Dr Hilary Jones brands Boris Johnson’s new lockdown regulations ‘illogical’

Dr Hilary Jones has branded Boris Johnson’s new coronavirus lockdown regulations ‘illogical’.

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister laid down new rules where he started to ease the measures put in place to stall the spread of Covid-19.

In his 50-page road map, Mr Johnson stated that Brits can meet up with one other person outside of their household as long as they stick to the two metre social distancing rule.

However, when appearing on Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan questioned this and shared his views with Dr Hilary.

‘I spoke to the two sons of mine, I can now meet one of them in their local park or mine, maintaining social distancing, the other one can wait lurking in the corner. Then when I’m finished with the first one?’ he asked.

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The GP said: ‘It does seem illogical.’

‘What I don’t get, if they’re in the same household and have been for weeks why is the risk any different to two of them?’ Piers pressed.

But Dr Hilary stood by the government’s rules, and explained what they meant, adding: ‘If you meet someone outside of your own household, you can meet one other person at any one time, a gathering of any more increases the risk.

‘I think if you pick apart the regulations, you can find a lot of irregularities and a lot you can criticise, but you cannot explain anything to anyone that is never illogical.

‘So person A meets person B who lives with person C so if you all meet up at the same time you are doubling the risk of transmission.’

However, the expert did have some fears as he went on to call the easing of lockdown a big mistake.

‘Just a week a go we were still having 700 deaths per day,’ the GMB regular said.

‘Yesterday people took the lockdown talk to be general permission to go out and party, we saw people on tubes packed together, I think it has been taken as permission that life goes back to normal and I think that’s a big mistake.’

Boris Johnson changed the government’s slogan from Stay Home to Stay Alert as he encouraged people to get back to work and exercise more than once a day outside of their homes.

As it stands, more than 32,000 people have died from Covid-19 while there are over 220,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK alone.

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