Before We Die filming locations: Where is the crime drama filmed?

 BEFORE we die is the latest six-part thriller starring Scott & Bailey actress Lesley Sharp.

The thriller is based on a Swedish show of the same name, focusing on a detective searching for her missing lover, but the British version is shot far closer to home.

Before We Die filming locations


The creative group behind the programme, Eagle Eye Drama shot the majority of the show in Bristol.

The production team filmed the show in September 2020 at locations including Stokes Croft, Clifton, Brandon Hill Park, York Road, Clarence Road and The Horsefair.

Stokes Croft

Bristol’s Stokes Croft features in Before We Die, with various scenes being filmed just north of the city centre.

Stokes Croft is a nightlife hotspot known for its clubs and graffiti murals.

Producer Joe Mcgrath told insiders:"We wanted to set it in a port city, as that is important to the drug trafficking storyline."

"We were looking for something a little less familiar and Bristol is one of those cities that actually has been used as a backdrop for filming a lot, but you wouldn’t know it because a lot of series are filmed there but not set there."

 Bristol is such a visually interesting city and editorially it fitted with our storyline.”


Victoria Square is an area within Clifton where parts of Before We Die were filmed.

Clifton is a small village located neara suspension bridge and was the home of poet J Addington-Symonds and cricketer W.G. Grace.


While the detective thriller is based in Bristol, not all the filming was actually shot on location – additional shooting actually took place in and around Brussels, Belgium.

“Bristol is such a visually interesting city and editorially it fitted with our storyline. Belgium also features in our drug trafficking storyline. Jan, the director, is Belgian too, and we did shoot many of the interiors in Belgium.”

Jan Matthys, the Director, said: “For me, part of the challenge was making Belgium match with the other scenes in Bristol – which was interesting.


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