1000lb Sisters fans beg Amy to ‘stop with the filters’ under new snaps

1000lb Sisters star Amy Slaton talks to her nine-month-old

1000lb Sister fans have begged star Amy Slaton to lay off the filters after she looked dramatically different in some new selfies.

It comes after the TLC personality took to social media to give fans a glimpse into her ongoing weight loss journey.

This week Amy shared a handful of selfies with her 151,000 TikTok followers, but fans all had the same thing to say about her new snaps.

Apart from her usual brightly coloured hair, the 1000-lb Sisters star looked nothing the person fans were used to seeing on the hit TLC reality show.

She used a filter on her selfies, which blurred her face, smoothed her skin, and put heavy dark makeup on her eyes, lips, and cheeks.

The mum of two also added an acoustic version of Steve Holy’s Good Morning Beautiful, which played in the background, while captioning the post: “Good day.”

Despite receiving many uplifting comments, most fans begged the star to stop using filters and show her “real” self.

One fan @charlieinreallife79 said: “Stop with the filters. You’re beautiful as yourself.”

With another @Just_flush_it pleading: “Would rather see the real Amy that I know.”

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@lilincognit0 said: “Filter or not. You are genuinely beautiful.”

A fourth fan @mikki_maus66 didn’t hold back saying: “Filters aren’t gonna hide your true look. we know and u know [sic].”

Meanwhile @@oriana_rc23 defended Amy, saying: “Hey we all have used a filter so stop, she looks pretty.”

@macabrevodka agreed, adding: “Are people forgetting Amy is a grown woman? if she wants to use filters its her page, yall sound so corny repeating “stop w the filters” over & over.” [sic]

The TLC personality and her sister Tammy Slaton have been on intense weight-loss journeys, regularly documenting their results and giving glimpses to fans on social media since starring in the popular reality show.

According to Screen Rant, Amy went from 400 pounds down to 275 pounds, meaning she has dropped around 125 pounds as a result of her weight loss surgery and lifestyle change.

As for her sister Tammy, the 36-year-old has now lost nearly 300 pounds, according to The US Sun.

1000lb Sisters aired on TLC in the US.

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