Emmerdale fans call Ellis ‘creepy’ after staring at Priya’s bum during workout

Emmerdale's Ellis Chapman appeared to cross a professional boundary on Thursday's episode, as he ogled Priya Sharma's bum during a training session.

He invited Priya (Fiona Wade) over as a friend for the evening, hoping to offer her support after she got sacked from her job.

A trained fitness instructor, Ellis (Aaron Anthony) offered to coach Priya for the afternoon to give her a boost of serotonin.

However, as Priya carried out some of the exercises, the camera showed him staring at her rear end.

Certain viewers felt his behaviour was a little inappropriate, comparing him to his father Al Chapman, who is famous for his heartless treatment of women in the village.

One Twitter user wrote: "Ellis is definitely a perverted Personal Trainer."

"Ellis is every bit as creepy as his dad," fumed a second, referring to serial womaniser Al (Michael Wildman).

And a third added: "Ellis perving on priya…"

However, it seems Ellis' feelings for Priya might be deeper than lust, as he risked ruining his relationship with his dad in making a move on her.

With their rigorous training session wrapped, the pair headed back indoors, where sparks began to fly between them.

Priya insisted she needed to head home to wash, only for Ellis to offer up his own shower facilities.

Watching from home, many viewers were convinced a new Emmerdale affair would be set in motion, with Priya dating Ellis to get back at Al.

He tried his best to convince Priya he was nothing like his father, as she asked: "How can you two be so different?"

Making his feelings clear: "I’d never have hurt you like my dad did. Why do guys like him get girls like you?

"You deserve a good guy."

As tension mounted between them, Priya replied: "Yeah well, maybe he’s just around the corner."

Is this the beginning of another Emmerdale love story?

Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra helping on Thursdays at 8pm.

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