Britney Spears fan Chris Crocker reveals transition & will now be called Cara 14 years after 'leave Britney alone' video

BRITNEY Spears superfan Chris Crocker has revealed she is transitioning and will now be called Cara.

Cara, who went viral in 2007 for her "Leave Britney alone" video, began hormone replacement therapy on Wednesday.

She explained her transition in an emotional post on Instagram on Tuesday, writing: "Tomorrow is my appointment for hormone replacement therapy.

"It's been 33 years coming and I'm happy to be in a place where I can embrace who I am.

"I have put my identity and personal happiness aside for so long, out of fear and rejection or me not wanting to embarrass my family.

"Then I realized anyone who actually loves me for me, won't be embarrassed and would've shown genuine interest in how long I have felt this way, in the first place.

"I am transitioning and I have no more apologies to make for who I am.

"This will be a lonely process in terms of emotional support from others, but I will be happy knowing I am doing this for myself and what I've needed for my gender dysphoria."

Cara added: "As my transition progresses – I will not be answering to Chris. It's Cara.

"Crocker was never and isn't my actual last name to begin with, just a stage name I had to pick when I was being sent death threats online as a teenager."

She concluded: "I'm not living out of fear or anyone else's terms any longer."

The vlogger shared a video of herself looking stunning in a red button-down dress with sleek blonde hair on her Instagram Stories.


She wrote: "My hormone replacement therapy is in the morning and I'm so excited I can't sleep."

Cara became an internet sensation in 2007 when she posted a tearful video on YouTube begging people to "leave Britney alone".

She shared the plea amid increasing focus on the singer's mental health as she suffered a public meltdown.

Cara recently sold an NFT version of her “Leave Britney Alone” video for over $40,000 in cryptocurrency.

She said she plans to use the money to “begin her transition” and take care of her family.

The TikTok star has opened up in the past about her experience with being trans and the "transphobic" comments she has endured from trolls.

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