care Society.

The charity supports ICU doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and other health professionals who are battling to save lives day after day.

The appeal has raised more than £52,000 so far for critical care workers facing unprecedented pressure as they battle to save the ever-increasing numbers of patients on life support.

Film and TV actor Christopher said: “Over the next few months, 11 percent of us diagnosed with Covid-19 are going to need intensive care. We are going to need the people who work in these units.


“These people are knowingly putting their own lives at risk to save our lives and the lives of people we love.

“Anything you donate will contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of intensive health care professionals who are saving our lives.”

Donations will help fund mental health support and the distribution of “morale-boosting wellbeing packages”, including food and essentials, to intensive care units.

It will also help pay for support for patients, as well as intensive care research in the UK.

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Skateboarder Jeff Grosso Dies at 51: 'Skateboarding Was Lucky to Have Him as an Ambassador'

View this post on Instagram

Strange days indeed…

A post shared by Jeff Grosso (@grossosucks) on

View this post on Instagram

Strange days indeed…

A post shared by Jeff Grosso (@grossosucks) on

Continued the company, “Jeff Grosso is the epitome of skateboarding. We mourn the loss of our dear friend and our thoughts are with his family during this time.”

Among the others to pay tribute was fellow skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, who wrote on Instagram, “It is with great sadness that I share with you the passing of Jeff Grosso. He was a true skateboarder at his core, and a great wealth of entertainment, insight and valuable philosophy to a younger generation. I was lucky enough to skate with him over the last four decades and occasionally featured on his @vans ‘Love Letters’ series.”

The 51-year-old continued, “One of the last times we spoke, we talked about how ridiculous it is that we still get to do this for a living and that anyone even cares what we do or think in terms of skateboarding at our age. I believe Jeff is a big reason that anyone truly cares, and skateboarding was lucky to have him as an ambassador and gatekeeper to its history.”

Hawk also called Grosso a “great father,” ending his post with, “Thank you Jeff, words cannot describe how much we will miss you. I feel like we’re living in the upside down.”

Alongside his heartfelt tribute, Hawk shared clips of Grosso that he said “exemplify Jeff’s genuine love of skateboarding and his renegade attitude.”

The former athlete had previously opened up about past drug abuse, including revealing to Transworld Skateboarding in 2017 that he overdosed on heroin three separate times.

Grosso is survived by his son Oliver, 8, according to the Daily News. He had just shared a video of himself dancing with Oliver on Tuesday.

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Narcos: Who is Chepe in Narcos? Was he a real person?

Narcos is a popular crime drama series airing on Netflix and it is based on the true events of the Colombian drug trade. The series follows the story of Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura) who became rich through the production and distribution of cocaine across Colombia. The third season follows the fall of Escobar and focuses on the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as they try to hone in on the Cali Cartel.

Who is Chepe in Narcos?

Actor Pêpê Rapazote plays José “Chepe” Santacruz-Londoño and first appears in the third series of Narcos.

He is a high-ranking member of the Cali Cartel and is in control of the group’s operations in New York City.

In the series, he goes by the alias Victor Crespo and he ends up shooting a Dominican gang in New York when he discovers they are in the cocaine production market.

At the end of the series, Chepe surrenders to the police with Pacho (Alberto Ammann). Pacho is killed in prison and Chepe is murdered by leaders of the AUC.


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Was Chepe a real person?

Yes, Chepe Santacruz was a real person and he was born José Santacruz Londoño. He was a Colombian drug lord who was a leader of the Cali Cartel in real life.

The Cali Cartel was created by Chepe, and brothers Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela and Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela in the 1970s and they started off trafficking marijuana.

A decade later they started up a cocaine trafficking business and they were believed to have supplied up to 80 percent of the cocaine market in the US.

The cartel was thought to have leaned towards bribery to get what they wanted, as opposed to resorting to violence like other cartels.

Some of the cartel leaders were arrested in 1995 but Chepe escaped a year later from La Picota prison in Bogotá.

He put together a network of hitmen and formed an alliance with old members of the Medellín Cartel, before ordering the assassination of a large number of potential witnesses against him.

Chepe is believed to have died aged 52 in Medellín, Colombia, when police traced him with the help of an anonymous phone call in March 1996.

Police were told he had been seen at a shopping centre and he was followed after he left the shops. He was killed while attempting to run away after police stopped his car.

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There is another version of his death which became known after drug trafficker Javier Antonio Calle Serna published his memoir.

He said Chepe’s death was set up by paramilitary groups, instigated by Danilo González, a Colombian police colonel who had clashed with Pablo Escobar before becoming an associate of the Cali Cartel.

In the Narcos series, Chepe is first seen in the episode titled The Kingpin Strategy, and he is last seen in Going Back to Cali, which was the tenth and final episode of season three.

In one scene narrator Scoot McNairy is heard saying: “Chepe Santacruz never did make it back to New York. Without the government’s guarantee their sentences would be minimal, Chepe decided prison was not the best place for him to be.


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“And so he released himself and set out in search of new alliances, with partners who would help him rebuild the empire.”

Actor Pêpê Rapazote is a Portuguese actor who is known for his other roles in the American version of Shameless, Blood Ties and Operation Finale.

He worked as an architect for some time before deciding he wanted to start an acting career and trained under director and actor José Boavida.

The actor, who divides his time between Europe, Latin America and the US, is married to actress Mafalda Vilhena and the couple have two daughters.

Narcos is available to watch on Netflix now

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Tipping Point: ITV viewers stunned as they spot Ben Shephard innuendo

Tipping Point viewers witnessed another three contestants fall by the wayside this evening as Ben Shephard brought his regular mix of tough and complex brainteasers. After a brutal battle between the four players on the ITV show, just one was left to take on the final round of Tipping Point: Nuala. Nuala fought diligently to take home vast sums of money but ultimately went home with just under £3,000.


It was one of the questions before the show came to an end which prompted some outcry from viewers, however.

Host Ben Shephard was tasked with asking Nuala the collection of questions set to stump her and get between her and her potential prize money.

One question, however, saw Ben asking which of the displayed answers was used to give aircrafts a substantial “thrust” in flight.

Viewers quickly began noting Ben kept saying the word “thrust” in an invigorated manner, and with great gusto.


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Because of this, they instantly began speaking out on Twitter regarding this odd innuendo.

One wrote: “#TippingPoint Loving the way Ben emphasised ‘thrust’.” (sic)

Another joked: “Love a bit of thrust… #tippingpoint.”

With a third pointing out: “The way Ben said ‘thrust’ #tippingpoint.”

The answer to the question was, of course, an afterburner.

A fan of the show instantly wrote out why this answer was correct on Twitter, amid the plethora of tweets about Ben’s “thrust” pronunciation.

They explained: “An afterburner is a component present on some jet engines, mostly those used on military supersonic aircraft. Its purpose is to provide an increase in thrust, usually for supersonic flight, takeoff, and combat situations #TippingPoint.”

Unfortunately for Nuala, she got it wrong and was eventually sent home with less money than she had anticipated.

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Thankfully, she confessed it was an amount she was happy with and was eager to spend it with her children.

Earlier this week, Ben snapped at one of his contestants after they made a huge mistake.

Whilst debating with Ben over whether the answer to the geography question on the screen was Arthur’s Seat or Arthur’s Table, he confessed he had once walked up Arthur’s Seat.

Ben pointed this out, saying: “You’ve walked up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh in the park…”


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Contestant Owen then added: “And I’ve been to a chip van called ‘Arthur’s Eat’.”

Prompting Ben to reply: “You’ve been to Arthur’s Eat, you’ve walked up Arthur’s Seat, you’ve ignored what you’ve done and you’ve gone with Arthur’s Table.”

Owen quipped that fans of the show may be a little angry at him for not selecting the correct answer, despite obviously knowing it, leaving Ben to respond: “I’m angry with you! I mean…”

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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Joe Sugg: ‘I don’t understand’ Bake Off star hits back at Dianne Buswell’s ‘annoying’ move

Joe Sugg, 28, has opened up about his time in isolation with his girlfriend Dianne Buswell, 30. The YouTuber and Strictly Come Dancing finalist light-heartedly admitted he was less than impressed to discover the professional dancer had ordered a treadmill for their home to keep fit during the coronavirus lockdown.

In a makeshift Big Brother inspired Diary Igloo created for the video which was shared with his 3.6 million YouTube subscribers, Joe admitted he was finding being in quarantine “harder than ever” due to the installation of the exercise equipment.

He said: “I’m finding it harder than ever at the moment. Dianne’s just bought a treadmill.

“Even though I’ve told her multiple, multiple times that we do not need a treadmill.

“She’s got resistance bands. That’s like running anyway isn’t it? She’s even bought weights. She’s got dumbbells, she’s got resistance bands and now she’s bought a treadmill.”

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The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer star continued in the spoof: “What happened to the good old days of just doing stretches in the garden?

“I don’t understand why she’s had to go out and buy a treadmill.”

Joe then filmed a funny moment of him glaring at the treadmill and jokingly saying: “Now listen here treadmill, I’m the boss around here.

“I decide what happens and if you put a single foot out of line, you’re out, mark my words.”

Detailing his concerns about the running machine taking up too much space, Joe added: “I said to her, ‘Look, if you’re going to get a treadmill, make sure that it’s a foldy uppy one and it can go under the bed after every time of use.(sic)

“So far we’ve had it for one day and it’s not moved.

“It’s been used, yeah it’s been used, but not moved once, it’s stayed in the same position and it’s blocking the television, I can’t see, I can’t keep up with the news.

“I’m just annoyed, that’s why I like to come in here,” the vlogger admitted.

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In spite of her boyfriend’s dislike of the treadmill, Dianne insisted she was happy with her purchase.

Joining the video, she said: “Today has actually been a really good day, my delivery arrived for my treadmill.”

The Strictly pro then explained: “Joe is the one that’s not happy with it.

“He doesn’t like the fact that it takes up so much space and also he thinks that I may spend more time with the treadmill than I do with him.”  


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Joe and Dianne confirmed their relationship after narrowly missing out on the Glitterball trophy to Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton in the Strictly final in 2018.

The pair recently had to make the difficult decision to postpone their tour dates for The Joe and Dianne Show due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Joe’s tweet about the production read: “Following the recent guidelines from the government and after further discussions with the producer of our tour, we have decided that for the safety of all involved, in particular all the people coming to the shows, we will reschedule our UK tour to a later date.

“If you know us, you know that this was an incredibly hard decision to make. We have been working really hard on the show and it is going to be great, which makes this extra hard.”

Joe is appearing on The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.

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Susanna Reid makes GMB comeback after coronavirus isolation: ‘Thank God!’

Susanna Reid, 49, is set to return to the Good Morning Britain panel this morning following her a 14-day break away from the show to self-isolate during the coronavirus outbreak. It comes after one of the presenter’s children developed symptoms of the deadly illness, and in line with government advice took precautions and quarantined herself at home.


Thank god, you’re on your last day of self-isolating. We get you back tomorrow!

Piers Morgan

But her brief departure from the studio didn’t mean she wasn’t still involved.

Appearing via video calls, she would still contribute from her sofa and viewers still got their daily dose of bickering and eyerolls from both Susanna and her outspoken co-host Piers Morgan.

Speaking on yesterday’s show, it was confirmed that viewers would see her back in her regular seat today.

Piers seemed overly happy that his on-screen partner would be back by his side, saying: “Thank god, you’re on your last day of self-isolating.


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“We get you back tomorrow!”

Two weeks ago, Susanna broke the news that she would be going into self-isolation on Twitter, telling her 683.4k followers: “I am currently well but due to the new advice today I will be self-isolating for two weeks due to symptoms in my household,” she wrote.

“Stay well everyone.”

Last week the ITV presenter stated she was showing “no symptoms” during one of her video calls with the GMB studio, and believed her son’s illness was only a “seasonal cold”.

“One of the boys – one of my children – has a cough, a persistent cough, and that came on yesterday,” she said.

She added that her decision to stay home came after Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged people to stay away from social places such as pubs, clubs and theatres and to avoid all non-essential travel.

“Before the briefing yesterday afternoon, the advice had been the person themselves would be confined to the house for seven days,” Susanna continued to explain.

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“Well, suddenly with these new drastic action measures that changed yesterday afternoon, it meant if one member of your household had the cough or fever you would all have to go in self isolation for 14 days.

With her thoughts running wild, she admitted that her work predicament immediately crossed her mind.

“Immediately, I thought I can’t go into work and work with you guys for 14 days.

“All the children are off. We’re two households. It’s a very unusual situation. I am very, very lucky. I’m paid even when I’m sick. I’m in a privileged position.”


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Piers, who has become a figurehead in lobbying to save the NHS since the outbreak began, took the precaution as a stab in the back.

He joked at the news of her isolation: “I have heard of some ways of avoiding working with me but this is ridiculous,” he giggled.

But not to worry, he’ll get his pal back this morning and it’ll sure put a smile back on his face.

Good Morning Britain continues this morning at 6am on ITV.

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James Bond: Sam Heughan DESTROYS Richard Madden’s chances in race for role – here’s why

James Bond fans are more concerned with the fact the latest film in the franchise, No Time To Die, has been postponed until November at the moment. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19 and the subsequent escalation all around the world, Eon Productions – including producer Barbara Broccoli – decided to push the film’s release date until later this year. But that doesn’t stop many from continuing to wonder who will play the next 007 agent.

Craig confirmed No Time To Die will be his final appearance last year, and while some are still convinced he will change his mind, the fight for the role rages on.

It’s been neck and necks for months, but James Norton continues to remain on top.

Now though, Bloodshot star Sam Heughan has surged ahead.

In the last two days, the Outlander actor’s odds have been slashed to just 3/1.

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  • Thieves leave Bond collector ‘heartbroken’ after nicking 007 weapons

This means he has overtaken fellow Scottish favourite Richard Madden, of Bodyguard and Game of Thrones fame, in the running.

Madden’s odds remain at 5/1, while Norton keeps his top spot of 2/1 – for now.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “A flurry of bets over the weekend have forced us to slash odds on Sam Heughan replacing Daniel Craig as Bond.

“He now looks to be James Norton’s only real challenger for the role.”

Fast 9 star Vin Diesel, Heughan’s co-star in new action caper Bloodshot, added fuel to the fire during a recent interview.

The actor told PA: “Of course he’d make a good James Bond.

“He’d make a good anything,” he added.

Bloodshot director David S F Wilson further confirmed the actor’s comments.

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“I would be there opening weekend for Sam as James Bond,” he said at the LA film premiere.

“Sam is one of the nicest human beings I have ever worked with.

“Consummate professional, everybody loves him, very gracious with his talents.

“He’s a lovely, lovely gentleman and if he should make the cut I will be there opening weekend, for sure.”

Wilson also said he was confused when he received an audition tape from the Outlander actor, claiming he already had him lined up for the role.

“When we were casting, I was a big fan of Sam’s to begin with,” he shared. “And his audition tape was just there with everyone else’s, which was bizarre to me.

“He didn’t even have to audition, he was just on the list of people I wanted in my movie.”

James Bond: No Time To Die is released in cinemas in November. 

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