Broadcast's Reckoning: All the TV Shows Canceled Last Week (Photos)

Make way for the freshmen

Tony Maglio

ABC/The CW/Fox

After a long, strange TV season, it’s time once again for the broadcast networks to make some tough decisions about which shows to bring back and which won’t be returning in the fall. One of the season’s biggest question marks, ABC’s long-running “Grey’s Anatomy,” was picked up for an 18th season, but a number of other shows weren’t so lucky. From freshman series like the Erin Brokovich-inspired “Rebel” to the CBS comedy “The Unicorn,” here are all the shows scrapped by the networks as they look to make room for their new upcoming series.

Show: “Pandora”  No. of seasons: 2  Net: The CW  Although “Pandora” last aired last year (but not last TV season), we just found out its fate last week.  

Show: “Prodigal Son”  No. of seasons: 2  Net: Fox  Fox gave the Tom Payne and Michael Sheen-led psychological family drama the axe last Monday ahead of its second season — and now series — finale this week.

Show: “Call Your Mother”  No. of seasons: 1  Net: ABC  Kyra Sedgwick show was scrapped the week of Mother’s Day. That’s just not right.  

Show: “American Housewife”  No. of seasons: 5  Net: ABC  “American Housewife” seemingly tried out every night of the week, but it never found a time slot — or an audience.  

Show: “Rebel”  No. of seasons: 1  Net: ABC  “Rebel” had a cause, but what it does not have is a second season order.  

Show: “Mixed-ish”  No. of seasons: 2  Net: ABC”Mixed-ish” was no “Black-ish.” The latter will wrap up next year with Season 8, the former won’t make it to Season 3.  

Show: “For Life”  No. of seasons: 2  Net: ABC  “For Life” had a short life, just two seasons.  

Show: “All Rise”  No. of seasons: 2    Net: CBS  “All Rise” didn’t get off to a hot start in TV ratings, and those didn’t rise.  

Show: “The Unicorn”    No. of seasons: 2  Net: CBS  Perhaps more like a donkey, creatively.  
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