Alison Hammond sobs as Joey Essex opens up about mum’s suicide when he was just 10

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Alison Hammond broke down into tears during an emotional chat with Joey Essex about the grief of losing his mother to suicide.

On Wednesday's instalment of This Morning, the former TOWIE star discussed his new documentary Joey Essex: Grief and Me, centred on overcoming his beloved mother Tina's passing when he was just ten years old.

And Alison, 46, who lost her mother last year, became teary-eyed as she admitted that she could relate to Joey's statement that he would give up all the fame and fortune for just one hour with his mother.

Meanwhile, Joey added that while he would never fully heal from his mother's passing, he recently made progress by finally replacing a black and white picture of her in his house with a coloured one.

When asked whether he had pictures of his mum up around his house like his sister Frankie, Joey said that for a long time, he was "scared to put a colourful picture up".

After doing so, he expressed that it "wasn't too bad" and played a role in him addressing his grief.

Joey added that while he didn't initially want to do the documentary, he felt it was "important" to "save other lives and families" from the same heartache he has faced.

In the documentary, Joey makes progress with a therapist, which he has never been able to do previously.

"I've never been serious [about seeing a therpist]. I've always walked in and walked out. I wouldn't even tell them my name.

"I just had a lot of anger, guilt, and paranoia. I wouldn't trust anyone and had massive trust issues. Talking to a therapist scared me at time."

He added that "growing up and maturing" in his late twenties made him realise he needed to talk to a therapist.

"I needed to do something. People see me as Joey Essex on TV… I'm always laughing and joking. They don't realise that when I get home, I make a cup of tea, and I'm sitting in pain."

The television star also noted that his mother's passing has affected his previous relationships.

"I have such huge trust issues in relationships. My mum loved me to pieces, but she left me. I couldn't process it, and I thought there was no one."

Joey added that talking to a therapist and his documentary has left him in a "better place", which has allowed him to find "some peace".

"I feel more relaxed, and there's some weight off shoulders.

"I wouldn't say I'm fully healed. I'm scarred in my brain forever, but I'm just mending myself and becoming a better person."

Joey went onto advise others in similar positions: "I dealt with it for a long time because I always thought no way out. But, ever since talking about it and going to a therapist, it's been better. People need to take that step."

If you have been affected by this story, you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 or visit

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