Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley hints Mandy Dingle could murder Meena

Emmerdale’s evil murderer Meena (played by Paige Sandhu) is currently front and centre of the ITV show, killing anyone and everyone that gets in her way.

And while many soap fans are worried about who Meena’s next innocent victim could be, actress Lisa Riley has revealed her character, Mandy Dingle, is safe from Meena’s temper.

In fact, Lisa has even gone one step further and teased a showdown between soap icon Mandy and Meena. She explained that Mandy wouldn’t think twice about killing Meena in a heartbeat if the two were to come to blows.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine about what would happen if Meena attempted to kill Mandy, Lisa said: “She’d have Meena-flakes for breakfast!”

The 45-year-old star continued: “I’ve only done two scenes with Paige and she’s amazing.

“But there’s no problem at all there for Mandy – she’d get the cricket bat out! She is completely safe, don’t worry.”

However, it looks like Mandy will have to join a long line of Emmerdale residents seeking their revenge on the unhinged nurse.

Jonny McPherson, who plays murder victim Leanna’s dad Liam, recently confessed he thinks Liam could be the one to end Meena’s murderous reign.

Opening up about the lengths Liam would go to to get justice for his daughter if the truth was exposed about how Leanna died, Jonny explained: “I just think the red mist will descend, definitely.”

The actor added: “I think it would take an intervention of some sort for him to not want to just destroy her.”

He went on to say: “Liam confides in her [Meena] in a way he doesn’t with other people.”

“The fact that she would have done all that knowingly, it will just compound the fury that he would otherwise have felt if none of that had happened.”

Meanwhile, Paige, who plays Meena, has told OK! that there are still plenty more twists and turns to come for her character.

She said: “I’m constantly surprised by what Meena’s doing. She just carries on getting worse and worse.”

“I can never predict what the writing team is going to do and where they’re going to go with her. They’re constantly thinking up new and crazy ideas.”

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