Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins star John Fashanu opens up about brother's death

John Fashanu had viewers in tears after he opened up about his brother’s death on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

The former Gladiators presenter, 57, bravely spoke about his brother Justin who took his own life in 1998.

The late Notts County and West Ham player was the first professional footballer to come out as gay, though he tragically died aged 37.

Speaking about his childhood, John began: ‘My brother Justin and I grew up in a home, we were fostered, they fostered us in Norwich.

‘We were the only black kids in the whole of Norwich, the racial abuse was pretty heavy.’

He continued: ‘He was a wonderful footballer, but he was gay. We could not accept that at all as a family, the whole family, he was outcast with a big boot.

‘I paid him a substantial amount of money to not come out and say he was gay.

‘It was too much, I found it impossible, unfortunately, he decided he couldn’t go on. God rest his soul, he committed suicide and decided that as the best way out for himself.’

When Ant asked if he felt guilty about his brother’s death, John added: ‘Every day there’s not a time when he doesn’t come into my mind.’

Viewers quickly took to social media, with many admitting it made them feel emotional.

The third was Jack Maynard, who during a task felt he just couldn’t ‘do it anymore’.

That is three down and another nine to go, but who will leave next?

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins returns on Monday at 9pm.

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