Escape to the Chateau's Dick Strawbridge mortified as MAJOR safety hazard exposed 'as matter of urgency'

ESCAPE to the Chateau's Dick Strawbridge revealed he was mortified at MAJOR safety hazard, exposing it "as matter of urgency".

The DIY television star showed the "embarrassing" project to viewers as he vowed to sort it out before someone got "a rock on the head".

Dick, 61, and his wife Angel, 42, have been renovating their French chateau on the Channel 4 documentary series since 2016.

The show has followed the couple as they work to turn the stunning 19th century castle from an uninhabitable state into a home and wedding business.

But with a constantly growing to do list, in one episode it appeared one task could not be put off any longer.

A dangerously crumbling balustrade, initially planned as the perfect spot for wedding photographs, was way overdue a looking at.

"As a matter of urgency we know we need to make this part safe because it’s a bit wobbly and falling off the balustrade would be a bit embarrassing for everybody," Dick explained.

"Or if somebody walks underneath and gets a rock on their head, it doesn’t sound at all funny when you say it like that."

The engineer went on to detail his struggle getting a specialised builder to take on the job.

He recalled: "I got a stonemason who quoted €3,000 to fix it €1,000 of which was for hire of scaffolding for a week.

"So having asked him to do it but we thought we’ll get the scaffolding but he can come and do it – haven’t heard from him for three months.

"Tried emails, phone calls and can’t afford to wait any longer so bottom line is we’re doing it ourselves."

So Dick was joining forces with "Steve the tiling, plastering, painting guru" to save some money and get the job done in "probably two days".

But Dick very quickly realised the challenge of the job ahead as they needed to find a new steel rod to link the stonework together, after rust had expanded the old one.

Their progress was also hindered by his tools not being the right size.

He explained as he went about repurposing some of his old equipment: "This is not vandalism, this spanner is good material but it’s also something from a car boot sale and it’s imperial which means it doesn’t fit many of the nuts and things over here.

"I’ve got a whole selection of things like this in my workbox. I’m going to chop it up and all of a sudden it gets repurposed and it’s useful. What’s more, it saves me money.”

The pair then went on to complete the work with an epoxy and dry sand mix – which had been prepared in the oven.

Escape to the Chateau is available to view on All4.

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