'16 and Pregnant': Maddie Everhart and Korey Wiseman Expecting Baby Number 2

Season 6 Episode 3 of 16 and Pregnant featured engaged couple Maddie Everhart and Korey Wiseman, who welcomed their first child, despite the frequent disagreements between him and her mom. A few months after the episode aired, the two revealed they were expecting their second child.

Maddie Everhart and Korey Wiseman’s family didn’t get along

Texas-based couple Maddie and Korey met while he played high school football, and they began dating. However, her mother disapproved of the union as they skipped school together, and he cheated on her.

Additionally, Korey was arrested for possession of marijuana, landing him on probation. He and Maddie’s mother couldn’t get on the same page and eventually had a heated discussion through text, where they exchanged low blows.

While Korey threw her history of men in her face, she brought his mother into it, crossing the line for him. Therefore, Maddie moved into his family’s one-bedroom apartment. The expecting mother and her mom attempted to get back on good terms when she hosted a baby shower for her.

Even though it didn’t go well as Maddie’s mom didn’t want Korey attending the event, they both ended up moving in for more privacy when the baby arrived. 

They remained together after their daughter’s birth

Maddie’s mother told the couple they couldn’t smoke marijuana if they were going to live with her and asked Korey to get a job as soon as he could. However, due to his probation status, it proved difficult.

After completing it, he got a job washing dishes at a restaurant that didn’t last long as the COVID-19 pandemic caused the business to close. He then got kicked out because Maddie’s mother smelled marijuana on him. Not wanting to hear her mom talk badly about her boyfriend, Maddie and their baby moved in with her aunt.

Although they weren’t able to see each other for a couple of weeks due to the mandatory stay-at-home orders, the two got together as soon as they could and remained together.

Additionally, Maddie attempted to salvage the relationship with her mother again, but they continued to butt heads. Therefore, Korey didn’t want her speaking to her mom as he considered her a “snake.”

Korey and Maddie expecting another baby

By the end of the episode, the two moved into their own apartment using money from unemployment as Korey continued to look for a job during the pandemic. She noted her boyfriend had “changed a lot” from when they first met and acknowledged how much he does for their family.

A few months after the Oct. 2020 episode aired, Maddie announced they were expecting another child on Instagram by posting a positive pregnancy test alongside an ultrasound. She captioned it, “It’s official. Baby number two is on the way!” When someone commented they thought she didn’t want anymore kids, Maddie responded, “it was a surprise!”

The expecting mother also noted she wanted a boy in another reply. Their child is due on November 6, 2021, around a year and a half after welcoming their daughter.

Although the couple split before her second pregnancy, and she moved back in with her mom, the two are seemingly attempting to work things out for their upcoming baby. 16 and Pregnant airs on MTV.

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