Emmerdale spoilers: Jimmy King left fighting for his life as he loses control of van in horror crash

JIMMY King finds himself in danger as he crashes his van in a horrific accident next week in Emmerdale after Juliette Holliday’s ominous plan is exposed. 

Juliette has been employing some underhand tactics to get access to her son Carl, who she abandoned five years ago, after turning up out of the blue back in January.

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And next week, Jimmy gets a phone call and finds out Juliette has sabotaged another business opportunity and left him and Nicola short of funds for their legal battle. 

Nicola decides to take matters into her own hands and accepts a job with Mack. 

Later, Mack contacts Jimmy, who’s been drinking coffee in a layby.

Jimmy panics when Mack warns that Nicola is in trouble with the private investigator who’s been spying on them. 

Jimmy leaps into his van and kicks into gear but just as he’s about to rush off to Nicola’s aid, Amy rings and innocently asks if Juliette can take the kids.

Jimmy sees red and says he’ll come and get them but as he speeds off in his truck, he struggles to breathe and as he turns a corner, he’s blinded by the glare of the sun. 

Disaster strikes as Jimmy loses control, bracing himself for impact.

Jimmy was aghast in recent scenes when he discovered that someone was writing negative reviews on his and Nicola's business website. 

Speaking to Nicola in the cafe, Jimmy moaned that he’d had multiple clients cancel on him due to the reviews. 

But the couple were unaware that Juliette’s private investigator was eavesdropping nearby.

He later rang Juliette and told her things were looking good – and that Jimmy wouldn’t have any money left to fight for Carl.

Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw recently revealed there's a child kidnap plot on the horizon for Jimmy and Nicola as young Carl is abducted – and that Mandy and Paul will become embroiled in it.

Speaking about the upcoming plot, Laura told the media: “There's an upsetting time on the horizon for Jimmy and Nicola, who are going to cross over into the Mandy and Paul storyline in quite a shocking way.

“The audience will see that Jimmy and Nicola are being secretly watched and the couple are going to be frantic when Carl goes missing – who's taken him?

“What starts off as a relatively small thing will turn into the biggest test we've seen of their marriage and their whole family, really.”

She added: "With betrayals of trust on both sides, it leads to lives being changed forever."

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