'Bachelor in Paradise': Blake Horstmann Has a Cute Reason for Why He'd Date a Fan

Bachelorette alum Blake Horstmann notoriously ended his time on Bachelor in Paradise as a single man. But, in July, he said on the “Let’s Talk About It” podcast that he’s actually dating someone, though he’s keeping her identity under wraps.

On Aug. 18, Horstmann did an Instagram Q&A with his fans where he was asked if he’d ever date a fan. He definitely didn’t say “no.” Is Horstmann currently dating a Bachelor Nation fan?

Blake Horstmann says he’s dating someone

On July 16, Horstmann was a guest on Bachelor alum Taylor Nolan’s podcast, “Let’s Talk About It,” where he divulged that he was dating someone.

“[Even] before The Bachelorette, I would jump into a relationship,” he said on the podcast. “I’d meet somebody and be like, ‘OK, here we go.’ Like boom, I’m in a relationship. I fall hard, I fall fast.”

This time, Horstmann wants to take a different approach in hopes of a different outcome.

“So I’m trying to navigate this in a different way and do this differently instead of doing that, and maybe it’ll be a different outcome,” he shared. “So that’s kind of where we’re at right now. Because I do go in hard, and either I get scared or she gets scared, so I’m trying to do this one a little bit different.”

The Bachelor in Paradise alum didn’t name any names or even say where his mystery woman was located, but he did say they’re having “a lot of Zoom” dates.

“We’re going slow and everything, that kind of thing. But yeah, we’re keeping it private,” he said.

Blake Horstmann is open to dating a fan after ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Once a member of Bachelor Nation has made it onto Bachelor in Paradise, they’re pretty well-recognized among fans. Though Horstmann has said that he’s not sure if he’ll ever go on another Bachelor show again, he still has plenty of fans from the franchise.

On Aug. 18, the reality star did a Q&A with his Instagram followers. One user asked him if he’d ever date a fan.

“I get asked this so much,” he wrote back. “I mean I wouldn’t say never… Ya never know. After all, you’re suppose to be a fan of the person you are dating right? So hopefully I’ll be a fan of the person I’m dating too lol.”

He didn’t mention his current love interest or hint if she’s a fan of the shows or not.

Another Instagram user asked Horstmann if he wants kids.

“Absolutely,” he replied. “Hopefully one day I’ll have a full dinner table.”

Blake Horstmann shares some breakup advice

Horstmann knows a thing or two about getting his heart broken, especially on TV with millions of people watching. One fan asked him how he adjusts “to being single after coming off of a bad breakup.”

“The hardest thing about a breakup is oftentimes losing your best friend,” he replied. “You lose the person in your life to talk to and confide in. A lot of people think they need to run into a new relationship to find that person again. That’s not always the case… Find that person in yourself. Journal, meditate, be selfish, love yourself.” 

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1 year ago… . . Before the airing and during the airing of paradise I was severely depressed and let my health get away from me. Gained close to 20 pounds and lost basically all of my muscle mass. Shit I could barely get out of bed. I started simply by walking around the block everyday and slowly (very slowly) began to feel better. It was a good reminder for me how much our mental health can deteriorate when our physical health does. . . Over the last year I have worked on myself. I ate right, went to therapy, and took time for myself. Now I feel better than I ever have. Just know it is NEVER too late to get healthy! It doesn’t happen over night, but It can simply start with a walk around the block. #strongbodystrongmind #revengebodcomingsoon #myfirsteverrealthirsttrap #whycantigetthelowerabstho

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“When you have no one to depend on but yourself you become that much stronger… Then trust me it will be harder to be in a relationship than be single,” he added.

We hope Horstmann and his mystery woman (whether she’s a fan or not) are happy together. And if they’re not meant to be, it sounds like the reality star already has a pretty solid plan for dealing with breakups.

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