Olly Murs says Caroline Flack’s death still ‘doesn’t seem real’ and says grief has been ‘tough’ – The Sun

OLLY Murs and Sir Tom Jones should have been gearing up for the biggest night in The Voice UK’s calendar on Saturday– the grand final where one of the talented acts would have been handed a record contract.

Instead, like us all, they were be in lockdown, watching the second part of a best-bits compilation from the show’s nine series.

The Sun's TV Mag sat down for an intimate chat with the two coaches as they were preparing to film the knockout stages; just a fortnight earlier, Olly had received the devastating news that his good friend Caroline Flack had taken her own life, and he was still in shock.

But he insisted being back at work with Tom, will.i.am and Meghan Trainor was doing him the world of good.

"It’s been tough and it’s still a lot to process, it still doesn’t feel real," says Olly, 35.

"I think when anything like this happens and you lose someone in your life, you tend to want to get busy and do something.

"So it was definitely a good time for me to come back to work. I found I was sitting thinking about it all the time."

"You have to keep busy, it’s better for you," agrees Tom, 79, who lost his wife Linda in 2016.

"Not that you have to, but you should do something. When you’ve had a body blow like that you need to get back to work with people that you know and like."

Their jobs are, of course, on pause now, like everything else in the country, but Olly and Tom’s lovely friendship – Olly is the ever-adoring fanboy of Sir Tom – is on display in full force in the show.

"Tom has been amazing, I have such a laugh sitting next to him," says Olly.

"People forget that we’re sitting in those chairs for hours, so when you see Tom get up and sing, or we talk about our careers or have a joke, it’s because we’re bored! But I think it gives the show layers."

And it’s not just on screen the pair have hit it off…

"We had a few drinks at the final last series," shares Olly, "because we were the only two coaches who had contestants left. Not that we’re bragging… But I bought Tom a bottle of champagne."

"It’s got to be good champagne for me," laughs Tom.

"When Danny O’Donoghue was on The Voice we had quite a few drinks – he’s an Irish man, I’m a Welsh man, it’s a Celtic thing. But I’m not really drinking as much as I was.

"You’ve got to be responsible. I like a drink, but when you’re older you can’t bounce back as fast. You’ve got to be more careful, not leaping about the place!"

While there can be no grand final celebrations until later in the year, Olly is clear on his highlight of the 2020 series so far.

"I love the battles, it’s incredible to create a song and a moment together and this year that happened with Blessing and Beryl," he says.

"I had them do a gospel version of Flying Without Wings that I’d heard Westlife do on Radio 2. What upset me the most was that they didn’t know the song! They weren’t born when it came out!"

"I wasn’t around when Bing Crosby had hits but I know them," roars Tom.

"There was music before any of us were born."

"Quite right," laughs Olly, "I wasn’t born when It’s Not Unusual came out, and of course I know that one!"

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Kyle Richards Says She 'Hid' from Lisa Vanderpump During Recent Run-In

She also had to choose between her sister, Kim Richards, and her BFF, Faye Resnick, during a saucy game on “Watch What Happens Live.”

Kyle Richards gave an update on her latest run in with former BFF Lisa Vanderpump and it appears things still haven’t warmed up since their fallout in Season 9 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

If you’ll recall, Lisa’s husband kicked Kyle out of their house after she accused Lisa of leaking stories to the press during the whole Puppygate shenanigans, which ultimately ended with Lisa leaving the show.

While filming from her home for the latest episode of "Watch What Happens Live," Kyle revealed she has since seen the restaurant mogul a total of three times, none of which resulted in any form of reconciliation, according to the former actress.

"I’ve bumped into her twice at Neiman Marcus," the 51-year-old told host Andy Cohen. "The second time I saw her, she didn’t see me, and I sort of, like, hid, to be honest. But this last time I saw her at a restaurant, and I was passing her table and they sat us right next to each other and I said to the hostess, "Really? REALLY?"

But there was no turning back, so Kyle made the best of the situation.

"I said hello, and, to be honest, she was just short and then Ken came up after and I stood up and gave him a hug and he said, ‘Why are you giving me a hug? I kicked you out of our home,’ and I said, ‘I can still give you a hug, Ken."

"Because I do care about them," she added with a smile. "But that was the last time I saw them. I haven’t seen them since or heard from them."

Andy wasn’t done with Kyle’s dirt just yet, however, as he put her in the hot seat by asking her to pick who she misses more when presented with a pair of former RHOBH stars.

The first grouping included Camille Grammar and Brandi Glanville, and Kyle chose the latter… for "today." She began to explain that "Camille has said some things recently…" before being cut herself off to play the next round.

Between Adrienne Maloof and Taylor Armstrong, she chose Adrienne as the person she misses more, and threw Adrienne’s ex husband Paul Nassif into the loop instead of Ken Todd.

Surprisingly, a tie was called between Eileen Davidson and Yolanda Hadid. "Eileen’s really fun and funny, and I was just texting with Yolanda, so… ya know, they’re both great"

"I mean, that’s really messed up, Andy" Kyle said with a laugh when presented with her own sister, Kim, and her BFF Faye Resnick.

"Well, I don’t miss the fighting with my sister, and, fortunately, Kim and Faye both showed up this season, but I guess I will say Kim cause she always makes for a good TV show."

Watch all the hot RHOBH gossip in the videos above!

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Trump says Saudi Arabia, Russia could cut oil production to boost prices

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he spoke with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who had earlier spoken with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, and that he hoped they would cut oil production to boost prices.

“Just spoke to my friend MBS (Crown Prince) of Saudi Arabia, who spoke with President Putin of Russia, & I expect & hope that they will be cutting back approximately 10 Million Barrels, and maybe substantially more which, if it happens, will be GREAT for the oil & gas industry!” Trump tweeted.

“Could be as high as 15 Million Barrels. Good (GREAT) news for everyone!” he added in a second post.

The tweets came after the Saudi Arabian regime and Russia suggested Thursday they were ready to cooperate to help stabilize the oil market after calls with Trump to discuss the slump in prices triggered by the end of their deal to curb output.

After the deal collapsed, Russia and Saudi Arabia both said they were ready to raise production, but Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak also told Reuters on Thursday it had no plans to crank up its crude output.

A senior Gulf source familiar with Saudi thinking, meanwhile, told Reuters that Saudi Arabia supported cooperation between oil producers to stabilize the market but it was Russia’s opposition to a proposal last month to deepen oil supply cuts that caused the market turmoil.

Trump had earlier touted the drop in oil prices, comparing it to a tax break for Americans because they were paying less for gasoline because of the cut in production and less demand because of the coronavirus pandemic.

US oil futures soared by about 25 percent on the news.

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Boston restaurateur says coronavirus forced him to lay off entire staff

Restaurant owner on coronavirus: I feel like a land turtle that got hit by a tsunami

Boston Chops and Deuxave owner Chris Coombs says the coronavirus has forced him to lay off his entire staff.

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Top-ranked Boston steakhouse Boston Chops, along with Boston Urban Hospitality sister eateries dbar and Deuxave, have taken a major hit from coronavirus closures, which has led to more than 230 restaurant employees being laid off.

Boston Urban Hospitality owner and chef Chris Coombs told FOX Business' Stuart Varney on Thursday that the decision was based on the notion that takeout service won't pay the bills in the Massachusetts capital that has since become like a ghost town.


Coombs also said that he’s confident in the “really thoughtful” relief bill being put together that will help support small business. His biggest concern is what lies on the other side of the curve.

“What's the psychological damage done to the consumer?” he said. “When are people going to feel comfortable to gather in restaurants? Because all restaurants depend on being really busy and full and vibrant. And I think right now people are scared of that environment.”


BOSTON – MAY 9: Boston Chops restaurant in Boston’s South End. (Photo by Dina Rudick/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

The thought is to rehire staff post-pandemic, but Coombs continues to question how much time it may take for public anxieties to normalize. Coombs said he is afraid for the tip-dependent employees who may be working in a near-empty restaurant.


“They rely heavily on tips,” he said. “If we don't have guests, there are no tips. It's a lot like these airplanes that are flying around right now. Just because there's a plane from New York to L.A., doesn't mean there's anyone on it."

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Jemmye Carroll Says Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio Will Never Retire From 'The Challenge': 'He's Going to Die Filming a Challenge'

Those who’ve been watching MTV’s The Challenge for years are well-aware of the veteran players. And Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio has proven to be a physical and mental threat in the game. Over time, he’s shown he knows how to make quality alliances to get him to the end — and he’s made ruthless decisions that resulted in winning major money.

While he’s one of the most polarizing Challenge competitors the game has ever seen, there’s no doubt he’s here to stay. And Challenge competitor Jemmye Carroll is also sharing her thoughts on the returning players and, of course, Devenanzio coming back for yet another season of the game. Here’s what she said about how she believes the show will end before Devenanzio willingly gives up.

Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio joined the cast of ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’

The new season of The Challenge looks like the most difficult yet. While the competitors are used to living in a lavish home complete with furnished rooms, a pool, workout equipment, and plenty of alcohol, it seems the rules are changing now. The trailer shows the competitors living in a bunker — and, of course, driving each other crazy. Not only that, but host T. J. Lavin mentioned every single Challenge castmember is going to have to compete in an elimination round to move forward.

Devenanzio is certainly up for the task. His cocky attitude hasn’t served him well in the last few seasons, but he’s ready to try again with Season 35, Total Madness. As he explained in a clip on The Challenge‘s Instagram page, “I’m hoping that maybe this season might be different. Most likely not. I’ll most likely have to deal with what I have to deal with every season — that is, fighting the entire house.”

Jemmye Carroll discussed some of the veteran players returning

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It’s not just Devenanzio returning, of course. His sworn enemy, Wes Bergmann, is also rejoining for Season 35. And Chris “C.T.” Tamburello is also trying his hand at the money once again. These three heavy-hitters are known threats in the game — and ex-Challenge player Jemmye Carroll spilled the tea on what she thinks of each of them.

“C.T. is coming off a win, and Johnny and Wes are coming off a sh**** performance last season,” Carroll puts it candidly. “You always know one of them is gonna do well on a Challenge. They’ve proven that the past few years. They might not all excel together. One of them usually excels. So, curious to see which one of the three stooges do well this season.

Carroll then went on to make fun of Bergmann’s beard and Tamburello’s “dad bod” that he’s had for a few seasons now. “And Johnny, well. … Johnny, you’re always gonna be here, aren’t you?” she added.

Carroll thinks Devenanzio will never retire from the show

While Carroll spoke about Devenanzio, she touched on his legacy in the game and how she believes he’ll never quit.

“Everyone thinks that Johnny’s gonna retire soon. I think The Challenge has a better chance of getting canceled than Johnny retiring,” Carroll explained. “So, if you want my honest opinion, he’s never gonna retire. He’s gonna die filming a Challenge. … I, like, have nothing to say at this point about Johnny.”

Carroll then added that she holds zero animosity for Devenanzio at this point, though they used to hate each other.

Devenanzio has also touched on the idea of retiring, as he’s now 37. And he’s also confirmed that he doesn’t plan on quitting anytime soon. “I’m going to continue doing Challenges until MTV says no more, my body says no more or my mom says no more. But my mom loves The Challenge,” he told Rolling Stone in 2019.

We’re all looking forward to seeing Devenanzio and the other veteran players back in action when Total Madness premieres on April 1.

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Ana de Armas Says Boyfriend Ben Affleck's 'Talent Is Infinite'

Ana de Armas is relatively new to Hollywood, but she’s already making waves. The Cuban-Spanish actress actually started acting when she was very young, refining her craft in various soap operas and small roles. These days, de Armas has been in the headlines a lot due to her budding relationship with superstar actor Ben Affleck. Although the two have worked hard to keep their romance private, she recently opened up about her actor boyfriend, paying him a massive compliment. 

Who is Ana de Armas?

De Armas was born in 1988 in Havana, Cuba. She developed a fascination with the world of television and film when she was still very young. By the time she was a teenager, she had decided to pursue acting as a career.

By her fourteenth birthday, she had joined the National Theater School of Cuba and worked on several major student productions. When she was 18, de Armas moved to Spain in order to get started on her professional career.

For several years, de Armas worked on various television and film projects in Spain, mostly landing small roles. She got her big break in 2007 when she was cast in the television drama El Internado.

After working on the show for three years, de Armas decided to take her career to the next level and moved to Los Angeles, California, where she hoped to break into Hollywood films. It didn’t take long for executives in Hollywood to sit up and take notice of de Armas.

In short order, she appeared in several major movies, including Blade Runner 2049, War Dogs, Knives Out, and the critically-acclaimed Rian Johnson thriller Knives Out

Ana de Armas’s new romance with Ben Affleck

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After a rapid rise to fame in the United States, de Armas has become one of the hottest actresses around. She has several major movies set for release in 2020  — but she is most popular right now for her relationship with Ben Affleck, her co-star in the upcoming thriller Deep Water.

The two first met on the set in late 2019 and according to reports, “had great chemistry right from the start.” By the spring of 2020, Affleck and de Armas were spotted on a romantic vacation together, prompting many to assume that the two were seriously dating.

Over the next few weeks, Affleck and de Armas were seen together multiple times, from casual coffee runs to sunset beach walks. Affleck has even been commenting on de Armas’s Instagram posts, proving to many that they are completely serious about each other.

For the newly-sober Affleck, de Armas might be the best thing to have happened to him in a while. 

What did Ana de Armas recently say about Ben Affleck?

While Affleck hasn’t opened up in detail about his romance with de Armas, the actress recently spoke about Affleck in an in-depth interview with Vogue Spain. In her interview, the actress praised Affleck’s acting range, saying that “not only does he know how to do (move between tragedy and irony) with ease, he also manages to surprise you in every shot. His talent is infinite.”

It is clear that their relationship is founded on a great amount of personal respect and professional compatibility as well as mutual attraction. Affleck might be looking at a major career resurgence, just as de Armas is on the cusp of worldwide superstardom.

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Surgeon general says US on course to be ‘worse than Italy’ as New York record 100 deaths in ONE DAY – The Sun

THE Surgeon General has warmed America could become worse than Italy if people do not take coronavirus social distancing seriously.

The country's top public health official, Surgeon General Jerome Adams, issued his starkest warning to date as the nation's death toll surpasses 1,000 and New York sees more than 100 deaths in a day.

The number of coronavirus cases continues to grow throughout the nation, particularly in New York State where officials say the death toll has jumped over 100 in just a day to 385.

Almost 40,000 people were infected — 21,000 cases in New York City alone — as of Thursday morning.


"I'm heartened by the people around the country who are doing the right thing, but we're still seeing far too many pictures of people out there doing the wrong things," Adams said in an interview with Fox News on Thursday.

"Playing basketball, out on beaches. We need America to understand that we still could be like Italy. We could be worse than Italy if we don't participate in these 15 days to stop the spread."

We need America to understand that we still could be like Italy. We could be worse than Italy if we don't participate in these 15 days to stop the spread.

Adams said that President Trump outlined an optimistic timeline for Americans in an effort to "help people understand that there is a light at the end of this tunnel".

Referring to New York's recent explosion of confirmed coronavirus cases, the nation's top health official said hospitalizations were starting to level off after hospitals were overwhelmed by the outbreak. 

He added: "And when you look at China, when you look at South Korea, their curve was about two to two and a half months.

"So there is hope that if we continue to lead into the mitigation efforts and we're two-thirds of the way through this 15 days to stop the spread initiative, that we can flatten the curve and that we can get to the end of this more quickly."

On Monday, Adam issued an ominous warning about the health risk posed by the coronavirus outbreak, warning Americans that the crisis was "going to get bad" this week.

The warning was issued as nearly one-third of Americans awoke to "stay at home orders."

By Thursday, the total coronavirus deaths in the U.S. skyrocketed past 1,000, with more than 200 deaths confirmed for the first time in a 24-hour period.

The country is 11 days behind Italy in terms of of the virus spreading but already has a higher number of infections, with 79,785 cases confirmed.


About half of the cases of coronavirus in the nation have been identified in New York state, with New York City claiming 385 deaths at the epicenter of the outbreak.

It's the most deaths in a single state in the country.

The number of confirmed infections in New York rose to 37,000 – about half the U.S. total – including 6,400 in the past day.

One hospital in Queens saw 13 patients die in the space of 24 hours, NYC Health + Hospitals spokesperson Christopher Miller told WNBC.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says Elmhurst Hospital is "holding its own" but is in "race against time", and needs immediate help amid COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Yesterday, de Blasio cautioned around half of all New Yorkers may get coronavirus.

"We are concerned about how many people are contracting the disease. I mean, I've been honest with New Yorkers – probably before this is over, half of all New Yorkers, if not more, will contract this disease," de Blasio told CNN's Anderson Cooper.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned hospitals may be soon overwhelmed and, together with de Blasio, asked for additional masks, ventilators and medical supplies as the city prepares for a massive increase in COVID-19 cases in already tight hospital quarters.

About 15 percent of cases in the state require hospitalization, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Based on the large number of hospitalized patients on ventilators, the number of deaths is expected to continue to increase, Cuomo said. 

The US is now third globally in terms of the number of people infected by the virus – behind only China and Italy – and has seen at least 1,070 deaths.

The World Health Organization echoed similar thoughts, saying it was seeing a "very large acceleration" in coronavirus infections in the United States which had the potential of becoming the new epicenter.

Over the past 24 hours, 85 per cent of new cases were from Europe and the United States, WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris told reporters.

Of those, 40 per cent were from the United States.


Dr. Anne Schuchat, the principal deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), told The Hill that while New York City is currently home to almost half the cases in the country, other cities are seeing their case counts rising at alarming rates.

“We're looking at our flu syndromic data, our respiratory illness that presents at emergency departments. Across the country there's a number of areas that are escalating," she explained, adding that Americans need to take the epidemic seriously.

"There's just dozens of places we're watching,” Schuchat said.

“We really need to expect that the whole country's at risk here, and we have to look across our health care system within each jurisdiction to have them be as strong as possible.”


Meanwhile, President Trump has expressed a want to get the country running again by Easter – but health experts have warned this may not be possible.

The US leader said earlier this week he may end the lockdown by the end of March – saying “we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.”

"America will, again, and soon, be open for business. Very soon. A lot sooner than three or four months," he said during the daily White House coronavirus briefing Monday.

His comments came as the U.S. for the first time saw a death toll hit triple digits for a single day.

He added that officials won't "let the cure be worse than the problem."

"Our country wasn't built to be shut down," Trump said at the Coronavirus Task Force Briefing.

The President assured that the U.S. can both function as a country and the economy can recover as the nation works to curb coronavirus spread.

"We can do two things at once," he said.


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Olympic champ says coronavirus wiping out Tokyo 2020 is ‘God’s punishment’ for IOC banning Russia from Games – The Sun

THE axing of Tokyo 2020 is “God’s punishment” for the International Olympic Committee banning Russia from competing at the Games.

That's the incredible claim of Olympic champ Svetlana Khorkina.

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The Former gymnast, 41, was left infuriated after her nation were slapped with a four-year suspension from all global sport, including the World Cup 2022 and 2020 Olympics, following their recent doping scandals.

But the Tokyo Games have been pushed back a year as the deadly COVID-19 but continues to sweep the globe with over 22,000 deaths worldwide.

Euro 2020 has suffered the same fate, though Russia are still permitted to compete in European competition.

Khorkina astonishingly blasted the postponement of this summer's Games is karma for Russia being exiled.

She told Russian Sports Express: “I think this all happened because they shouldn’t have offended Russia, including our athletes.

“There is a reason why there is a line in our national anthem that says our land is protected by the Lord.

“It was unnecessary to start this political show when such a deadly virus is being spread all over the world.

“I think this was God’s punishment."

Khorkina is a nine-time world champion, having also won gold medals in the uneven bars at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta and defended her medal four years later in Sydney.

She is often regarded as one of the most successful gymnasts of all time.

Khorkina retired in 2004 and has held a position of deputy head of CSKA Moscow sports club since 2016.

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