Duggar fans think single sister Jana, 31, is ENGAGED to rumored boyfriend Stephen Wissman after spotting Instagram clue

DUGGAR fans have found another clue that Jana could be engaged to her rumored beau Stephen Wissman after spotting a newly created Instagram page.

The Counting On star's followers previously noted that her name was called out during a Wissman family gathering in late May.

Fans have shared their newest clue into whether Jana, 31, has moved forward in her relationship with pilot Stephen.

A new Instagram page was created under the name "Jana M Wissman," which was then re-shared to Reddit by a suspecting follower.

Others agreed that the page could potentially be the reality star reserving the username for post-marriage.

This was just the most recent of a string of clues that fans believe could point towards a potential engagement for the oldest single Duggar.

In late May, fans noticed that Jana's name was called out during a Wissman family gathering, as the group played outdoor sports for the Memorial Day holiday.

Kori Wissman uploaded the video, as fans swore that they heard "Jana" called out during the game of "21 Skidoo."

In another photo from the weekend, followers thought they noticed the outline of the TV personality in a story post from another family member.

"Is this the back of Jana’s head at the Wissmann fam reunion? Looks like her hair and similar jacket in Magnolia vid," one wrote on Reddit.

"Buttons on the end of denim jacket on the back it's her," a second wrote, while a third speculated: "And she wasn't at lunch with the girls today."

However, some of the rumors were shut down when the Wissman's shared a family photo from the big weekend, and Jana was missing from the image.

The ultra-conservative family captioned their shot: "The whole family came into town for Memorial Weekend and we are enjoying every second of it!!"

Jana has been linked with the 27-year-old pilot since they spent Christmas together and shared a getaway to Texas.

In April fans speculated that they reunited for an airshow in Florida when the TLC star visited the event alongside her brother John and his wife.

Romantic relationships aside, the fundamentalist Christian recently shocked the public when she shared a photo exposing her upper legs.

Jana took to her Instagram stories to share a photo of herself riding on a jetski captioned “lake day."

However, fans were taken aback when they realized her entire leg was showing in the image.

“That’s a lot of thigh," one wrote on Reddit, while a second agreed: “Look at her out here with bare knees, stirring up desires like a little ho.”

 “And bare shoulders?!? What's this??” a third joked while a final added: “Call the cops bare knees exposed.”

Jana has been labeled Cinderella Duggar by fans, as she is the oldest unmarried sibling of Jim Bob and Michelle's 19 children.

The single star has received many courting requests from potential suitors though, as her sister Jinger revealed in her book The Hope We Hold: Finding Peace in the Promises of God.

“Another guy mailed Jana the strangest packages—a sample-size Yankee candle wrapped in box after box like a Russian doll, for instance. 

“He even invited her on a trip to Disney World, provided she paid her own way," the younger Duggar wrote.

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