Alex Jones breaks down over one in a million boy on The One Show

The One Show: Alex Jones tearfully thanks ‘one in a million’ boy

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Alex Jones was joined by co-host Ronan Keating on BBC’s The One Show as they celebrated a young boy who helped out the elder residents of his community during the pandemic. However, the pregnant star was unable to finish the segment after crying over an emotional video of Owen.

Presenters Alex and Ronan introduced their special nominee tonight during the ‘Big Thank You’ segment on The One Show.

Alex began: “Over the past year, we’ve used every Thursday as an opportunity to say one big thank you to somebody whose kindness is worth celebrating.

“This week is a bit special because tonight it is our youngest ever nominee.”

Ronan added: “His name is Owen, he is from Fife and he’s 12-years-old.

“Now, for the past year, Owen has been visiting his local care home to spread some joy to the residents there,” the singer and presenter explained.

“He’s one in a million and here’s what makes him so special,” Ronan continued.

As a video rolled of Owen greeting the residents of the care home, Alex explained why he was nominated.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Owen has “continued to do what he can for his friends at the home”.

“He saved up his money to buy a pushbike but decided instead to spend the money on gifts for all the residents,” she added.

One resident, Margaret Paterson, stated how grateful she was for Owen over the past year.

She said: “I can see him aiming higher. He’s just a special wee boy.”

After the video ended, Alex was left teary-eyed by the emotional segment, commenting: “Isn’t he lovely.”

Alex tried to continue but interrupted herself when she added: “I’m sorry, that’s got me really upset now.”

She attempted to hold back the tears as they celebrated their youngest ever recipient.

Viewers were quick to take to Twitter to express how emotional they were after seeing Owen.

One person wrote: “Definitely not emotional Owen. What a fella #TheOneShow.” (sic)

Another simply said: “Dayyyyymm man. [love heart emoji and crying emoji] Owen #TheOneShow.” (sic)

The comments continued to roll in to praise the young boy.

“Bless Owen [love heart emoji] #TheOneShow.” (sic)

Alex is currently expecting her third child, after announcing the news on The One Show in March, so perhaps this contributed to Alex’s teary reaction to seeing Owen.

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.

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