First Dates' Laura Tott working on frontline as paramedic during covid-19 crisis

First Dates star Laura Tott has revealed she feared she would have to stop working as a paramedic after getting minor symptoms of coronavirus. 

The bubbly waitress is sure that she hasn’t contracted the illness but after suffering bad headaches it was feared she could be getting ill. 

As tests still aren’t universally available for those on the frontline, if other symptoms showed, she would have had to spend two weeks at home.

Speaking about her experience to new! magazine, Laura explained: ‘I was almost in tears. I’d feel like I was letting my crew mates down if I was off the road.

‘Luckily I was fine and my temperature was normal, but if I do have to self-isolate that would have been the right thing to do.’ 

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In the meantime, she has been in touch with the First Dates team via the group WhatsApp, but is now focusing on her career as a paramedic full time after qualifying in 2018. 

‘As a country, none of us really knows what’s coming next. Us medics have to prepare for the worst case scenario and remember each day is different,’ she said. 

Her revelation comes as the UK crisis has seen the launch of the new Nightingale hospital tonight, set up at the London Excel arena to help coronavirus patients as the NHS falls under bigger strain than ever before.

‘The best way for us all to cope is to stay as safe as possible and take each day as it comes,’ she said. 

‘Eventually, we will come out of the other side.’

At the time of writing, the number of UK cases has taken another rise to 55,242 confirmed cases of Covid-19, and 6,227 deaths.

The number includes Thirteen NHS medics who have died on the frontline combatting the virus.

First Dates is available to watch on Channel 4 On Demand.

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