City Football Group: Man City parent company targets Belgian club Lommel SK

Manchester City’s parent company is close to making Belgian second-tier outfit Lommel SK the ninth club in its portfolio.

The City Football Group (CFG) already has stakes in clubs playing in the United States, Japan, Australia and China, among others.

There has been no official comment but is understood CFG will wipe out the club’s £1.75m debt as part of the deal.

City’s owners, Abu Dhabi United Group, have a majority stake in CFG.

Significant stakes are also held by American and Chinese organisations.

Lommel were sixth in the table when the Belgian season was ended because of the coronavirus pandemic.

CFG’s most recent purchase was Indian Super League side Mumbai City FC in November last year.

CFG owned/part-owned clubs:

  • Manchester City
  • New York City
  • Melbourne City
  • Yokohama F Marinos
  • Montevideo City Torque
  • Girona
  • Sichuan Jiuniu
  • Mumbai City

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A City Walked Back Its Face Mask Rule After Store And Restaurant Employees Received Threats

Shoppers wait in line Friday outside a Walmart in Washington DC, one of several cities to require face masks in businesses.

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The city of Stillwater, Oklahoma, will no longer require customers entering stores and restaurants to wear face masks after employees received violent threats — including one from a person who threatened a shooting.

The new requirements went into effect on Friday as restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms across the state were allowed to reopen by Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt in spite of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The openings prompted Stillwater leaders to set a series of new safety requirements at local businesses, including that both customers and employees wear face masks.

But within three hours, city officials said, multiple businesses reported their employees were facing verbal abuse and violent threats over the new rule.

“The City of Stillwater has attempted to keep people safe by the simple requirement to wear a face covering to protect others,” city manager Norman McNickle said in a statement. “It is unfortunate and distressing that those who refuse and threaten violence are so self-absorbed as to not follow what is a simple show of respect and kindness to others.”

People who objected to the face mask rule claimed that it was unconstitutional, which hasn’t yet been supported by courts, McNickle pointed out. Last week, a lawsuit against Guthrie, Oklahoma’s measures requiring face masks and banning gatherings was dismissed by a federal judge.

Meanwhile, the CDC and Oklahoma’s health officials recommend face masks for preventing the spread of the coronavirus, particularly by people who may not know they’re infected.

“The wearing of face coverings is [a] little inconvenience to protect both the wearer and anyone with whom they have contact,” McNickle said. “And, an unprotected person who contracts the virus can infect their own loved ones and others.”

Though the city is still urging everyone to wear face masks inside businesses, it’s no longer a citywide requirement for customers.

“In that effort to insure the safety of others, we now have to weigh the safety of store owners and employees to threats of violence,” McNickle said. “We cannot, in clear conscience, put our local business community in harm’s way, nor can the police be everywhere.”

But, just as they may require shirts or shoes for service, individual businesses can create their own face mask policies.

The citywide mandate was walked back Friday afternoon, but before then, rumors on social media falsely said police were pulling over drivers and ticketing people for not wearing masks, according to the Stillwater Police Department’s Chief Jeff Watts.

That’s not true, he said, but the police department is responding to complaints about gatherings of 10 people or more. And if a business chooses to require face masks, and a customer without one refuses to leave, police could be called on a trespassing complaint.

As for customers who are uncomfortable about a lack of face masks, they have a choice.

“If you enter a business and are uncomfortable with other patrons not wearing a face covering,” Watts said, “you have the option of leaving the business or continuing to shop.”

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City health officials warn coronavirus antibody tests may not prove immunity

New York City health officials are advising medical providers against using antibody tests to determine coronavirus infections or potential immunity.

The serological tests, as they’re called, are too unreliable and it’s not yet known whether the detection of antibodies translates to immunity from COVID-19, according to a letter dated April 22 from Demetre Daskalakis, a deputy commissioner at the city Health Department.

“They may produce false negative or false positive results, the consequences of which include providing patients incorrect guidance on preventive interventions like physical distancing or protective equipment,” Daskalakis wrote in the letter.

With so many uncertainties around asymptomatic carriers of the virus and how many people have truly been infected, attention has turned to antibody testing in hopes it can help shed light on who has actually caught the bug and whether they are now immune.

Daskalakis warned medical providers shouldn’t assume any of the tests now being marketed are “reliable enough for use in routine clinical practice” and that some are falsely claiming they’ve been approved for use by FDA.

“Dose of reality folks,” said Councilman Mark Levine (D-Manhattan), the chair of the Council’s health committee, who shared the letter on social media Thursday night.

“There is some irrational exuberance on antibody tests,” Levine tweeted. “They are useful for tracking trends in the general population, but should *not* be used to make personal health decisions.”

Levine added though that the tests still have a purpose in the fight against the pandemic.

“Anti-body tests do, however, remain extremely useful to determine whether volunteers can donate plasma to patients still battling covid,” he said.

The serological tests are unreliable in diagnosing viruses because the antibody response may take days or weeks to be detectable, meaning someone who was recently infected might still test negative, according to the city.

The letter was sent just a day before the state announced preliminary results from its own antibody study showing 2.7 million New Yorkers may have been exposed to coronavirus.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo s pressing for more widespread antibody testing, believing it to be a key to restarting the economy because it would indicate which workers may have acquired some immunity to the bug.

But others, like White House coronavirus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, have cautioned against reading too much into the tests at this point, in part due to the same reasons noted by the city.

“There’s an assumption — a reasonable assumption — that when you have an antibody that you are protected against reinfection, but that has not been proven for this particular virus. It’s true for other viruses,” he said earlier this week.

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Ex-Man City star Dickson Etuhu banned over match-fixing scandal after ‘trying to persuade player to under-perform’ – The Sun

DICKSON ETUHU has been banned from all football in Sweden for five years due to his involvement in a match-fixing scandal.

The former Manchester City ace, 37, was accused of offering a bribe to his former AIK Stockholm team-mate Kenny Stamatopoulos to fix a game against Gothenburg in May 2017.

Reserve goalkeeper Stamatopoulos was understood to have been offered around £180,000 to under-perform after an injury to the club's No1 and flagged the approach, meaning the match was postponed.

Etuhu denied involvement but after a lengthy investigation, he was found guilty in November 2019.

And the Swedish FA came down hard by slapping him with the five-year ban but he escaped a prison sentence.

It means he will not be allowed to play any part in football in the Scandinavian country until April 13, 2025.

Ex-striker Alban Jusufi, who retired in 2013, has also been banned.

A statement from the Swedish FA read: "The Disciplinary Board has decided to suspend two people because they have deliberately tried to persuade a football player to underperform in one of the team’s matches.

"Through their actions, these people have violated the anti-match fixing regulations, and they are therefore suspended for five years.

"The ban includes training, competing or performing any assignments in any sports."

Etuhu started his career at Maine Road but left for Preston in 2002 after making just 13 first-team appearances.

It was at Deepdale that the Nigerian made a name for himself in England before further spells at Norwich, Sunderland, Fulham – with whom he reached the Europa League final in 2010 – and Blackburn.

He made the switch to Sweden to spend the 2015 and 2016 seasons at AIK before turning to becoming an agent.

Etuhu also earned 33 caps for the Super Eagles between 2007 and 2011, including all three of their matches at the 2010 World Cup.


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‘Sex and the City’ Cast Team Up to Applaud New York City Medical Workers

Spreading the love. The cast of Sex and the City praised New York City medical workers for their hard work on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall called into the Wednesday, April 8, episode of “The Bradshaw Boys” podcast to applaud Meg, a doctor working in the COVID-19 intensive care unit at a hospital in New York City, where coronavirus cases total more than 75,000.

“The thing that’s hard in moments like this is to try to summon adequate words to convey gratitude, appreciation, respect, adoration, awe. I’m inspired. I’m stunned,” Parker, 55, told Meg, who is a fan of Sex and the City and “The Bradshaw Boys” podcast. “There is a courage that’s unfamiliar to me … The understanding that they have an obligation and their commitment to confronting something so terrifying and to just feel that is the only place they would be, should be, despite the lack of the resources that they need.”

Nixon, 53, added, “I know how amazing your hospital is, you saved my mother’s life when she had a heart attack in 2001. Thank you for what you are doing, I heard your husband is also an ER doctor. You’re just our heroes right now. Please stay safe. And just thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Davis, 55, simply said, “We know it’s really difficult and it means so much to all of us that you are on the front lines,” while Cattrall, 63, acknowledged that, “Without you, we couldn’t keep going.”

Sex and the City follows the lives of Carrie (Parker), Miranda (Nixon), Charlotte (Davis) and Samantha (Cattrall) as they navigate life and love in New York City. The series aired on HBO for six seasons, from 1998 to 2004, followed by the films Sex and the City (2008) and Sex and the City 2 (2010).

Although a third installment of the film had been in the works in 2016, the project was canceled the following year. Parker told Entertainment Tonight in September 2019 that she is still interested to see where the characters would be today.

“I’d like to see where all of them are,” the actress said at the time. “I’m curious, the world has changed, even since the [first] movie [debuted in 2008]. I mean, the world has changed so much [with] technology and social media.”

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New York City sees more burglaries of business under coronavirus emergency measures

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Burglaries of businesses have risen in New York City under emergency measures to fight the new coronavirus, according to new New York Police Department data, and some businesses are boarding up their storefronts.

The NYPD has seen a 75% increase in reports of burglaries of commercial establishments from March 12, when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency, to March 31, police officials said. The NYPD recorded 254 burglaries of businesses during that time period this year compared with 145 for the same period last year, the officials said.


Dolce & Gabbana on Mercer Street has boarded up windows and entrances to prevent looting in Manhattan. (Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

All boroughs of the city have seen increases, the officials said.

The increase in burglaries coincided with steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus. On March 15, the city ordered restaurants and bars to cease on-site service, prompting many establishments to close altogether or limit operations. A March 20 decree by Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for the closure of all nonessential businesses, leading many retail stores to shutter.


"We knew with the closing of many stores that we could see an increase and, unfortunately, we are," said NYPD Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael LiPetri.

The increase in commercial burglaries comes as major crimes across the city fell during the pandemic. From March 12 through March 31, major felonies, such as rapes, murders and assaults, fell by nearly 20% when compared with the same period in 2019, dropping to 3,740 such crimes from 4,670 a year earlier.

Louis Vuitton in Soho area boarded shut amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on March 26, 2020, in New York City (Photo by John Nacion/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

But Mr. LiPetri said that break-ins of eateries, supermarkets and retail establishments are fueling a rise in commercial burglaries. There were 30 burglaries of supermarkets and bodegas between March 12 and March 31, according to NYPD data, a 400% increase from six such incidents recorded during the same period a year earlier. Burglaries of eateries nearly doubled, rising to 51 incidents in 2020 from 28 incidents in 2019.


Thieves are taking currency, electronics and consumables, such as food, alcohol and retail goods from businesses, Mr. LiPetri said. They gain entry to closed businesses by forcing open doors, breaking windows or climbing in from rooftops, he said.

NYPD patrols are mobilized against the thefts, Mr. LePetri said. Police are working with business owners to deploy additional resources where needed and are reassessing patrols in real time, according to NYPD officials. On March 31, police apprehended three suspects charged in a string of burglaries in Queens and Brooklyn.

As burglaries have increased, a handful of chain retailers have boarded up New York City shops, including the cosmetics retailer Sephora, which has covered the windows of stores at locations in Times Square and on West 34th Street in Manhattan.

In a statement, Sephora representatives said the company has closed North American locations to adapt to the coronavirus and adopted standardized precautions for its properties. "Our goal is to ensure a great experience for our clients when we have the opportunity to reopen, " the company said.


Police officials said that few New York City businesses have boarded up their storefronts. But leaders of local business-improvement districts worry that the strategy could invite graffiti and potentially prompt other shop owners to do the same. Some districts said they haven't seen any large increases or break-ins of storefronts.

Dan Biederman, president of the 34th Street Partnership, a business-improvement district that includes the closed Sephora location, said it isn't necessary for businesses to board up their windows. "It's a solution in search of a problem," Mr. Biederman said.

A view of a Dior Boutique in Soho area boarded shut amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on March 26, 2020, in New York City (Photo by John Nacion/NurPhoto via Getty Images)


On Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, the local business-improvement district already had to send crews to remove graffiti from the boards covering an Aesop store, said Mark Caserta, executive director of the Park Slope Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District.

Residents who noticed vandalism of the storefront run by the high-end retailer of lotions, fragrances and skin-care products called to complain, Mr. Caserta said. Representatives for Aesop didn't respond to calls for comment.


Mr. Caserta said boarding up buildings sends an inappropriate message to the community.

"It brings up this idea of rioting and collapse of society," Mr. Caserta said. "This is way too much, and it sends the wrong signal."

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New York City will bury coronavirus victims in public parks

New York City will bury coronavirus victims in public parks in 10-body trenches if the relentless death toll keeps climbing as officials warn the pandemic is like ‘an ongoing 9/11’ for medical examiners

  • Councilman Mark Levine tweeted on Monday that soon the city would have to start burying bodies in public spaces to avoid them being left in the street 
  • He said that it will be known as ‘temporary interment’ and will be done in a ‘dignified manner’ 
  • Levine later tweeted that it was a ‘contingency plan’ for if the death toll in NYC continues to rise
  • As of Monday, more than 2,000 people had died in the city and the worst is predicted this week 
  • He said that medical examiners are having to deal with an ‘ongoing 9/11’ and also deserve praise and thanks 
  • The US is expected to hit its peak on April 16, when more than 2,000 are expected to die from the virus
  • As of Monday morning, there were more than 330,000 cases of it in the US and nearly 10,000 had died  

Councilman Mark Levine made the grave announcement on Monday 

New York City will start temporarily burying coronavirus victims in public parks in trenches dug for 10 caskets if the death roll keeps climbing past a rate hospitals and morgues can keep up with. 

The shockingly grim announcement came from Councilman Mark Levine who said it would be done in a ‘dignified’ manner but that it was what was necessary. 

He called it ‘temporary interment’. 

It was unclear if he meant the bodies would later be exhumed, or if it was a temporary measure the city would be taking until the death rate slowed down, but that the bodies would remain in the parks permanently.  

He said the medical examiner is coping with the ‘equivalent of an ongoing 9/11’ and that there were 10 times as many at-home deaths as well as the soaring number of people dying in hospitals.  

New York City’s death toll is already at more than 2,000 and a spike in deaths is expected this week, when the apex hits. 

There are makeshift morgues all over the city where bodies are being kept in refrigerated trailers outside hospitals because there is nowhere else for them to go. 

Levine tweeted: ‘Soon we’ll start “temporary interment”. This likely will be done by using a NYC park for burials (yes you read that right). Trenches will be dug for 10 caskets in a line.

‘It will be done in a dignified, orderly–and temporary–manner. But it will be tough for NYers to take. 

Scroll down for video 

A coronavirus victim is taken out of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn on Monday, April 6, when the death toll in New York City was more than 2,000 

A row of makeshift morgues at Bellevue Hospital on April 5. Soon, they too will become overwhelmed with dead bodies 

‘The goal is to avoid scenes like those in Italy, where the military was forced to collect bodies from churches and even off the streets. OCME is going to need much more staff to achieve that goal,’ he said. 

After the tweet sparked panic, outrage and shock among other users, he clarified that it was a ‘contingency’ and was not yet in motion but that it was something the city was forced to consider. 

New York City councilman Mark Levine made the grim announcement 

‘As New York City continues to appeal to the nation for help, we need to ask not just for doctors and nurses and respiratory therapists. We also need mortuary affairs staff. This is tough to talk about and maybe tough to ask for. But we have no choice. The stakes are too high.

‘Nothing matters more in this crisis than saving the living. But we need to face the gruesome reality that we need more resources to manage our dead as well. 

‘Or the pain of this crisis will be compounded almost beyond comprehension,’ he said. 

Levine also said there were a number of at-home deaths leading to the problem. 

‘It’s not just deaths in hospitals which are up. On an average day before this crisis there were 20-25 deaths at home in NYC. Now in the midst of this pandemic the number is 200-215. *Every day*,’ he tweeted.

Levine later added in a separate tweet: ‘This tweet has gotten a lot of attention. 

‘So I want to clarify: the is a contingency NYC is preparing for BUT if the death rate drops enough it will not be necessary.’ 

The death rate is still climbing and is expected to for the rest of the week. 

Then, the city is expected to start coming down from the peak but social distancing measures will remain in place for at least April and possibly into May. 

It also does not take away from the fact the pandemic will peak elsewhere around the country later.

A temporarily hospital has been set up by Samaritans in Central Park. Councilman Levine did not say whether this would be one of the parks where ‘temporary interment’ takes place 

Soldiers assigned to the Javits New York Medical Station (JNYMS) monitor COVID-19 patients in the facility’s intensive care unit. There are 2,500 beds in the facility which was constructed by the military in just five days

Admiral Brett Giroir said this week would be the worst week for those three states but ‘that doesn’t mean we’re over it’. 

Surgeon General Jerome Adams said this week will be this generation’s ‘9/11 or Pearl Harbor’ 

‘This week is going to be the peak – peak hospitalizations, peak ICU’s and, unfortunately, peak deaths.

‘That doesn’t mean we’re over it. There are other parts of the country that will peak a a later date; New Orleans, Louisiana etc. 

‘Do the social distancing, wear the masks – that’s how we’re going to defeat this virus,’ he said.

He also said he was ‘very optimistic’ about blood tests that are in development that will allow tens of millions of people to be tested to find out if they have had the virus and recovered from it or not. 

If the test proves they have recovered from it, it will suggest they are immune and are able to go back to work. 

There are two types of that test that are being discussed; both center on antibodies and blood plasma that could then be used to treat those who are sick with the virus and build up their immunity to it. 

Coronavirus outbreak in the US is predicted to peak in 10 days with over 3,000 deaths in 24 hours but is expected to be level out by June due to strict social distancing measures, new data shows

The peak of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States could come sooner than first predicted given the lockdown and social distancing measures currently in place across much of the country, new research shows.

Forecasters at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine released updated coronavirus estimates on Sunday that show the pandemic could be over quicker than initially thought and level out as early as June. 

The team warns that the protections for each state is assuming that social distancing measures are maintained, such as people staying home and nursing homes barring visitors

The estimated peak day of the US outbreak is expected to occur in 10 days on April 16 with a projected 3,130 deaths that day, the data shows

While the data still shows a predicted 81,000 deaths from COVID-19 over the next four months, the estimate range has lowered. It was initially thought the range could be as high as 162,000 deaths but it is now predicted to be as high as 136,000 fatalities


Bill Gates has described the pandemic as a ‘nightmare scenario’ but believes the death toll will be lower than the 100,000 predicted by the White House if social distancing is done properly.

Trump said that between 100,000 and 240,000 people would die from the virus by the time it has swept the nation. 

‘If we do the social distancing properly, we should be able to get out of this with a death number well short of that,’ Gates said on Sunday during an appearance on Fox. 

‘This is a nightmare scenario because human-to-human transmittal respiratory viruses can grow exponentially. 

‘And you know, if we had kept on going to work, traveling like we were, you know, that curve would never bend until you had the majority of the people infected and then a massive number seeking hospital care and lots of lots of deaths,’ he said. 

He added that life will not ‘go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world.’ 

The estimated peak day of the US outbreak is expected to occur in 10 days on April 16 with a projected 3,130 deaths that day, the data shows. 

Peak resource use for hospitals is predicted to occur on April 15 – the day before the peak death toll – where an estimated 25,000 ventilators, 140,000 beds and 29,000 ICU beds will be needed. 

Data shows there will be a shortage of 36,000 hospital beds and 16,000 ICU beds by that day.  

As of Monday, there has been nearly 10,000 deaths in the US and more than 337,000 confirmed cases. 

‘If social distancing measures are relaxed or not implemented, the US will see greater death tolls, the death peak will be later, the burden on hospitals will be much greater and the economic costs will continue to grow.’ 

New data on health service use from multiple states, including New York, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida and California, since the pandemic started escalating has also led to decreases in the estimated need to deal with the outbreak. 

The need for ICU beds and ventilators are less than previously estimated and will dramatically decrease by June 1, according to the data. 

Dr Murray said the data showed the the length of stay for COVID-19 patients in ICU had increased but the length of stay had gone down for patients not requiring intensive care.

The lower numbers of required hospital beds could reflect how moderately ill patients in cities like New York are not being admitted because of the demand on the over-stretched system.   

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Tottenham and Man City set for summer transfer battle for Rangers sensation Ianis Hagi, claims midfielder’s agent – The Sun

MANCHESTER CITY and Tottenham are both interested in Rangers midfield sensation Ianis Hagi, the player's agent claimed.

The Romanian, 21, made the switch to Ibrox from parent-club Genk in January on a six-month loan.

And he started his spell in Scotland in fine form with three goals and two assists in his 12 appearances.

Rangers do have the option to make the deal permanent in the summer for £4.5million.

But now his agent suggests they look set to face competition from the pair of Premier League heavyweights – but knows who he thinks are favourites to land his man in the summer.

Giovani Becali said: "I have been asked personally by Jose Mourinho and [City director of football] Txiki Begiristain about Ianis Hagi.

"They wanted to know about him and how he was getting on. There's a lot of top people in European football who know all about Ianis and what he can do.

"I happen to think Ianis is on a good plan at Rangers. I think Rangers will sign him because he is a player who has that little extra piece of creativity and skill.

"He has many other qualities and is actually more graceful than his father ever was. He runs like a gazelle compared to him! I think he is improving all the time at Rangers.

"He will continue to get better if he signs for them I think."

City already have the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden while Spurs have Dele Alli, Gedson Fernandes and Giovani Lo Celso who can all play in the No10 role.

But the chance to pick up the Genk youngster would certainly appeal to both Pep Guardiola and Mourinho.

The Rangers playmaker, who can also play out wide, is the son of former Real Madrid and Barcelona hero Gheorghe.

Hagi Snr spent two years at the Bernabeu from 1990 to 1992 and then the 1994/95 and 1995/96 seasons at rivals Barca, winning the Supercopa de Espana at both clubs.

His son came through at his very own esteemed football academy based in Romania before being picked up by Viitorul Constanta.

After breaking into the first team, he left in 2016 for Serie A side Fiorentina but it did not quite work out as planned, making just two league appearances, and he returned to his former side after one season.

Hagi signed for Genk last summer before but is already showing the talent to progress beyond the Belgian top flight.

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Holby City spoilers: Max finally meets her daughter Lily – but it majorly backfires

MAX McGerry puts her foot in it when she runs off at the first sight of her estranged daughter Lily in tonight's episode of Holby City.

Max – who's played by Jo Martin on the BBC One soap – hasn’t clapped eyes on Lily in years after she lost her mother and father to the bottle.

Max has had a stressful time of late in Holby City after freezing the nurses’ budget and leaving the department seriously understaffed. 

To make matters worse, last week Max was shaken to the core when she received a letter from her estranged daughter Lily  – who she hasn’t clapped eyes on in years. 

The letter revealed that Lily is alive and well but wasn’t ready to put the past behind her with Max just yet. 

Max was distraught and took out her frustration on her colleagues. 

But when Ric realised something was up, Max eventually opened up to him about the letter.

When Ric went to pour Max a drink of whiskey, Max told him that she’s an alcoholic and that Lily lost both her dad and mum to the bottle.

In tonight’s episode of the medical drama, Max is a ball of nervous anticipation as she prepares to see her estranged daughter. 

Max struggles to keep her eye on the ball at work as a result as she frets about the forthcoming meeting with Lily.

When a patient turns up at AAU with neurological problems, Ange and Ric worry about whether Max is up to the job. 

Ric knows what’s causing Max’s nervous behaviour – but will he spill the beans to Ange?

Later, it’s fair to say the meeting doesn’t go to plan when Max panics at the mere sight of Lily and makes a dash for the hills. 

But has she blown her chances or is there time to make amends?

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