Mums are loving a £1 multi-purpose surface cleaner from B&M that works a treat and smells great

WHEN you're spraying a cleaning product around the house, it really does help if it smells nice too.

A group of women seem to have found the answer – and it only costs a quid from B&M.

In a post on Facebook group 'Organise My UK Home', a woman called Catherine shared how she was a fan of 'Clean-ology Multipurpose Cleaner' in a 'Mint & Green Tea' scent.

Captioning an image of the spray, she wrote: "Anyone tried this little beauty? Works a treat, and the smell."

The handy "natural" product can be bought from the bargain store for just £1.49.

Describing the product on their website, they explain that it is made from essential oils and is non-toxic.

  • Clean-ology Multipurpose Cleaner 500ml (Mint & Green Tea), £1.49, B&M – buy here

Fellow social media users agreed with the poster that the spray was a must-have for their homes.

One person wrote: "Just bought one it’s lovely."

Another commented: "Yes B&M, I love them, I use the empty bottle for my disinfectant spray."

A third shared: "Ooo no never heard of that brand before but I love the scent its in! I bet it smells so fresh."

Just bought one it’s lovely.

Many added that they had also tried the spray in 'Rose & Wild Mint' and 'Orange & Lemongrass' with great success.

It comes as cleaning fans have called a 58p Fabulosa spray the new Zoflora.

Followers of 'cleanfluencer' Mrs Hinch will recall seeing the Instagram star using diluted Zoflora to clean her picture-perfect Essex home. 

Fabulosa is also a concentrated disinfectant and comes in similar little bottles of varying scents. 

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Mums reckon the 30 day Lego challenge is the perfect way to keep the kids entertained during coronavirus lockdown

MUMS are raving about the 30-day Lego challenge which they say is keeping kids entertained for hours each day. 

As parents struggle to find activities to fill the days now the schools have closed, the month-long challenge using the iconic bricks is proving a lifesaver for stressed families. 

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Shared on website Free Home School Deals, the printable sheet features 30 different challenges. 

They range from building a new house for the family, creating something from Star Wars, building a hotel, a safe, a rollercoaster and a tree-house among other challenges.

Mum Vanessa Stubbs told Kidspot the daily challenges were keeping her daughter occupied for hours on end. 

Writing on the website, she hailed the activity sheet, saying: “It's the 30 Day LEGO Challenge that my daughter enthusiastically undertakes for several hours a day in her bedroom.

“Let me repeat that SEVERAL. HOURS. A. DAY.

“Yesterday she was squirreled away for two. The day before it was an hour. 

“Yes, I'm timing because these are the golden hours in my day where I am not asked for A) Snacks, B) Help with maths I do not understand, and C) My phone to FaceTime her friends.”

Vanessa spotted the challenge on Facebook, when a fellow mum, Zoe, shared the task sheet online.

Within days hundreds of mum had joined the group and were sharing their kid’s creations. 

Zoe said she's received countless messages from fellow parents, with “lots of people” contacting her to say thanks for uploading the Lego challenge.

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And mums are sharing hilarious memes as they grapple with homeschooling their kids.

While this mum shared her homeschool timetable and people are loving the 3pm ‘mum quits’ section.

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