'Counting On': Why Can't Amy Duggar Speak About Her Famous Family?

It’s been a wild week for the followers of theDuggar family. Two family members agreed to sitdown interviews. For thosewho have been desperate to see the family’s tea spilled all over the internet,it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Both Amy Duggar, the family’s rebelliouscousin, and the family’s outspoken in-law, DerickDillard, agreed to chat on YouTube. One of those two interviews have nowbeen scrubbed from YouTube, and it looks like Amy has been silenced.

Amy Duggars interview was taken down after the threat of alawsuit

Amy agreed to sit down for a YouTube interview last week. Thehour-long conversation reportedly covered everything from Amy’sbusiness to her role as a family rebel and everything in between. Familyfollowers who caught the interview noted that Amy was charismatic, funny, andwas careful not to say anything too bad about her famous family. If you werehoping to see that interview, you are officially out of luck.

Fans who were streaming the video experienced an unexpectederror about halfway through the interview. The video disappeared entirely, butthat wasn’t the end of it. Within days, an explanation video was posted. Amy askedfor the video to be removed because she had been threatened with a lawsuit forspeaking about her famous family.

Who tried to silence Amy Duggar?

AmyDuggar is interested in speaking about her life and including some details aboutthe Duggar family, but clearly, she’s been silenced by someone. While Katie Joyof Without a Crystal Ball,stopped short at stating who threatened Amy with a lawsuit, it’s clear thatsomeone told Amy that she was opening herself up to a problem if she continuedspeaking about the Duggar family.

Redditfans have theorized that either Jim Bob Duggar, his lawyer, or TLC contactedAmy regarding her recent interview. A threat perpetrated by Jim Bob or a privatelawyer seems most likely. More concerning would be a potential threat comingfrom TLC, though. TLCis the network that carries the Duggar family’s show Counting On. Amydid not mention who requested her interview be removed from the internet.

Does Amy Duggar have a NDA?

Amy has not mentioned whether or not she has a non-disclosureagreement. Based on her overarching concerns about potential lawsuits, it seemslikely that the business owner and mother of one signed some form of an agreementat some point. It’s hard to say who she may have signed a contract with, andwhether or not it would be enforceable, but it doesn’t sound like Amy isinterested in finding out.

Family followers, however, are curious as to how Derick isfree to speak about what is going on inside the Duggar family, while Amy islegally unable to do so. Presumably, both Amy and Derick would have been askedto sign the same paperwork to appear on the series. Derick also appeared on theshow much more recently than Amy. Amy’s last appearance on TLC was back in 2014before JoshDuggar’s sexual abuse scandal broke. It’s possible that Derick, now armedwith some legal knowledge, is aware whatever contract exists is notenforceable, but that’s purely conjecture.

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