Dark: Why is everyone mean to Bartosz Tiedemann in Dark?

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Netflix series Dark finished in June this year when the third and final instalment hit the service. The show wrapped up many loose ends and gave a resolution to the epic story. Nonetheless, there are still some minor plot points viewers want to know more about.

Why is everyone mean to Bartosz Tiedemann?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from all seasons of Dark

Out of all the characters in Dark, Bartosz Tiedemann (played by Paul Lux) was a fairly benevolent figure compared to the likes of Noah (Mark Waschke) and Adam (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer).

Bartosz was going through quite a lot with his mother Regina Tiedemann (Deborah Kaufmann) suffering from cancer.

The rich teen seemed to be despised by the rest of his friendship group and was treated badly by them.

He was berated for keeping secrets and not revealing earlier he could travel through time.

Magnus Nielsen (Jahn Moritz) and the other teenagers even tied him up and left him in the Winden caves over night as punishment for not revealing the truth about the time travel.

He eventually showed them how time travel worked and they went back in time briefly.

Despite not keeping the workings of the machine a secret, he was still in his friends’ bad books.

This is something which only seemed to change once the teens were accidentally sent back to the past and an era from which they couldn’t return.

Some of the reasons why Bartosz became so disliked was because he lied to Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari) about where Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) had been over the summer.

As fans know, Jonas was in a dark place following the suicide of his father Michael Kahnwald (Sebastian Rudolf) and was in a psychiatric facility for treatment.

Jonas had asked his best friend Bartosz not to reveal the truth about his whereabouts and make up a story.

Bartosz had said Jonas was in France, implying to Martha his friend was sleeping around during his holiday.

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His lie had stemmed from his own feelings for Martha and wanting to date her so Jonas couldn’t.

But this wasn’t the only reason Bartosz fell out of favour with the rest of the group, he also knew more than he was letting on about the missing children.

His friends were highly suspicious of him and believed he knew what his father Aleksander Tiedemann (Peter Benedict) was doing at the nuclear power plant.

While Bartosz denied the whole thing, he clearly did know things about time travel, particularly with the help of priest Noah.

Dark fans on Reddit have also weighed in on the discussion about Bartosz with one user called theatras simply posing: “STOLE JONAS’ GIRL.”

While Redditor eddietwang reasoned: “So I asked my friend this the other day.

“Bartozch learned about time travel at some point (I’m currently rewatching to see exactly when this was) and connected it to the missing people.

“He doesn’t tell his friends (similarly to how nearly no other characters talk about it), and when Magnus finds out that Bartozch knows, Magnus g we ts p****d because Bartozch was withholding information about Mikkel and potentially Mads from Magnus [sic].”

Another user called JuliusMuc wrote an impassioned post in which they laid out some of Bartosz’s major failings, saying: “He starts an affair with his best friend’s girlfriend.

“Because of him all the friends go to the Windener Hohlen and because of him Mikkel disappears.

“He always thinks of dealing drugs etc and tries to get Jonas into this though Jonas doesn’t want that. What kind of best friend does something like this??”

From the looks of it, Bartosz gets his just desserts but his misdemeanours are far more low level than the bigger things going on in Widen in the first place.

Dark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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