Fans ‘call for drugs test’ after Eurovision winner ‘seen snorting something’

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Eurovision Song Contest fans have called 'for drug testing' after a band member from the winner, Italy, was 'seen snorting something'.

A clip of the group in the green room has surfaced and gone viral online.

In the video, Maneskin are sitting around their designated table, lead singer Damiano's head goes down to the table.

After a couple of seconds a bandmate nudges Damiano and he looks up.

The footage was shared online and some fans have asked for a 'drugs test'.

But after the clips going viral on Twitter, Maneskin say they do not use drugs.

One user joked: "Drug test and disqualification for Italy – all points automatically to go to last place. UK have won."

A second user wrote: "Make him take a blood drug test right now. Tonight, not tomorrow."

A third simply said: "Drug test Italy!"

After the show, when questions can be asked of the winners, it was put to the band: "There was a sequence during the broadcast when you are seen in the background and seen to be snorting something, and people online are suggesting you are taking cocaine. What was it?"

He said: "Thomas break a glass," he explained pointing to a teammate.

He added: "I don't use drugs, please guys. Don't say that really."

The host of the Q&A panel then asks for questions to focus on the artists and their music and moved swiftly on.

Fans of Maneskin have defended the stary, saying that he broke a glass of a drink and claim he was 'licking' the liquid.

Others say he was celebrating his band's victory by resting his head before shouting with joy.

Eurovision has strict security and protocol, and it would seem unlikely that contestants would be able to bring drugs into the green room.

Users online have suggested that the short clip is taken out of context and people are claiming it is drug-related due to 'jealousy' of Italy winning the crown.

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