Away Netflix cast: Who is in the cast of Away on Netflix?

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Away is a highly anticipated series which is coming to Netflix on September 4 and it follows a NASA team on a trip to Mars. The emotional series documents the moment the crew leaves Earth, and at times they are left with only themselves for support. has everything you need to know about who is in the cast of Away.

Who is in the cast of Away on Netflix?

Emma Green – Hilary Swank

Emma Green is in charge of the Mars mission and she is tasked with keeping her crew safe along the way.

She has a daughter called Lexi and a husband called Matt whom she is forced to leave behind.

Throughout the entire trip, she is torn between her job and her family, as they need her more than they realise.

Emma Green is played by award-winning actress Hilary Swank, who is known for her roles in The Karate Kid franchise and Boys Don’t Cry.

Speaking about why she was perfect for the role, showrunner Jessica Goldberg said: “Characters who were fearless, yet still vulnerable. We needed that dichotomy for Emma.

“It also takes incredible discipline both mentally and physically to be an astronaut. Hilary has an internal strength and integrity that shines through in her acting.”

Matt Logan – Josh Charles

Matt Logan is the husband of Emma and the couple met through work, with Matt being an incredibly talented NASA engineer.

He is left to deal with family life and raising his teenage daughter alone, and he also faces his own personal struggles.

Matt finds it difficult having to deal with the mission from home, knowing his wife is worlds away.

His character is played by Josh Charles, a 48-year-old American actor who is known for his roles in Sports Night and The Good Wife.

He is married to author Sophie Flack and they have a son together called Rocco.

The actor is on Instagram and he shared a teaser for the series, and his fans offered plenty of support.

Dr. Kwesi Weisberg-Abban – Ato Essandoh

Kwesi was born in Ghana but was raised in Britain and he is a man of deep faith.

He is a world-renowned botanist who hopes to grow life on Mars for the first time.

He does not have much experience when it comes to space travel, and his reliance on his crew for support is a testing time for him.

Kwesi is played by Ato Essandoh, a 48-year-old American actor know is known for his roles in Altered Carbon, Tales from the Loop and Jason Bourne.

He is on Instagram and he shared the trailer for the series, saying: “I absolutely loved being a part of creating this story with these magnificently talented humans. Collaborating with you all has been a dream.”

Misha Popov – Mark Ivanir

Misha Popov is a Russian cosmonaut and engineer who joins Emma and her crew on their Mars mission.

He is one of the most experienced spacewalkers on the team and he is quick to let his colleagues know of his experience.

However, he secretly struggles with his own personal sacrifices he made to earn him a place on the team.

Misha is played by Mark Ivanir, an Israeli-Ukrainian actor who is known for his roles in The New Pope and Schindler’s List.

He is also a voice actor for plenty of video games, including the famous Call of Duty.

Ram Arya – Ray Panthaki

Ram Arya is an Air Force pilot from India and he acts as Emma’s second in command.

Ram does not have the same attachments to Earth as his other crew members, as he has a difficult family history.

His character is played by Ray Panthaki, a 41-year-old British actor who is known for his roles in Eastenders, Marcella and Gangs of London.

The star has been sharing plenty of photos and videos from Away on his Instagram account.

He said: “So proud of this and all the amazing friends I made on it. A beautiful series that couldn’t be more relevant to the world we live in right now. September 4 @netflix.”

Lu Wang – Vivian Wu

Lu Wang is a chemist and astronaut who is representing China and she has a lot of pressure on her from the team on the ground.

She is intelligent and comes across as hardened on the outside, but she has a lot to deal with in her personal life.

She is married with a son and she has to learn to detach her emotions from her family back home.

Her character is played by Vivian Wu, a Chinese actress who is known for her roles in The Last Emperor and The Pillow Book.

Speaking about what the international cast brought to the story, Goldberg said: “Vivian Wu is a very famous Chinese actress and she’s incredible.

“Each actor has brought so much. They also bring their languages. Kwesi’s character was originally from Nigeria in the script, but when we cast Ato, he’s from Ghana, so we made the character from Ghana. We definitely mined our actors for their worlds and their specific stories.”


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Alexis “Lex” Logan – Talitha Bateman

Lex is the 15-year-old daughter of Emma and Matt and she has to deal with her parents being absent throughout her life.

However, she remains supportive of her mother’s three-year mission to Mars, even if it means she must struggle growing up without her.

Lex has to juggle relationships and school, as well as dealing with the fact her parents are on the most important mission of their lives.

Her character is played by Talitha Bateman, an 18-year-old American actress who is known for her roles in Love, Simon and Annabelle: Creation.

The star is on Instagram and she shared a photo of her character with Swank and Charles.

She said: “Everyone involved in this show worked really hard to make it special, and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it.”

Melissa Ramirez – Monique Curnen

Melissa Ramirez is a close family friend of Emma and Matt, and she is a former astronaut who takes on the role of Emma’s Crew Support.

She acts as Emma’s liaison to Earth and she gave up her own space career to support her daughter.

She looks after Lex and Matt in Emma’s absence and acts as a listening ear.

Her character is played by Monique Curnen, an American actress known for her roles in The Dark Night and Taken.

On Instagram, she said: “So excited about the launch of @awaynetflixtv. A deep exploration of human need, longing, courage and perseverance.

“Honored to work with this amazing cast. Coming to you September 4. @awaynetflixtv #mars #cosmos.”

Speaking about who inspired the character Emma Green, Goldberg cited Michelle Obama and US astronaut Peggy Whitson.

Goldberg added: “On top of being fearless, she is deeply vulnerable—Emma is not only a commander but a woman who cares immensely about her crew and family.

“And there’s one other thing, this show is so much about the hope— of collaboration, ingenuity and science.

When Hilary makes a speech about going to Mars, you feel it in your heart, going to Mars is changing the world! Her soul swells, and so does ours.”

Away lands on Netflix on September 4

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