Gabby delights in hiring a male nanny in Emmerdale – then seduces him?

Kim Tate (Claire King) recently made an offer to Gabby (Rosie Bentham) and Dawn (Olovia Bromley) in Emmerdale, getting them to compete with each other for a job at Home Farm.

When Dawn told Kim she wouldn’t be able to do the job without some help looking after Clemmie (Mabel Addison) and Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall), Kim suggested employing a nanny.

As Gabby also has Thomas (Bertie Brotherton) to look after, it’s agreed the nanny will take care of all the children and Gabby and Dawn go through the applications for the job. Kim insists on being on the interview panel and is impressed by a strict, old-fashioned nanny. She’s surprised when both Dawn and Gabby disagree with her choice.

There are two more candidates – Samantha and Nicky. Both Dawn and Gabby like Samantha and plan to offer her the job, but then Nicky walks in. For a start he’s a he, and he’s also very handsome. When Samantha turns the job down, both women are delighted to offer the job to Nicky.

He’s an instant hit with the children, particularly Clemmie, who warms to him instantly. Any misgivings Dawn had about someone else looking after her children subside.

Meanwhile, could Gabby’s interest in Nicky turn into something more? She’s previously shown that she’s partial to a man in a caring role when she had a brief relationship with Marlon (Mark Charnock)’s physiotherapist Kit (Thoren Ferguson). Unfortunately Kit was also seeing Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) at the same time so that ended very badly.

Even if we presume that Nicky can’t be as much of a love rat as Kit, it really does sound like a bad idea to start a relationship with your child’s nanny.

Will Gabby decide to keep things professional?

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