Emotional Katie Price reveals she's treating Harvey to a holiday after being forced to fly to Turkey without him

EMOTIONAL Katie Price has vowed to treat son Harvey to a holiday after being forced to fly to Turkey without him.

Katie, 42, revealed in her latest YouTube video her beloved Harvey, 18, will get a sunshine break – but it was too soon to take him to Turkey following his recent illness and stint in hospital.

The star explained she was forced to change her plans at the last minute and take kids Junior, 16, and daughter Princess, 13 – from her marriage to ex Peter Andre – to Turkey and organise a second trip with her youngest two, Jett, six, and Bunny, five, and Harvey.

In her latest video Katie tells Princess her plans, admitting she didn't want to let the teenager down by cancelling their trip after Princess' puppy Rolo tragically died.

She says: "So listen, you do know that Harvey isn't coming now? This is the predicament I'm in.

"You've just lost Rolo, and was always going on holiday on Sunday, and Harvey was originally going as well. But because he's just come out of hospital this week I am not comfortable taking him.

"When you go back to Pete's then I'm going to have Jett and Bunny and I'm going to take them on holiday with Harvey."

"Just because Harvey's come out of hospital this week and I don't want to risk anything. I can't keep everyone happy but I'm trying to."

Katie and the kids are staying with Katie's boyfriend Carl, his friend Kerry and make-up artist Zoe at the five-star Akra Hotel in Antalya, Turkey.

The star used the opportunity to get her teeth done.

The mum-of-five has been trying to get the perfect smile for years, having undergone a string of complicated dental procedures in the past.

Boyfriend Carl – who Katie began dating last month – also got a set of new pearly whites.

Katie is looking forward to spending time with Harvey just the two of them, after doctors told her it wouldn't be wise to bring him to Turkey.

A source revealed at the time: "She's heartbroken but of course she'll take doctors advice.

"Harvey will stay at home with his carer and Katie will still go.

"She's taking Princess and Junior and some of their friends and she didn't want to cancel their holiday and let them down, especially as Princess's birthday party was disrupted by Harvey going to hospital. "

A representative for Katie confirmed her devastation and said she had decided to go ahead for the benefit of her other kids.

"Katie has had to make the heartbreaking decision to keep Harvey at home after doctors advised he should remain in the UK after his most recent hospital stay," said the spokesman.

"For Katie this past week has been a traumatic one. Spending time now with both Princess and Junior is just as equally important as the time she has spent dedicated to Harvey.

"As a mother of five, Katie has learnt that she must divide her love five ways – not any easy task – but still she remains focused on being the best mother to them all."

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