'Below Deck Sailing Yacht': Colin Macrae Receives Heartbreaking News On Charter

Colin Macrae had to go into the next charter on Below Deck Sailing Yacht with the news that his dog Marty became critically ill.

Macrae’s girlfriend was caring for the dog so he told her to do whatever it took to save him. But unfortunately, nothing could be done and Marty died. Macrae is seen receiving the news, absolutely gutted but he remains professional and stoic because the charter had already begun.

Colin Macrae lost his best friend

Long before Below Deck Sailing Yacht aired, Macrae shared his absolute heartbreak on Instagram. “One of my best friends has died,” Macrae wrote along with a series of photos.

“I am absolutely heartbroken,” he continued. “We rescued Marty at the age of 2 months old, when he was found abandoned in a cave in St Martin, malnourished, literally on deaths doorstep. He made a full recovery and sailed around the whole Caribbean with us, becoming the closest thing to a son I have ever had.”

Macrae added that the dog “was showered with love by the many crew who have been fortunate enough to meet him, and he was often the life of the party. He was always full of energy and the first to jump into the dinghy or paddleboard, and loved every minute of his all too short of a life.”

Macrae then revealed why his dog became ill. “An infection got into his bloodstream and he died on the Vets table peacefully and without pain, as there was nothing more they could do,” he penned. During the episode, Macrae’s girlfriend told him she played a video of Macrae playing guitar for Marty as he died.

Heartbreak turns to hope for Colin Macrae

“There is something absolutely incredible about the bond which forms between humans and dogs,” Macrae added to his post. “I am walking around aimlessly as I feel a hole in my heart which will take a long time to recover, but can only imagine the emptiness that his brother McFly will feel once he actually realizes his big bro will never be cuddling him again. Rest In Peace Mart. You were such a good boy.”

Despite his immense pain, Macrae honored Marty’s memory by rescuing a new puppy.

“Everyone meet Lindo!” he shared in March. “Some of you may remember I lost my dog Marty to a blood infection last year while away filming for below deck, leaving my other dog McFly without a brother. Well, today we found a beautiful little pit bull in the town next to us, in Puerto Lindo, who needed a home so will join the family and sail around the world with us. Lindo means cute in spanish, and he’s really living up to his name so far!!”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is on Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.


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