Ashley Banjo says he's in talks to work with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after they called him amid BGT BLM row

ASHLEY Banjo reveals he is in talks to work with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The dancer added the royal couple called him after his BGT BLM performance with Diversity, which earned them a BAFTA TV award.

After focusing on the Black Lives Matter movement in their performance, Ashley, 32, and Diversity were subject to nearly 30,000 Ofcom complaints and even death threats.

But now the BGT judge appeared on FUBAR Radio and teased a future project with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after their help through that very difficult period.

The dancer, who says he has many things in common with Harry and Meghan, coyly teased that there are future projects between them in the pipeline.

"I think the paths might cross at some point, I'm not sure how", he said.

"There's been a couple of conversations, but, yeah. I'm hoping that our paths cross. That's all I'm going to say. Keep it under wraps as they say.”

He added: "We've got loads of like loads of common ground, things that we just both relate on.”

Banjo also confirmed a Diversity film will be released in the next few months.

“Me and the rest of Diversity, we’ve done a film. So basically, we worked for a company called Grenade, a sports nutrition brand," the father-of-two explained.

"They're amazing. And they basically supported us. So I directed a short dance movie, which is going to be coming out soon.”

An Official Ambassador of the United Dance Organisation, Ashley elaborated on what fans can expect to see in the film.

“It's called The Recovery and it's got like a superhero kind of vibe. Diversity play like a little unit of soldiers and we have to sort of like retrieve this object."

He continued: "It's really cool, really crazy. We've got planes, tanks, helicopters, gunfire, explosions. It's like a proper little action film.”

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