Coronation Street betrayal as Imran Habeeb splits from Toyah after devastating discovery?

Corrie: Imran and Toyah talk about their fostering plans

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Imran (played by Charlie De Melo) is currently playing a part in the ongoing hate crime storyline on Coronation Street as he is representing his foster daughter, Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson). The youngster is currently one of the suspects in the investigation as to who killed Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni) and in the coming weeks, viewers of the ITV soap will discover who the true culprit is. However, the case could come between the lawyer and his partner, Toyah (Georgia Taylor), as the latter fails to support her boyfriend.

The drama unravels on the weeknight serial drama next week as Toyah finds Imran passed out asleep at his desk.

This is because the lawyer is exhausted over working endless hours on Kelly’s case as he believes the teenager is innocent.

Wanting to take her boyfriend’s mind off the investigation, Leanne Battersby’s (Jane Danson) sister insists they go for lunch at the bistro.

As they talk, Imran tells his partner he feels he has been under immense pressure as he has been fighting Kelly’s case solo.

What infuriates him more is the other suspect, Corey Brent (Maximus Evans), has a huge legal team behind him.

Later on, Leanne tells her sister’s boyfriend she is firmly on Abi Franklin’s (Sally Carman) side and believes both youngsters should be punished for Seb’s death.

With Kelly losing yet more support, Imran loses his cool with Toyah’s sister and leaves his partner concerned for his wellbeing.

When they’re together after the confrontation, the lawyer quizzes his girlfriend on why she didn’t stick up for him.

As they pair have a conversation, it could emerge Toyah is having doubts over whether she believes Kelly’s story.

Discovering his partner could be giving up on their foster daughter, the lawyer could decide he can no longer be with his girlfriend.

Imran and Toyah are fab foster parents

Coronation Street viewer

Having betrayed him and given up on Kelly, will Imran split from Toyah as he fiercely defends his foster daughter?

Taking to Twitter, viewers have been sharing their thoughts on Imran and Toyah’s relationship and their role as foster parents.

One wrote on the social media platform: “Imran and Toyah are fab foster parents to Kelly,” with a second adding: “Imran and Toyah are brilliant #corrie.”

“I know Toyah’s made her mistakes in the past but her and Imran actually make the best parents,” a third shared.

However, viewers would also be curious as to why Toyah would’ve given up on Kelly after helping her realise what her mother, Laura Neelan (Kel Allen), had been putting her though as a child.

Has Toyah done some digging into her foster daughter’s past and made a discovery of her own, making her realise she and Imran will never be able to help her?

Elsewhere on the cobbles, Leanne and her partner, Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), continue their quest to get their hands back on the bistro.

When the pair refuse to up their offer for half of the business, current owner Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) turns them down once more.

Wanting to get as much as she can, the businesswoman sets up a meeting with Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) and makes a call for Leanne to overhear.

Leanne tells Nick all about the conversation she heard but worries it could be a set-up to get more money from them.

Deciding to confront the situation head-on, the beloved couple tell Debbie they know how interested Ronnie is in buying half the business.

They tell her they’ve found a cheaper alternative in town and are going to focus their attention there to launch their new venture.

Later, Nick comments it was probably a good idea they didn’t go into business with Debbie as Leanne would’ve never got on with her.

Leanne is furious with her other half as she believes he is implying two women can’t work together without clashing.

Hitting back at her partner’s sexism, Leanne sets out on a mission to try and debunk his theory she would clash with Debbie.

The two women are put to the test when they decide to take on a fish supplier, who they believe has pulled a fast one.

Leanne and Debbie do not hold back as they launch their rebuttal of the businessman and he’s soon leaving with a flea in his ear.

Having watched the two women at work, the businessman apologises to his partner for not believing in her.

It seems this will see Leanne, Nick and Debbie put their rivalry to the side and they could all become joint managers of the bistro.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm on ITV.

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