‘Why are we doing this?’ Dr Hilary blasts selfish footballers insulting health workers

Dr Hilary, 66, was on hand to join Piers Morgan, 55, and Susanna Reid, 49, on the show today as they continued to discuss the current coronavirus pandemic. Amongst the discussion on the latest edition of Good Morning Britain was how some members of the public were still defying the guidelines implemented by the Government to try and combat COVID-19. However, the medic couldn’t help but slam those who were seemingly breaking the lockdown just after Piers ranted about famous footballers flouting the rules.


Last week, it was reported Aston Villa star Jack Grealish, 24, had attended a party, just hours after posting a video urging football fans to stay indoors.

Manchester City player Kyle Walker, 29, has also issued an apology after breaching the lockdown measures and is now facing disciplinary action from the club.

Referring to the players in the public eye flouting the rules, Piers couldn’t get over their behaviour and didn’t hold back in letting viewers of the ITV show know exactly what he thought.

As he continued his rant, the host was interrupted as Dr Hilary wanted to share his opinion on the matter and urged those watching at home to stay indoors to help health workers.


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The medical professional said as he interjected on the host’s speech: “How do people think front line workers feel when they see what’s going on amongst some members of the public going out, flouting the guidance?

“Talking about the hypocrisy of some people and they’re putting their lives on the line.

“A lot of them are thinking, ‘Why are we doing this? Why do we look after a public that actually puts us at risk?’”

Explaining why it was vital for health workers to get the support of the public, Dr Hilary added: “The morale is really important. If we don’t look after the morale of the staff, some of them will walk away.”

We descend into chaos and that’s a real problem

Dr Hilary Jones

“And if that happens, then we descend into chaos and that’s a real problem we need to avoid,” the medic said of the consequences which could play out as a result of the breaking of the rules.

Prior to Dr Hilary sharing his thoughts on the matter, Piers took aim at both footballers and the Government with regards to taking pay cuts.

Salaries of Premier League football players have caused much debate over the weekend, after Health Secretary Matt Hancock, 41, said players had to ‘play their part’ and take a cut to their wages.

However, the host hit back at the Government, claiming some of the top earners could also volunteer to do what they’re urging others to do.

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“If you’re going to apply the logic of rich people, you need to divvy up, Mr Hancock, look in your own cabinet.

“Get the millionaires there to contribute or to cut their salaries. If that’s your logic, if that’s your yardstick that because footballers are rich we have to hold them accountable, then look in your own backyard.

“I don’t like the way Matt Hancock keeps targeting football players, it’s unfair on most of them.

Piers then moved on to discuss the antics of Jack and Karl, who he has voiced disapproval of their behaviour several times before.


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Claiming they were “role models,” the host said it was “utterly shameful” they seemed to break the lockdown measures.

“Other players, I think, have to get a grip of some of the younger more wayward ones and say this matters.”

The host said the repercussions of the footballer’s behaviour would “tarnish” the sport and supporters were “not going to put up with” the disregard for the rules.

“It’s disgusting,” he declared.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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Michael Jackson’s ‘panicked’ call for ‘sex advice’ after marriage to Lisa Marie Presley

Michael Jackson first tried to make contact with Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley when she was with her first husband Danny Keough, she has revealed. At the time, she was happily married and had no interest in seeing him, but after their split she agreed to a meeting. They hit it off and she married the King of Pop just 20 days after her divorce was finalised.

Now, in a newly unearthed blog post published on Huffington Post, Jackson’s friend Gotham Chopra has revealed the deeply personal call the Beat It hitmaker made to him just after he tied the knot with Presley.

“In all of my years with him, in every single moment, Michael was nothing but dignified and appropriate,” Chopra said. “Never once doing anything that would be deemed scandalous with me. It was really that simple.”

However, the entrepreneur and filmmaker then recalled one instance when he got an unexpected phone call from Jackson.

“Check that,” he said. “Back to those college days. One night he did call me in a panic.



  • Michael Jackson children: Did Michael Jackson have biological children

“He had just gotten married to Lisa Marie Presley and needed advice – sex advice.”

Chopra claimed Jackson had been worried about impressing his new wife in the bedroom.

“He was incredibly nervous and said that he wanted to make sure that Lisa was impressed with his ‘moves’,” he wrote. “He asked me if I had any advice.

“I answered with one word: ‘foreplay’.

“‘Really?’ He answered. ‘Girls really like that?’”

Chopra went on to say that, in the latter years of Jackson’s life, their relationship had “evolved and matured” as they both became fathers.

“We’d talk about how great it would be for our kids to grow up together, become as good friends as us, and set the world on fire,” he said.

“Michael admired the fact that I was able to find a wife, keep a wife, and gain her trust.


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“I’d joke it was all about the foreplay!” he added.

Presley has said she and Jackson had a normal sexual relationship, despite claims their marriage was a sham.

In a 2003 interview with Rolling Stone, she opened up about their marriage, saying: “He was very real with me off the bat.

“He immediately went into this whole explanation of what he knew people thought of him and what the truth was.”

Presley also said Jackson was quick to ring her up and explain when he was hit with allegations of child sexual abuse, telling her it looked like an attempt at extorting him.

“I believed him, because he was so convincing,” she told the publication. “I don’t know… I just believe everything he said, for some reason.”

The daughter of the King of Rock ’n’ Roll said she never saw any behaviour from Jackson which would lead her to think he was guilty of sexually abusing children.

Jackson, who was acquitted of sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy after a trial in 2005, always maintained his innocence and his estate continues to deny allegations of the star sexually abusing children.

Presley and Jackson split in 1996 after she filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

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Michael Jackson: Jacques Peretti admits ‘regret’ over questions in Real Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson faced numerous allegations of the sexual abuse of children both prior to his death and in the years since. In a new documentary, The Real Michael Jackson, reporter Jacques Peretti explored the debate which surrounds the popstar and the backlash which has intensified since the release of Leaving Neverland. In the film, which aired on BBC Two on Monday night, Peretti revisited his previous investigations into the Jackson’s life and went back through footage of himself interview the likes of the singer’s longtime manager Bob Jones.

In the interview, he failed to ask Jones outright whether or not Jackson was a paedophile, revealing his disappointment looking back on the moment.

“Is he a paedophile? That’s the question that should be asked,” Peretti admitted.

“And I don’t ask the question. That is a failure… that is a regret of mine.”

The Real Michael Jackson also observed how many interviewers had missed the opportunity to ask the blunt, crucial question when faced with Jackson in the wake of the allegations.

In the film, Peretti also spoke to celebrity photographer J Randy Taraborrelli who was a close friend of Jackson’s since their childhood and continues to maintain the popstar’s innocence.



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Though he remains a loyal supporter of the King of Pop, Taraborrelli revealed he did find the star’s friendships with children “weird”.

“I went out into his backyard and there’s Michael with this kid and they’re laughing and rolling around on the basketball court and wrestling,” he recalled of one occasion. “And it was so unusual.

“I asked him, ‘Why are you hanging out with this little kid?’ and he explained, ‘Because I like him, and he is fun, and he is a good actor, and I feel I can teach him the ropes of how it is in the entertainment business.’

“I was straight with him,” Taraborrelli explained. “And said, ‘I think it’s weird.’

“Not that I thought it was sexual, it never crossed my mind that there was anything sexual about it.

“I just told Michael, ‘I wouldn’t have a 12-year-old friend, why do you? We’re in our twenties, why do you have a friend that is 12-years-old?’”

Taraborrelli also said he might have viewed the allegations made by James Safechuck and Wade Robson, who both accused Jackson of sexually abusing them as children, in the Leaving Neverland documentary in a different light had they not accused his friend.

Jackson’s childhood friend said he found it difficult to watch Leaving Neverland without bringing his own bias to the documentary.

“It was hard for me because I felt there was a lot of acting going on but I know I brought my own bias when watching the show,” he told Peretti.

“I didn’t watch it with an open mind. I don’t know how anyone who knew Michael would sit there and watch it with an open mind.”


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When Peretti observed that Robson and Safechuck looked “like they’re telling the truth”, Taraborrelli admitted: “I think I would have felt that way if it wasn’t Michael they were talking about.”

He said he might have felt the alleged victims looked as though they were telling the truth if “it wasn’t Michael they were talking about”.

In the latter part of his career, Jackson faced multiple allegations of sexually abusing children.

In 1993, he denied an accusation of abusing the child of a family friend and settled the lawsuit out of court.

In 2005, he was indicted on a number of counts relating to allegedly molesting a minor, 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo.

He was found not guilty on all charges following a high-profile trial and was acquitted.

Jackson maintained his innocence on in response to all accusations of child sexual abuse levelled at him over the years.

His estate continues to deny any allegations of the late singer sexually abusing children.

The Real Michael Jackson is available to catch up now on iPlayer.

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Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter makes heartbreaking decision over tots’ future

It’s no secret to Coronation Street fans that poor Gemma Winter (Dolly Rose Campbell) has been majorly struggling with anxiety since giving birth to quads. The new mum is constantly worrying about their wellbeing and feeling like she’s a rubbish parent, all of which are starting to take their toll on her mental health.

Being bullied by the other mums at nursery didn’t help, leaving her a shell of her former self and a complete nervous wreck.

In recently episodes, she came clean to her mum Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) about her struggles, calling it a “nightmare” and revealing she can’t cope.

When a health worker came to visit, she noticed that one of the quads Cleo, had lost weight, and Gemma blamed herself for not being able to produce enough milk for them all – just another thing to add to the list.

Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) however, doesn’t know what all this is doing to his girlfriend.


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But in upcoming scenes he’ll see first hand how Gemma is reacting to the tough challenge of parenting quads.

Next week, Gemma decides to go on an outing.

But tragedy strikes when she boards the bus and is overcome with anxiety and suffers a panic attack.

Her terror forces her to flee, leaving the pram aboard and the babies unattended.

Luckily Ches witnesses what has just happened and manages to sprint after the bus and rescues their tots.

As Gemma is left shaking with fear, Chesney becomes increasingly concerned about her state of mind and calls Bernie for help.

Will Gemma finally open up to Ches about how she’s been feeling?

It looks like she’s set to do just that, and as they return home she breaks down and confesses her worst nightmares about parenting to her surprised boyfriend.

But will this lead her to make a drastic decision?

No longer feeling in control, will Gemma decide to give her babies away?

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Elsewhere on the street, David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) is feeling down in the dumps about his future with wife Shona (Julia Golding).

After the Christmas shooting, Shona suffered amnesia from being shot, leaving her unable to recognise her husband or anyone close to her.

All the confusion led her to demand a divorce from a desperate David, while stating she never wants to see him again.

At his wits end as nothing seems to be working, David angrily decides to accept that his marriage is over and asks for legal advice from Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo).


  • Coronation Street: Gail Platt wardrobe blunder leaves fans baffled

But he’s knocked for two when the lawyer tells him he needs to have been married at least a year to file for a divorce.

As David and Shona wed just before Christmas, that means they have seven months left before they can begin to lead separate lives.

But is this what David really wants?

He needs a miracle – will Shona remember who he is in time?

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7:30pm on ITV.

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Emmerdale spoilers: Belle Dingle forced to leave after Jamie’s savage move

Emmerdale’s Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) and Jamie Tate (Andrew Lincoln) have been involved in a steamy love affair for quite some time, but it all came to a head in recent episodes. Jamie has just reunited with his estranged wife Andrea (Anna Nightingale) and the two spent some alone time together in his car.


But once Belle found out about the reconciliation, she was less than impressed.

Disgusted by his actions, she demanded he tell her the truth before realising she didn’t want to waste her time on someone like him.

Believing both she and Andrea deserved better, Belle stormed off – but is this really the end for the forbidden lovers?

After being dumped by his mistress, Belle now holds all the cards.


  • Emmerdale spoilers: DI Malone drives Will Taylor out of village

And, things are set to get tense between the two as he tries to get her fired from her job.

The two became close as they worked side by side at the village veterinary centre.

Since the business has been suffering financial problems, Jamie offers Paddy Kirk (Domonic Brunt) a solution.

But the result won’t be kind.

He tells the desperate owner that the only way to solve their money troubles is to fire Belle.

Well, that’s one sure way to infuriate his ex-lover – how will Belle react to the news?

Will she decide to spill the beans on the affair now she and Jamie are no more?

Elsewhere in the Dales, one resident could be set to leave for a new life away from the drama of the Yorkshire village.

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Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) and little Leo could be taking a trip and never coming back, after receiving a surprise sum of money in her inheritance settlement from late boyfriend Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough).

In a spoiler clip, the ITV soap shows that the vet will receive a significant amount of cash from Graham, who was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather) back in January.

In upcoming scenes, Leo’s dad Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) looks after his son as Rhona tells him she needs to sort some things out.

When Marlon asks if everything is OK, Rhona says: “Graham has left me some money. Actually it’s quite a lot of money. I can’t quite believe it.”


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But how will Marlon react if Rhona decides to leave the village after all?

He found himself on a murder charge after he confronted Graham on his plans to move Rhona and Leo to France with him.

The following events meant that never happened – but could this money lead Rhona to make a big decision?

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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Coronavirus symptoms: How to tell if it’s NOT hayfever – key signs YOU have the virus

Coronavirus cases are rapidly increasing in the UK, and across the world. But, with hayfever season just around the corner, how can you tell whether your symptoms are caused by an allergy to pollen, or whether it’s actually the deadly viral infection?

The coronavirus outbreak was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) earlier this month.

Since its emergence, the virus has killed more than 37,000 people, and infected almost 800,000

The virus first started in the Wuhan district, in China, but has since spread to 200 countries across the globe.

The WHO has now warned that health systems are at risk of becoming overwhelmed in many countries, after an increasing demand on health workers and facilities.

“Previous outbreaks have demonstrated that when health systems are overwhelmed, deaths due to vaccine-preventable and treatable conditions increase dramatically,” said the WHO’s director-general, Tedros Adhanom.

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“Even though we’re in the midst of a crisis, essential health services must continue. Babies are still being born, vaccines must still be delivered, and people still need life-saving treatment for a range of other diseases.

“COVID-19 is reminding us how vulnerable we are, how connected we are and how dependent we are on each other.

“In the eye of a storm like COVID, scientific and public health tools are essential, but so are humility and kindness.

“With solidarity, humility and assuming the best of each other, we can – and will – overcome this together.”

More than 22,000 people in the UK have now been diagnosed with coronavirus, but as we enter the allergies’ season, how can you tell whether your symptoms are caused by pollen or the infection?

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Coronavirus symptoms

Most common:

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Aching muscles
  • Fatigue

Less common:

  • Phlegm buildup
  • Headache
  • Hemoptysis
  • Diarrhoea


  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat


  • Why didn’t we listen? Coronavirus warning issued 12 YEARS ago

How is coronavirus different to hayfever?

There are some similarities between the coronavirus and hayfever.

In particular, both conditions can lead to shortness of breath.

COVID-19 patients with difficulty breathing tend to appear in the more serious infections, however.

The most common coronavirus symptoms – a fever and a dry cough – are rare in hayfever patients.

In fact, a high temperature isn’t considered to be linked to a pollen allergy at all.

Likewise, the most common hayfever symptoms include sneezing, having a stuffy or runny nose, and itchy eyes.

None of these signs are commonly caused by the coronavirus. Only on rare occasions could the infection lead to sneezing or a runny nose.


  • Coronavirus symptoms: Disease could remain in system for EIGHT days

How should you protect yourself?

The best way to avoid becoming infected with coronavirus is to stay at home.

The UK government has ordered everyone to remain inside their own homes for at least three weeks.

You should only leave the house to buy basic necessities – food and medicine – or for one form of exercise a day.

You can also go outside if you need medical help, or to help a vulnerable person, or if you’re travelling to and from work.

Only key workers should be travelling to work, with the majority expected to remain at home.

To stop the coronavirus spreading, it’s also important to wash your hands with soap regularly, for at least 20 seconds. If water isn’t available, you can use a hand sanitiser gel.

If you do leave the house, wash your hands as soon as you return.

Use a tissue to cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, and then immediately put the tissue into a bin.

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Supermarket rules and opening times changes: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Aldi and Waitrose

Major British supermarkets continue to adapt their operations to meet demand and help those most in need during the coronavirus outbreak. Some chains will be using Government data to identify those at risk from COVID-19 in order to help vulnerable people get vital supplies.

Stores have changed opening hours across the UK predominately to allow for restocking and staff shortages.

All supermarkets are limiting the amount of people allowed in store at any one time, with many implementing queuing systems.

Many are also giving NHS staff and the elderly priority at checkouts.

Screens have been installed at checkouts to help prevent transmission of COVID-19.

Almost all supermarkets have announced stories will have clear signage, directional barriers and floor markings to help you move around stores easily and maintain a two-metre distance from other customers and colleagues.


  • Lifeline for vulnerable who need delivery – man finds


  • Opening hours have been shortened to 8am to 8pm every day, apart from Sundays when hours are 10am to 4pm and 9am to 6pm in Scotland.
  • Aldi is also opening stores half an hour early on Sundays for essential service workers. You must present ID.


  • Essential shopping list: Full list of essential supermarket items


Opening times have not yet changed, but Waitrose has implemented a prioritised and dedicating the first opening hour for the elderly and most vulnerable.


  • Some stores’ opening hours have changed – check to see if your local store has been affected.
  • Asda will also be temporarily closing its 24-hour stores between 12am and 6am to allow for restocking.


  • A number of stores are now operating at reduced hours due to “operational reasons”, Tesco said on Twitter after photos showed shelves cleared of goods.
  • Some Tesco Extra stores and larger Metro stores have reduced their hours to between 6am and 10pm.
  • The supermarket has also announced that NHS workers will be prioritised in all stores from 9am to 10am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • NHS workers will also have preferred access to a browsing hour before checkouts open on Sundays.


  • All supermarkets are now open 8am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday, including those with an Argos store.
  • Sunday opening hours and Sainsbury’s Local and petrol station opening times will stay the same.
  • NHS ID holders have priority Monday to Saturday 7.30am – 8am.
  • Elderly customers, carers and disabled customers have priority Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am to 9am.

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112-year-old WW2 veteran blasts youth for ignoring coronavirus advice: ‘Grin and bear it!’

Good Morning Britain hosts Piers Morgan, 55, and Lorraine Kelly, 60, were joined on the show by Bob Weighton after he celebrated his 112th birthday yesterday in self-isolation. Having witnessed so much of British history, the presenters wanted to ask if the World War II veteran had any advice for members of the public for following coronavirus rules. However, the guest blasted millennials for doing whatever they want to do after pictures emerged of people gathering and having parties this weekend.


Mr Weighton became the World’s oldest man after his predecessor Chitetsu Watanabe passed away last month, with the war veteran harbouring extensive knowledge about tackling greatest hardships.

The pensioner is currently following the lockdown rules imposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 55, last Monday and celebrated his birthday with telephone calls from his family.

When asked what he thought of the COVID-19 outbreak, he compared the impact to the plague of the 1400s and explained he didn’t like the current pandemic.

However, he told the presenters “you have to make use of it” and “grin and bear it,” before going on to say there would be no point giving advice to the younger generation.


  • Doctor attacks ‘selfish’ public in GMB coronavirus rant

“I don’t hand out advice. I learned my lesson because if they follow your advice and do what you say and it ends in catastrophe, you are to blame.

“The younger generation make up their own minds anyway,” Mr Weighton added, before saying: “Giving out advice is pretty useless.”

More to follow…

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Carol Kirkwood hits out at Louise after BBC Breakfast shake-up announced ‘You’re late’

BBC Breakfast viewers have seen a number of changes to the show as presenters and producers try to ensure the government’s advice amid the coronavirus outbreak is adhered to. However, when Dan Walker and Louise Minchin announced there had been another shake-up to the show – this time with the weather – Carol Kirkwood couldn’t help but hit out at Louise for her “poor timekeeping”. More to follow…


Dan and Louise have both implemented a number of changes over the last week or so in order to make sure they are complying with government guidelines while hosting the show.

The pair adhere to social distancing rules and sit on opposite sofas while the studio is noticeably quiet and has largely been absent of guests.

On today’s show, the hosts introduced a further measure they were implementing and the change impacted Carol’s weather report. 

Throughout BBC Breakfast viewers are usually treated to an update on regional news, travel and weather, however, this has now changed. 

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  • Steph McGovern: BBC Breakfast star says she’s no longer the side salad

Dan explained: If you just switched on BBC Breakfast, there’s a bit of a change to the way we do the programme this morning.

“We’re having to adjust because of the coronavirus outbreak, right across the way we do TV.

“And one of the things that is changing from today is there’s no regional news, so we’ll no longer be saying – for the moment…”

Interrupting and correcting Dan, Louise clarified: “In the morning, there is later,” to which Dan apologised: “Yes, sorry.”

He continued: “We’ll no longer be saying, during this programme time for the news, travel and weather wherever you are because you’ll have to get your regional news – during this show – either online, via the BBC website or via local radio.” 

“But instead we have Carol at a new time of 27 and of course it’s 28 minutes past,” Louise added. “Morning, Carol.”

Commenting on Louise’s time-keeping, Carol hit out: “It’s only a minute, Lou, that’s really good compared to what it’s normally like!”

Despite the comment, Carol had a smile on her face to illustrate that she was just joking.

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Meanwhile, addressing the change, Carol took to Twitter to share with her fans the new time they can find her on BBC Breakfast.

She tweeted: “I have new times for the foreseeable…. 27 and 57 minutes past the hour. 

“You can find your local weather on TV at lunchtime and in the evening or you local BBC radio station through the day. “And don’t forget the BBC weather app and BBC Weather website for more details xxx.”


  • Mike Bushell reveals real reason behind BBC Breakfast absence

Fans shared their thoughts on the change, as one wrote: “Too early and too late for me Carol! I’l miss you and my weather updates x.”

While another shared: “Well it’s been a pleasure knowing you Carol its brightened up our tea breaks up for any years, 57 minutes past the hour is just to late for us its fair to me and the the lads are gutted so until maybe you get back to normal its been a pleasure sharing a brew with you thanks.”

“That you Carol. Keep safe x,” a third concerned viewer tweeted. 

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One at 6am.

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Coronavirus news: China’s wildlife trade ban must be permanent, charities warn

Humane Society International UK said the ban must be “strongly implemented and enforced” and urged for a worldwide crackdown. It comes after the coronavirus outbreak was linked to a widlife market in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Wendy Higgins of HSI UK said: “We welcome China’s ban on the consumption of wild animals as food as it will save hundreds of thousands of animals each year from cruel treatment in this trade, assuming the ban is strongly implemented and enforced.

“But we need to go further. The ban needs to be permanent and it needs to be comprehensive.

“We also need to see change sweep beyond China because the capture and consumption of wild animals is a global problem that causes immense suffering for hundreds of thousands of animals every year, including endangered wildlife species being traded to the brink of extinction.

“As we are seeing with coronavirus, this trade can also spawn global health crises so we need to see live animal markets close across the globe.“

Kate Nustedt, global wildlife director at World Animal Protection, added that “wild animals belong in the wild”.

She said: “We commend China’s decision to impose a nationwide ban on wildlife trade in response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

“This ban will prevent the terrible suffering endured by millions upon millions of wild animals across the country.

“Crucially, it will also put a stop to the horrific conditions that serve as such a lethal hotbed of disease.

“We hope that this courageous step is made permanent and extended to all wildlife imports and exports, to help prevent any future crises of this nature.

“Wild animals belong in the wild. This wildlife trade ban by China will help keep them there.”

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The first coronavirus cases have been linked to a wet market selling both dead and live animals in Wuhan.

It is thought that the virus jumped from animals to humans.

Wildlife markets are widespread across China and a number of other Asian countries.

Animals are crammed into cages side by side in filthy conditions and butchered on site.

Beijing has moved to ban the trade and consumption of wildlife following the outbreak.

But China previously announced a similar ban during the outbreak of Sars in 2002.

It comes as COVID-19 has infected hundreds of thousands of people around the world since the outbreak started in December 2019.

The UK has been put on lockdown to combat the spread of the virus.

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