Antiques Road Trip expert mortified as teapot makes disappointing loss ‘I’m broken’

Antiques Road Trip: Porcelain teapot sells for £50

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During an episode of BBC programme, Antiques Road Trip, experts Natasha Raskin Sharp and Steven Moore set off on their road trip in a 1960s Rolls Royce to the Scottish borders. Before they had even begun it was clear to see that both experts wanted to win the competition as they went head-to-head in the bidding war. However, it was a teapot that left Steven “broken” after he failed to make a profit on it at auction.

At the beginning of the show, it was revealed that Natasha had £186.10 to spend on items, while Steven had £290.76 to spend.

“Steven, you are loaded,” Natasha commented as they began their journey to their first auction.

“Weighed down with cash,” he joked as he added: “Cash money.”

The pair began their search in north Yorkshire and travelled across the country before crossing the border into Scotland.

After buying five antique items each with their budgets, it was time for the experts to go head-to-head to see who made the most profit at auction.

“How are you feeling about the auction?” Natasha asked her co-star as he replied: “We are about to find out, aren’t we? Any moment now.”

Natasha’s first item to go to auction was a Victorian brass kettle that she bought for £40.

However, much to Natasha’s disappointment, the item sold for £40 at auction – meaning Natasha made no profit.

Steve was up next with a porcelain teapot that he bought for £90.

The auctioneer started the bidding war at £50 after someone made a bid for it on the internet.

“It’s going to click,” Natasha said as she tried to reassure her co-star as no other bids came in.

The auctioneer continued: “£50 on the internet, a very early teapot. Nobody else coming in at £50?”

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“It’s not going to go for £50,” Natasha continued as a disappointed Steven replied: “It bloomin’ well is.”

Steven let out a huge sigh after the teapot sold for £50.

“That’s daft,” a baffled Natasha commented. “You were love at first sight and then you were broken by that.”

Steven joked: “I was broken as the spout on that teapot.”



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Much to Steven’s horror, things started looking up for Natasha after some jewellery she bought made a £20 profit.

Although, his next item of a brass twin-bell, which is bought for £19.90 made him a profit of £10.10.

“I’m not going to complain,” he commented. “Natasha, that 10p will come in useful.”

Despite his loss earlier in the auction, Steven came out on top and won the competition after making a profit of £97.60.

Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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