Ex-EastEnders star Melissa Suffield has her first boozy night out without her baby son River in 411 days

MELISSA Suffield has opened up about her separation anxiety during her first night out without her baby son. 

The former EastEnders star was raw, open and honest about her first night out without 13-month-old River.

Previously playing Lucy Beale, the child star is known for her candid  Instagram posts about motherhood.

Melissa took to Instagram to mark a parenting milestone as she went on her first child-free night out since baby River was born.

Leaving River with her mum, Melissa revealed she struggled to be separated from him.

“In the 411 days since he was born, I have not left River’s side (except one time for a mere 4 hours) and today I’m dropping him off for a whole ass SLEEPOVER at my mums," she wrote.

"As handy as the time will be, OH MY GOD MY BABBYYYYY.”

She added: “Anyone have any tips for not just spending the whole time wishing he was with me/how to talk about anything other than how much I miss him?”

Fans praised the mum for her honest and relatable post and offered their advice. 

One fan wrote: “You will definitely talk about him all night it’s inevitable but you’ll have fun too!”

Another said: “Honestly, you're doing the right thing! It's so good for them and for you also! Grab yourself some wine, some snacks and enjoy or go OUT OUT!”

A third said: “Ahhhh it’s such a weird feeling leaving them for the first time, you don’t know whether to be happy that they have gone happy, or sad because they don’t need you anymore.”

Enjoying the beer garden surroundings, Melissa shared a snap of two Corona beer bottles on her Instagram story.

Melissa recently shared a stunning snap of herself relaxing in the garden – admitting that she very nearly didn't post it because of how her body looks.

She wrote: "I almost didn’t post this. Fat and rolls spilling over the top of the thick waistband of a pair of Robert’s pants, the dress clinging to it.”

"The angle I’m sat at, that’s accentuating my lower half and messing with my proportions. I could probably sit and dissect this photo for ages.”

Melissa has always been vocal about her body hang-ups, and last month stripped to lingerie as she proudly showed off her post-baby figure in a smiling snap.

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