Emmerdale Rebecca White star now – famous dad, Royal link and Adele connection

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Emmerdale’s Rebecca White became a firm fan favourite when she was played by actress Emily Head between 2016 and 2018.

Rebecca stirred plenty up between Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle when their relationship was just starting out, before falling pregnant with Rob’s son Seb.

Her character suffered a brain injury and eventually left the Dales behind along with Ross Barton, who had suffered an acid attack in the soap.

The characters now live in Liverpool together.

But where is actress Emily Head now? From her famous family connections to her latest TV projects, we delve into what she’s been up to since leaving Emmerdale.

Famous family

Emily isn’t the only actress in the family.

She actually has a famous dad – Anthony Head, who made his name portraying Rupert Giles in hit paranormal show Buffy The Vampire Slayer alongside the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nicholas Brendon.

Anthony has also appeared in shows like The Stranger, Ted Lasso, Merlin and Little Britain.

He also fronted the Nescafé Gold Blend adverts in the late 80s and early 90s as Tony, with actress Sharon Maughan playing his on-screen partner Sharon.

Emily’s sister is also an actress, and has even appeared in a previous series of The Syndicate – the show in which Emily now stars.

She has also appeared in everything from Doctors to Endeavour.

Acting career

Emily has certainly been busy since leaving the ITV soap.

In 2020, she appeared in an episode of TV mini-series Life as Julia.

But her biggest role following on from Emmerdale has to be in The Syndicate, an anthology series following a group of people after they jointly win the lottery.

Emily plays Colette in the 2021 series of the show, and regularly promotes it on her Twitter page.

And that isn’t all – Emily has also been busy penning and starring in her very own play, entitled The System.

The play focuses on the character of Paul, who is murdered at his own birthday party – and the audience are invited into the interrogation room with the suspects in the crime.

Speaking about the play, which streamed during the coronavirus pandemic, Emily said: "As both a writer and performer, the world of digital theatre is really fresh and exciting.

"What Guy Unsworth and the Original Theatre Company have done to take this production to the next level of an ‘at home theatre experience’ is extraordinary."

Plenty of her former Emmerdale co-stars chimed in on social media to congratulate Emily on her achievement with The System, with Vanessa Woodfield star Michelle Hardwick applauding her with a row of clapping emojis.

Michelle also penned: "Loving seeing our gorgeous @Emily_Head on our TV #TheSyndicate", to commemorate Emily’s role in the show.

Amy Walsh, who plays Tracy Metcalfe in the soap, also chimed in with congratulations of her own.

Adele connection

Emily has famous connections outside of her family, too.

Whilst attending the BRIT School in Croydon to complete a BTEC course in acting, she brushed shoulders with some of the UK’s biggest singing stars.

Emily actually attended school with the likes of Adele and Katy B.

She described it as "one of the best experiences."

She admitted: "The Brit School was amazing, one of the best experiences," she says.

"I was in the theatre strand and Katy B and Adele were in the music strand.

"Adele was the year above me and Katy B was in my year. So we didn’t interact much but we would see each other."

Inbetweeners stardom

Emily first shot to fame starring as Carli D’Amato in coming of age comedy show The Inbetweeners.

She said it was "the best job I could have hoped for" while starring as Simon’s unrequited love interest – but admitted lads in real life were more interested in hearing about the ins and outs of the show than in romance.

Emily appeared in all three series of the TV show and in The Inbetweeners Movie in 2011.

Royal link

Plenty of fans may not be aware, but Emily also has a royal connection.

And it’s to do with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Emily actually starred in a fictional version of their royal love story, entitled William & Catherine: A Royal Romance, in 2011.

The TV movie starred Dan Amboyer as Prince William and Alice St. Clair as Kate Middleton, while Emily appeared as a character called Cynthia.

Sweet relationship

Emily is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Jarrod, and the pair live together in London.

She tends to keep her personal life incredibly private – however, she did admit that she and Jarrod signed up to help with farming campaign Pick For Britain last year.

Writing for The Telegraph, Emily said: "We’d pick crates and crates full every day and picking doesn’t stop if it rains.

"We’d be out there in hail, torrential downpours and extreme heat. It was brutal.

"But we were surrounded by lovely countryside and there were days when I’d be weeding in the fields, overlooking the river in breezy sunshine and think ‘Yeah, there are worse places to be’."

She also gives fans insight into their relationship on social media – admitting Jarrod speaks to his trainers.

She tweeted in February last year: "I honestly don’t know what I expected to find when I heard my boyfriend whisper ‘I love you so much’ from the other room.

"I suppose I should be somewhat relieved that I found him talking to his trainers. Or concerned? I don’t know – he’s talking to shoes."

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