Carol Kirkwood fear: TV star admitted ‘thousands’ wanted to ‘replace her’ on BBC Breakfast

Naga Munchetty calls Carol Kirkwood ‘one of the best forecasters’

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The Scottish meteorologist has been at the helm of the BBC’s weather forecasts for 23 years. During that time, she’s presented the weather for news bulletins, Wimbledon and most notably, BBC Breakfast. Carol, now 58, has often said she would “never give up” her job but in several admissions revealed her fears about being forced off-air.

Carol, who has won a host TRIC presenting awards for her reports, noted that she would not leave without a fight. 

She said: “If they showed me the door I would hang on by my fingernails.”

While Carol has no intention to quit the show, she admitted the decision was out of her hands. 

She said: “As long as [BBC] Breakfast wants me, I’ll be there because I love it.”

Recently, fans have speculated about Carol’s retirement after a new presenter gained a vocal and loyal following. 

Owain Wyn Evans, who rose through the ranks of BBC Wales Today to the national team, now delivers BBC Breakfast weather forecasts on the weekend.

After one performance earlier this month, Twitter users flocked online to shower him with praise and request to see “more of him”.

One fan described Owain as “a breath of fresh air” and said they “loved the delivery” of his report. 

Another, who asked the BBC to put him on-air more regularly, said: “Such a cheerful and upbeat update even if the weather is not so good! 

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“More of him please @BBCBreakfast loving Owain Wyn Evans on the weather. 

“He presents the weather like a story. Even a horrible forecast is fun to watch.” 

A third wrote: “Worth watching the programme for you @BBCBreakfast loving @OwainWynEvans on breakfast news.”

Claims continued to grow this week after Carol was absent from BBC Breakfast. 

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Stand-in weather reporter Matt Taylor took to Twitter to reveal that even the show’s boss “thought it was the wonderful @CarolKirkwood on weather duties”.

Sharing a photograph of a lifesize cutout of Carol, he quipped: “And you know me… I don’t like to disappoint.”

Matt said the cardboard replica was the “worst imposter ever” and added: “Miss you x.”

Carol replied to the post with a number of crying with laughter and kissy-face emojis before she confirmed her return date.

She wrote: “And you! Back in on Wednesday.”

Carol’s absence raised more questions about whether the star planned to step-down, but in a number of interviews she has always rejected the idea.

BBC Breakfast has not publicly announced any plans to replace the star.

In 2012, Carol told the Scottish Sun: “It will be like losing a limb the day I’m told I’m no longer doing the weather.”

However, she hinted that getting older could lead to her being replaced by someone “younger”.

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The Sun’s journalist Matt Bendoris claimed there was “a bit of a cold front” when it came “to her vintage”.

She claimed to have been listed with the wrong age in multiple articles, some suggesting she was up to four years older.

Carol, then 49, said: “I hope you get my age right, the papers have had me at 52, 53 and 51.”

While her “friends” had “a field day with it”, she was less than amused.

Mr Bendoris described Carol “turning serious” when addressing the issue of her age.

She said: “Look I know there are thousands of younger girls who will kill for my job.

“And I know the clock is ticking down for me.”

Similarly in a 2018 Radio Times interview, journalist Michael Hodges described how “for once the smile dropped” after one question about her job.

It followed his suggestion that “twenty years is a long time” on BBC Breakfast and explained: “Shouldn’t [Carol] Kirkwood move on?”

Mr Hodges asked if he “could tempt her with a variety show” or “her own travel series”.

Carol, who seemed to be unhappy with the question, replied: “I’d never give up the weather on [BBC] Breakfast.”

In a 2018 Sunday Post article, she claimed to “like the distinction” between her work life and what went on off-camera.

Carol said: “I love my job, but it is my job. I do it and then go home and have my private life.”

She claimed to have been inspired by one tale from a viewer, who said his “very ill” mother “felt there was a lot to live for” when she watched the show.

Carol said: “I have never forgotten that.”

Carol Kirkwood presents weather forecasts on BBC Breakfast, which airs from 6am on BBC One.

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