Emmerdale's Emma Atkins reflects on working with the late Leah Bracknell

Emma Atkins has been involved in some of Emmerdale’s biggest storylines over the years as resident bad girl Charity Dingle, and now she has reflected on some of her favourite co-stars from her 23 years on the show.

Emma is currently working alongside Lawrence Robb and Jessie Elland, who play Mackenzie Boyd and Chloe Harris respectively, and has admitted that she’s ‘had a ball’ with them.

The three of them have been involved in a huge storyline that has seen Chloe give birth to Mack’s baby as the pair try desperately to keep the paternity from Charity.

Having spent a lot of time working together, it is nice to hear that they all get along, though Emma has also confessed that she has a soft spot for everyone at Emmerdale.

‘There’s nobody that you don’t have a good time working with on this show.’ She said.

Thinking back over her impressive time on Emmerdale, Emma was able to name one stand out cast member: the late Leah Bracknell.

‘I did love working with Leah Bracknell so much.’ She revealed. ‘I miss her, she was amazing.’

Leah played the role of Zoe Tate between 1989 and 2005. The veterinary surgeon and business woman was Emmerdale’s first lesbian character, and went on to have an affair with Charity in 2001.

In 2019, actress Leah tragically passed away after a three year battle with lung cancer.

There was an outpouring of love for the actress on social media when her death was announced, from soap stars and fans alike.

Another co-star Emma reflected on working with was Patsy Kensit, who played Sadie King between 2004 and 2006.

‘Patsy Kensit was brilliant, where Charity breaks her neck. We had so much fun with that, lady of the manor trying to compete. That was so fun, it was so Dynasty-esque.’

Recently, Patsy made an appearance in rival soap EastEnders, playing the role of Lola Pearce’s (Danielle Harold) mum, Emma Harding.

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