Charlotte Hawkins snaps at GMB’s Adil Ray’s awkward interruption ‘Why are you laughing?’

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Good Morning Britain viewers will see a variety of presenters step-in for Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan as they take time away from the show over the school holidays. And today, it was Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins who were taking over their roles, where they were joined by a range of guests including some very special singing stars, The Poor Clares of Arundel – a group of singing nuns who’ve found themselves at the top of the Classics chart. However, when it was time for the hosts to give further insight on the show’s billing, Adil couldn’t help but laugh, leading Charlotte to hit back and ask him: “Why are you laughing?”

After coming back from a routine ad-break, viewers saw a less smooth delivery than usual from the hosting duo. 

Adil started to laugh as he told viewers: “Good morning, it’s just gone half past six…”

But his co-star Charlotte snapped at his reaction, asking: “What are you laughing at? 

“I was about to say, ‘Welcome back,’ but you’ve started laughing already,” she said before he went on to clarify the reason for his laughter. 

He said to viewers: “If I was to describe Good Morning Britain to someone I didn’t know, I’d say, ‘Well, we do serious news about… you know, Brexit and Covid – and we might have some singing nuns on the show?

“And that’s exactly what’s happening today,” Adil laughed, with his co-star insisting, “Who doesn’t want a bit of singing nuns? I have to say…”

Adil soon made his enthusiasm clear, adding: “I love it, I love it!” As viewers were able to hear a sample of the group of singing nuns over the top of the broadcast.

Charlotte explained to those watching at home: “Light For The World is their new album and it’s The Poor Clares of Arundel.”


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