Melania Trump: Who pays for her clothes? FLOTUS wears lockdown outfits worth £4,000

Melania Trump attracted attention as she joined Donald Trump for a tour of the SpaceX Demonstration Mission 2 Launch at Kennedy Space Centre this week. She has worn outfits worth around £4,000 since the coronavirus lockdown began. Who pays for her designer looks?


  • Melania Trump looks chic in £2,200 Gucci white coat with Donald

Melania has kept a low-profile and only made occasional appearances since the coronavirus crisis began.

As some US states relax lockdown rules, she has stepped out with her husband, Donald Trump, for a number of engagements.

On Wednesday, she joined him on a tour held at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

The US First Lady stunned in a blue and white high neck dress with scallop detailing.

The sleeveless garment nipped in at the waist and continued into a pleated midi skirt.

Melania completed the look with Manolo Blahnik BB pumps in white which are on sale for $665, or around £538.

The mother-of-one is no stranger to wearing pieces from designer brands and her recent style has shown this.

On the few outings she has made since the coronavirus lockdown began, Melania has worn a number of expensive ensembles.

Last weekend, the President and First Lady attended Memorial Day events in Maryland and Virginia.

For the trip, Melania wore a double breasted coat from Gucci, which costs a staggering £2,210.

The white garment had notched lapels and six gold buttons on the front.

In April, she joined Donald Trump to celebrate Earth Day at the White House.


  • Melania Trump and Ivanka have done this differently in White House

She helped with a ceremonial planting of a tree and wore an oversized olive trench coat by Victoria Beckham £1,215.

Melania made another rare appearance during the pandemic in an Easter video posted on Instagram.

In the clip, she wore the linen Kelly green shirt dress from Cefinn, which cost £295.

Reports on her lockdown outfits suggest she has spent roughly £4,258 on her looks, however it is likely to be higher as some outfits could not be identified.

Who pays for her designer outfits?

Being in the White House, some may be interested to know where she gets the money for her expensive looks.

However, it is likely she pays for these herself and she has a net worth of £40million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a spokesperson previously stated Melania “pays for all her own clothes”.

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Nando’s reopens 94 branches for delivery in UK – full list of restaurants

Nando’s has announced 94 branches across the UK will be open for delivery this week after a successful trial run. Customers will be able to order delivery and Click and Collect services in cities including London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham and Belfast.


  • Nando’s re-opens six stores in UK for delivery – full list

Nando’s restaurants have been closed during the coronavirus pandemic to help keep employees and customers safe.

Last month, the restaurant chain announced it would trial a delivery service with the help of Deliveroo.

Four branches in London and two in Manchester were opened with a limited menu to serve PERi-PERi fans.

Following its success, 54 stores have opened today across the UK with a further 40 opening tomorrow.

New safety measures have been put in place to adhere to social distancing rules.

Food can be ordered online for delivery or Click and Collect, with customers asked to only arrive at the restaurants during their allocated time slot.

A reduced menu will be offered in order to help keep staff as safe as possible while preparing food.

The new menu will include favourites such as PERi-PERi chicken wings, butterfly chicken, halloumi sticks and PERi chips.

Full list open for delivery

Birmingham – New Street

Bristol – Cabot Circus


Canary Wharf – Cabot Place

Canary Wharf – Jubilee Place

Cardiff – Old Brewery Quarter


Clink Street

Coventry – City

Ealing – Bond Street

Edinburgh – Fountain Park

Glasgow – Springfield Quay

Gloucester Road




Lavender Hill

Leeds – Briggate

Leicester – Freemans

Lime Street (London)

Liverpool – ONE

Manchester – Fallowfield

Manchester – Oxford Road

Manchester – Printworks

Newcastle – The Gate

North End Road


Reading – Gateway

Sheffield – West Street


  • Marks & Spencer to reopen 49 cafes for takeaway in UK

Full list open for collection

Aberdeen – Belmont Street

Belfast – Boucher Crescent

Bristol – Cabot Circus

Cambridge – Leisure

Canary Wharf – Cabot Place

Canary Wharf – Jubilee Place

Cardiff – Old Brewery Quarter


Clink Street

Coventry – City


Ealing – Bond Street

Edinburgh – Fountain Park

Finsbury Park

Glasgow – Springfield Quay

Gloucester Road

Hammersmith – King Street


Holloway Road





Leamington Spa

Leeds – Briggate

Lime Street (London)


Liverpool – ONE


Manchester – Fallowfield

Manchester – Oxford Road

Manchester – Printworks

Milton Keynes – Xscape

Newcastle – The Gate

North End Road

Reading – Gateway

Reading – Oracle Centre


Sheffield – West Street

Stoke Newington

Swiss Cottage


West Hampstead


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Melania Trump appears at White House after anti-aging hair colour trick is revealed

Melania Trump welcomed graduates to the White House to honour their achievement in graduating. The First Lady wore a champagne coloured dress with bright yellow heels.


  • Melania Trump faces backlash after disregarding social distancing

Pictures showed Melania in a large room in the historic building, with students, spaced two metres apart.

The First Lady gave a speech during the event, standing at a podium with her husband by her side.

Images of the event were posted to the FLOTUS Instagram account.

The caption read: “It was an honor [sic] to address the class of 2020 at the @WhiteHouse yesterday.

“These students have proven to the entire world that they possess the strength & resilience of the American spirit. Congratulations class of 2020!”

It then went on: “Graduation is a pivotal moment for students of all education levels.

“@POTUS & I were proud to recognize & celebrate the class of 2020 with a few graduates at the @WhiteHouse yesterday.

“Keep chasing your dreams & striving to be your best self!”

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The First Lady supported the graduates, rallying to prove life goes on despite the grip of the coronavirus internationally.

Many praised the moved. One said: “These kids (high school & college) DESERVE a full, traditional, 100 percent normal the old way, #Graduation2020.”

Another wrote: “That’s beautiful. It’s so sad that these wonderful students around the US are missing graduation.”

Melania Trump’s hair colour trick for an anti-ageing effect has been revealed. 


  • Melania Trump body language shows why she feels ‘no threat’

The wife of Donald has long hair, in a brown and caramel blonde hue.

An expert and hair colourist told “Melania’s colour began very dark at the roots, which dragged down into lighter mid lengths and ends. Over time Melania’s colour has definitely changed little by little.”

Francesca Dixon, HARI’s Creative Colourist, went on: “The colour of her base root drag gradually became lighter and lighter, which can be spotted in pictures.

“These small colour changes over a long period of time are far better for the hair, as it maintains the hair’s wellbeing and health, and looks much better than a drastic, big colour change shock.”

“Having the contrast of the light and dark means Melania has the best of both,” explained Francesca.

“The base to add depth, and the brightness to soften her features, which has definitely had an anti-ageing effect for her.”

It has been claimed Melania Trump uses a trick to “stand out” in public. 

When she accompanies Donald on state business, she will attract attention with her fashion choices.

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Fireball shock: ‘Surreal’ fireball shoots slowly over Australia in stunning footage

A large and bright fireball was spotted heading over the skies of Victoria, Australia. However, the sighting piqued the interest of star gazers as it was not a typical shooting star.

When meteorites enter the atmosphere, they produce a bright but brief blast as the space rocks meet air resistance for the first time ever.

However, the fireball was slow moving, appearing in the skies for over 20 seconds, proving it was not a meteorite.

By doing some astronomical detective work, one astrophysicist was able to deduce that the fireball was actually caused by a piece of space junk re-entering the atmosphere.

Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Southern Queensland Jonti Horner told Australia’s ABC: “The slow speed, about 6 kilometres per second, is a very telltale sign that it is space junk.

“Astronomy is a detective story, it’s very cool, I love seeing things like this.”

Perry Vlahos from the Astronomical Society of Victoria agreed, stating: “Because of the slow speed and shallow angle, and the fact it is disintegrating in the video suggests it was something in orbit like a small satellite.

“It’s still considered space junk because it was in space, it’s re-entering the atmosphere and burning up.”

There is believed to be an astonishing 170 million pieces of junk floating in Earth’s upper atmosphere, but only 34,000 are being tracked.

Some 7,000 tonnes of space junk encircle our planet, as defunct satellites, junk from rockets and other metals and rocks build up close to Earth.

Experts have previously warned that as space debris increases, it will make it harder for rocket’s to escape Earth’s orbit out of fear of colliding with an object, known as the ‘Klesser syndrome’.

Not only does it pose a threat to space travel but technologies such as mobile phones, television, GPS and weather related services also rely on satellites.

Fireball watch: Stunned onlookers of northern Europe spot fireball
Fireball shock: Meteorite KILLED a person when it fell to village
Asteroid news: Earth sling-shots fireball on express ticket to Jupiter

So a cataclysmic series of crashes could pose a threat to our already over-reliance for satellites.

ESA Director General Jan Wörner has said: “Imagine how dangerous sailing the high seas would be if all the ships ever lost in history were still drifting on top of the water.

“That is the current situation in orbit, and it cannot be allowed to continue. ESA’s Member States have given their strong support to this new mission, which also points the way forward to essential new commercial services in the future.”

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Mother still breastfeeds her five-year-old and two-year-old sons

Mother who breastfeeds her sons, aged 5 and 2, claims her milk has boosted their immune systems and means they’ve never needed medicine – and is happy to keep going until they’re 8

  • Laura Smith, 25, from Michigan, breastfeeds her sons Joel, five, and Bennett, two
  • She claims nutrients in her breast milk have kept her kids from catching the flu
  • Mother-of-two hopes to encourage other parents to breastfeed at any age 

A mother who nurses her sons, aged five and two, said they are in ‘extremely good health’ thanks to the breast milk.

Laura Smith, 25, from Michigan, breastfeeds Joel, five, and Bennett, two, up to three times a day, alongside their solid foods.  

She claims her sons have never caught the flu or needed medication thanks to the nutrients in the milk.

And, despite receiving criticism from friends and strangers, Laura said she will happily keep breastfeeding her boys until they are eight years old.   

Laura Smith, 25, from Michigan, who has no plans to stop breastfeeding her sons Joel, five, and Bennett, two, is hoping to encourage other mothers to nurse, regardless of their child’s age. Pictured: Laura breastfeeding Bennett, with Joel 

Laura believes breastfeeding her sons keeps them in good health and has developed a special bond between them. Pictured: Laura with her husband Zane and their sons 

Laura revealed her friends began to comment on her extended breastfeeding, by the time Joel was two years old. Pictured: Laura breastfeeding Joel and Bennett

She said: ‘The immune benefits are so huge. Joel and Bennett have never had the flu, an ear infection or needed medication for anything. People don’t realise how much vitamins and nutrients there are in breast milk.

‘I think my own personal limit to feed them would be age eight. But if they still didn’t want to stop then I wouldn’t say no to them. I won’t wake up one day and think this disgusts me, when they are ready to stop then I will.’

Laura and husband Zane, 28, an internal auditor, welcomed their eldest son Joel in May 2015. 

The mother-of-two said doctors recommended she stop breast feeding at around six months but realized when Joel reached the age that there was ‘no way’ she was stopping.  

‘My mum breastfed me and my four siblings until we were aged up four and five. So extended breastfeeding ran in my family,’ she said. ‘I began giving him some pureed sweet potato on the side but he continued feeding up to six times a day.

Laura who has received dirty looks while breastfeeding in public, said it’s silly how something ‘so beautiful and natural can be frowned upon’. Pictured: The 25-year-old nursing her sons

‘I had no problem with my milk supply so I knew I’d be able to go past a year. When he was eight months old I introduced some solids like avocado, apples and pears for him to nibble on between his feeds. Before I knew it, Joel was one.’ 

Whether she’s out at the park or zoo, she feels little hesitation in feeding him in public.

But she claims that some of her friends have been judgmental about her choice.

Laura said: ‘By the time Joel was two, I had a couple of friends who said they didn’t think it was normal that Joel was still feeding. Others asked if I thought he was too old for it or when I was going to give him some real food.

Laura claims Joel was jealous of her closeness to Bennett, when she began breastfeeding him. Pictured: Laura and Joel, her eldest son, who is now five years old and is still nursing

Laura who would breastfeed her sons up to the age of eight, said she will stop when her sons are ready. Pictured: Laura and Joel

‘I had a niggling feeling they didn’t agree with it but they were afraid to say. Thankfully my husband and family were so supportive throughout.’

In November 2017, Laura gave birth to her youngest son, Bennett.

‘It was really hard to say no to Joel when I needed to feed Bennett,’ she explained.

‘It was a bond only the two of us shared up until that point. So there was a lot of jealously. I think it was more the closeness that Joel was jealous of rather than the milk.’

Afraid of Joel feeling left out, Laura soon began tandem breastfeeding her sons.

Laura continued: ‘Joel has breakfast lunch and dinner like any other kid.

Laura believes nursing her five-year-old makes him feel safe and gives him stability. Pictured: Laura breastfeeding her son Joel

‘But he also feeds up to three times a day. Bennett has started eating some solids on the side as well. There’s nothing I love more than nursing them, it brings us all closer together. I feed them at parks, the zoo, or wherever if I need to.

‘If Joel and Bennett are running around and one gets hurt, I’ll nurse them to make them feel better.’

Despite her keenness to continue breastfeeding her kids, Laura has grown self-conscious of nursing them in public over the years.

She added: ‘As Joel is so big now, strangers do give me dirty looks or stare at me. It’s very silly how something so beautiful and natural can be frowned upon.

Laura claims people lack education about extended breastfeeding, but she’s passionate about teaching them. Pictured: Laura and Zane with their children 

‘I now avoid feeding them in shopping centers as there are too many people who stare and I don’t want to deal with the drama. I try to wait until we get into the car or go home.

‘A few months ago I uploaded some photos of my tandem nursing and some moms commented ‘You’re too old.’

‘Others said ‘Why is she nursing a toddler?’ and ‘Shouldn’t she stop?’ It was upsetting, but I tried not to let the negative comments get to me.

‘People just lack education about extended breastfeeding and I’m passionate about teaching them.

‘The next week I joined some support groups for extended breastfeeding on Facebook and people said my photos were beautiful. Some were moms on there breastfed their kids up to eight, which made me feel so much better.’

She added: ‘I know there is a huge stigma around this, but I hope one day there won’t be.’ 

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McDonald’s reopening at 11am today: Full list of 39 branches open across UK

McDonald’s tweeted today: “We are reopening 39 Drive Thru lanes across the UK and ROI. These Drive Thru pilot restaurants were all chosen as they are close to one of our distribution centres as we continue to prepare our supply chain for reopening.”


  • McDonald’s: Uber Eats frenzy – full list of delivery option

The stores will offer a limited menu and there will be a spending cap of £25.

They will be open for takeaways from 10am to 11pm.

However, they are only open for delivery and drive thru – seating areas are closed.

Which stores are open as of today?

McDonald’s opening today

Drive-Thru only:

Ipswich, Ranelagh Road

Ipswich, Ravenswood

Ipswich, Whitehouse

Chelmsford, Regiment Business Park

Hounslow, Travellers Friend

Sutton, Oldfields Road

North Cheam, Worcester Park

Strood, Commercial Road

Rochester, Medway Valley Park

Hertfordshire, Bushey

Staines, Two Rivers Retail Park

Staines, London Road

Peterborough, Bouges Boulevard

Peterborough, Boongate

Peterborough, Hampton

Peterborough, Morrisons,

Peterborough, Eye Green

Rochester, Medway City Estate

Bobbing, Sheppey Way

Dunstable, Luton Road

Luton Retail Park, Gipsy Lane

Watford, Garston

Now open for McDelivery and Drive-Thru:

Chelmsford Riverside

Chelmsford Westway

Ipswich, Cardinal Park

Boreham Interchange

Luton Leagrave

Luton, Chaul End Lane

Watford, Hertfordshire Arms

Beechings Way


Gillingham, Bowaters

Open for McDelivery only





Luton George Street

Dublin Drive-Thru Reopening:


Kylemore Road

East Wall


Malahide Road


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Fears for Everest windows as firm teeters on brink of collapse

Fears for Everest windows as firm teeters on brink of collapse with 2,500 jobs and orders worth £102m in jeopardy

  • Lockdown easing is unlikely to come to the ailing company’s rescue, source said
  • Potential buyers have been locked in secret bidding, but have signed NDAs 
  • The firm’s 2,500 employees hang in the balance, as well as hopes of refunds 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Double glazing giant Everest is feared to be on the brink of collapse tonight with 2,500 jobs and contracts worth more than £100m at risk, MailOnline can reveal.

The windows firm has been forced to suspend all operations during the coronavirus pandemic, leaving it on the verge of administration.

Lockdown easing is unlikely to come to the ailing company’s rescue, with one source revealing that Everest ‘was in trouble before Covid, but this has been a tipping point’.

Efforts are believed to be underway to offload contracts worth £102m with potential buyers locked in talks, sources said.   

The firm’s 2,500 employees hang in the balance, as well as hopes of a refund for customers who have already booked fittings.

It is not clear if a buyer has been found, but an announcement is expected in the coming days.  

Everest window fitters are feared to be in financial peril and on the brink of administration after work has been halted during the pandemic

Everest has downed tools during the coronavirus crisis, cancelling all scheduled fittings and blocking any future appointments. 

Everest’s customer services operation also remains virtually shuttered, and the firm did not respond to MailOnline’s request for comment tonight. 

Customers who have already bought services have been left in the lurch, with social distancing rules scuppering planned work. 

A May 14 statement on the mothballed company’s website says it is hoping to begin manufacturing again ‘very soon’.

It says: ‘Unfortunately our manufacturing, installation and customer service functions all remain closed with the aim of keeping our staff and customers safe. 

‘Following the Government statement that allows manufacturing companies to begin working, we are currently planning to restart operations very soon.’

Everest has downed tools during the coronavirus crisis, cancelling all scheduled fittings and blocking any future appointments

But it added: ‘Sadly as our work involves visiting customers’ homes and many of our staff work in teams we are currently having to delay this restart until we can take all possible measure to protect our staff and customers.’ 

The Hertfordshire-based business was an early pioneer of double glazing and in 2012 was bought by private equity firm Better Capital, which MailOnline also attempted to contact.

In late March, when lockdown was taking a toll on Everest’s business, Better Capital said in a statement the ‘future is unclear’. 

‘Given the uncertainty of the length of the period of closure, together with the fact that the extent of the availability of public financial support is not known, the future is unclear. However, particularly without adequate support, the value of the company will be diminished,’ it said according to CityWire.

Lockdown has been particularly punishing for manufacturing industries, with many forced to halt operations due to social distancing rules. 

Everest are still offering consultations, though these are being carried out remotely.

All survey and installation work has been stopped and customers who had an appointment are being contacted, the company says.    

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex body language shows ‘royal formula copied’ by Kate Middleton

Sophie, Countess of Wessex is the daughter-in-law of the Queen and a senior member of the Royal Family. A body language expert revealed she could have inspired Kate Middleton by using a “formula” to succeed in the Royal Family.


  • Sophie, Countess of Wessex on how she is ‘closer’ to Queen

Sophie and Prince Edward announced their engagement in January 1999 and married five months later at Windsor Castle.

Since then, they have had two children together, Lady Louise Windsor, 16, and James, Viscount Severn, 12.

Before she joined the Royal Family, Sophie had a long career in public relations.

The Countess became a full-time working royal after she tied the knot with the Queen’s youngest son.

However, her previous work may have helped her in her royal role, body language expert Judi James told

Sophie has often been considered one of the closest family members to the Queen which could be down to how she has handled royal life.

“When Sophie married Edward she was hailed as the new Diana,” Judi commented.

“But what followed looked like a masterclass in hunkering in as the soap-opera-free royal bride who managed to be a stabilising influence on her husband while keeping press and royal fan attention to a minimum.

“Sophie is also said to be a close ally of her mother-in-law the Queen and in terms of her body language she tends to blend some of the signals of the kind of laid-back calm and fun that we get from Zara Tindall with the stoic, deft formality of the Queen herself.”

Kate Middleton also took on a working royal role when she married Prince William in 2011.

Since then, she has become a prominent and popular member of the Royal Family.

The Duchess of Cambridge has thrown herself into her royal duties over the years and may have copied Sophie to achieve success, the expert said.


  • Sophie, Countess of Wessex broke ‘old-fashioned’ royal tradition

Judi continued: “Sophie’s formula does appear to have been copied by Kate too.

“This is because – so far – she has managed to tread the very fine line of creating interest that is positive but not unmanageable.”

Sophie and Kate have attended many events together in their senior royal roles.

Earlier this year, prior to lockdown, they were spotted at Buckingham Palace as Kate hosted a reception.

On such occasions, Sophie appears to watch out for the Duchess, showing why Kate might look to her for guidance.

Judi added: “Many of the poses of the two women together show Sophie face-checking Kate with quite strong bouts of watchful-looking eye contact to suggest she’s taking a semi-maternal approach.

“However, she also has raised brows and what’s called a ‘pinging’ smile that implies she wants to ensure Kate is enjoying herself.

“There is some mirroring when the two women walk together but it’s primarily Sophie projecting the stronger signals of relaxed confidence while Kate smiles happily at her side.”

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Pennsylvania protesters call for cops to ‘lock up’ health secretary

Protesters in Pennsylvania calling for the governor to reopen the state amid the coronavirus pandemic called to “lock up” the state’s health secretary at a demonstration at the Capitol building Friday, according to a local report.

The crowd of about 1,000 demonstrators gathered in front of the building in Harrisburg — days after it was revealed Health Secretary Dr. Rachel ­Levine helped move her elderly mother out of a nursing home, where nearly 70-percent of the state’s coronavirus-related deaths have taken place, the York Daily Record reported.

Republican State Rep. Russ Diamond addressed the crowd and called for Levine to step down, according to the report.

Protesters then cheered to “lock her up” and called for Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor, Tom Wolf, to be impeached.

“I’m not afraid of any virus. I’m afraid for our country. This is all about control,” one protester, a nurse, told the newspaper.

Earlier this week, Dr. Levine drew criticism from state lawmakers for moving her mother out of a nursing home in the state amid sharp increase in deaths at the facilities.

“My mother requested, and my sister and I as her children complied, to move her to another location during the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Levine, ­according to ABC27.

Trump supporters and others rally against coronavirus disease restrictions at the Pennsylvania Capitol in HarrisburgTrump supporters and others rally against coronavirus disease restrictions at the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg

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Zara Tindall: One thing she never did until she got £30k engagement ring from husband Mike

Zara Tindall is married to rugby player Mike Tindall and they have two children, daughters Mia and Lena. Zara is an accomplished athlete in her own right, winning Olympic medals for her equestrianism.


  • Royal confession: How Princess Anne ‘dreamed of different career’

She and Mike married on July 30 2011. They wed in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the Canongate Kirk.

It was just a few months after the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, but it was an altogether more low key affair, much like their engagement.

Mike, who played rugby for England, proposed during a simple night in, while the pair were watching a movie.

However, Mike put a lot of thought into the ring he selected for his wife-to-be.

Zara revealed how Mike listened to her when she hinted about what she might like.

She Town and Country Magazine in 2017: “I didn’t appreciate jewellery until I got a bit older and started going to events.

“I never wore rings. My engagement ring was my first.

“Mike found it – I hinted what I liked, but he did it all himself.”

Mike designed the ring himself, according to reports.

Why Zara missed out on THIS royal privilege [TITLE] 
Zara Tindall and Mike could break this Royal Family tradition [CHILDREN] 
Princess Anne gives rare insight into her home [VIDEO] 

It features a large brilliant cut diamond set on a split band.

The band has pave diamonds set in platinum.

It has been reported to be a 2.0ct diamond, meaning the ring could have cost up to £30,000.

It wasn’t the only piece of diamond a platinum hardware Zara wore on her wedding day. She wore a tiara made from diamonds, belonging to her mother Princess Anne.


  • Zara Tindall: How royal followed in Anne’s footsteps

Deborah Papas, gemmologist and jewellery expert from Prestige Pawnbrokers of Channel 4’s Posh Pawn told “This is the most glamorous piece from Princess Anne’s stunning jewellery collection.”

“The stunning tiara which belonged to her Great Grandmother (Prince Philip’s mother, Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark) was lent to Zara on her wedding day by her mother, Princess Anne.”

The piece is known as the Meander Tiara. 

It was last worn at the Dutch State Banquet in 2018.

It is Greek tiara, and once belonged to Princess Alice, Prince Philip’s mother.

Deborah said: “It is studded with diamonds set in a white precious metal more likely to be platinum because of the era it was made.

“It is perceived to be made by Cartier in France.

“It is not known how much the tiara is worth, but I estimate it to be worth over £1 million, and if it is a Cartier piece, it could be as much as £2 – £4 million.”

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