Ben Shephard thrills fans as he reveals 'ageless' look 20 years after his cameo in Friends

BEN Shephard thrilled fans as he revealed his "ageless" look during his cameo in Friends 20 years ago.

The Good Morning Britain presenter made a brief appearance in an episode of the sitcom back in 2002.

Ben, 46, today played out his proud moment in The One Where Rachel Is Late in which he was credited as Man with Microphone.

He was seen as a reporter on a red carpet trying to get an interview as Joey took Chandler to a film premiere.

Ben explained "Friends was at its peak. I got to interview Marta [Kauffman, executive producer] on set.

"She was brilliant. While we were talking I knew they were shooting Joey's premiere that night.

"I said to the crew, 'why don't I try and angle this interview and get us on set'.

"I'd been chatting with Marta, saying we were really looking forward to seeing it because it's red carpet and part of our trade."

"I had a thought," said Marta.

"How would you all like to be extras in that screen and be the paparazzi and cameramen filming Joey's premiere?"

Excited Ben was almost speechless, before being able to reply: "You're kidding?"

Marta insisted: "I don't kid."

Chuffed Ben said: "That would be awesome."

Back in today's studio, Ben told viewers: "I've not changed that much.

"It was an absolute privilege to be there, for all of us actually."

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