Emmerdale: Will Andrea find out about Jamie and Belle’s affair?

JAMIE Tate and Belle Dingle seem unable to keep their hands off each other in Emmerdale.

Jamie has moved back in with his estranged wife Andrea in the midst of a dramatic custody battle for their daughter Millie.

What do we know about Jamie and Belle’s affair in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale fans know that Belle – who’s in a relationship with Ellis Chapman – and Jamie slept together on the night of Graham's murder after his marriage with Andrea had hit rock bottom.

Viewers have been noticing sparks flying between Belle and Jamie since May last year when they branded the lovers Romeo and Juliet.  

This week saw Belle go ballistic when she discovered that Jamie had moved back in with his estranged wife. 

But Jamie was quick to admit that he was only with Andrea out of guilt, and that he still had feelings for her. 

The pair then gave into their temptation for one another and kissed. 

When Jamie returned home he lied that he’d been on a job with Paddy and apologised for not answering his phone, before getting it on with Andrea just hours after he'd kissed Belle. 

Why is Jamie cheating on Andrea in Emmerdale?

Jamie and Belle were horrified when Kim witnessed them kissing at the vets last month. 

Kim warned Belle to stay away from Jamie – who she wants to focus on getting custody of his daughter Millie. 

Kim is worried that the affair could ruin his chances of custody if Andrea accused him of infidelity. 

It's likely that Jamie has the same fear, which is why he's been hiding his relationship with Belle and moved back in with Andrea. 

But his decision to romance Belle behind Andrea's back is likely to only end in tears.

Is Andrea going to discover the affair?

Emmerdale are yet to confirm whether Andrea discovers the affair between Jamie and Belle. 

If the secret does emerge, all hell will no doubt break loose. 

There’s also the possibility that Jamie will do the decent thing and let Andrea go in order to be with Belle properly.

But Andrea still won’t be a happy bunny if she discovers that he's lied to her. 

With exact plot details being kept under wraps, fans will have to wait to find out if Andrea discovers the truth and what she does next. 

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