Dee-Dee has Paul jailed after uncovering his dangerous crime in Corrie?

Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) remains a supportive friend to Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) following his motor neurone disease diagnosis in Coronation Street, but Dee-Dee is also a high-powered lawyer and when she catches her pal on the wrong side of the law, will she have no choice but to report him to the police?

Paul is playing a risky game right now as he’s currently taking on jobs from Damon (Ciaran Griffiths). The aim is to earn cash quickly so he can pay Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) back and help fund Gemma’s (Dolly-Rose Campbell) wedding, but of course this is Damon – dodgy is his middle name

Well, it probably isn’t, but you know what we mean.

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Coming up, when Billy tries to make plans with Paul, he lies and pretends that he’s already organised to hang out with Dee-Dee.

Later on, Billy quizzes Dee-Dee about her plans with Paul. Unaware of what’s going on, Dee-Dee manages to cover for her friend but feeling suspicious, she follows Paul to Freshco’s car park and it’s there where she finds Paul about to steal another car.

Horrified, Dee-Dee threatens to call the police, but Paul is adamant that he needs the money and, putting the car into gear, he speeds off.

Unable to get through to Paul, will Dee-Dee report him?

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