Gemma Collins buys her brother a hot tub for ‘putting up with her’ during lockdown as she reveals plans to move out – The Sun

GEMMA Collins has bought her brother a hot tub to say thank you for 'putting up with her' during lockdown.

The diva, 39, bought her brother and his family a present for letting her stay in the guest house on the grounds of their Essex home over the past nine weeks.

Gemma has been isolating with her brother Russell, his wife Dawn and their two sons in their gorgeous Essex home and was given her own space filled with all the necessities that a diva needs.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the telly favourite showed off her amazing gift with a series of videos of the five of them in their swimming costumes enjoying their booze, good music and the sunshine.

The former Towie star filmed her brother saying to the camera: "Pukka hot tub. Well done girl, you've made lock down."

Gemma went on to explain: "So I treated my brother and my family to this hot tub as a thank you for putting up for me.

"But the good news is I've found a new house and I will be leaving here very soon and they will cry and miss me!"

Back in April Gemma broke down in tears when her dream house fell through while she was filming for Diva in Lockdown – which was all filmed at her brother's family home.

Throughout the episode the star had poured her energy into shopping for her new pad, even visiting a kitchen and bath store where she begged the owner for a discount on a luxury bath.

But while driving back to her brother's house, where she'd been living, she got the call to say the sale was off.

Gemma became overwhelmed and pulled over to the side of the road as she broke down in tears.

But it looks like the star finally have her own place again as she is set to move in September.

Since lockdown began, the GC has had the best time bonding with her nephew Hayden and she recently showed off her slim frame in one of their TikTok videos.

The pair boogied to Stevie Wonder's Very Superstitious and Gemma looked so happy after her recent weight loss.

Gemma is very close to her brother's family and said she treats Hayden like he is her own son.

The reality star shimmed to the music as Hayden laughed, and the pair looked as thick as thieves in the adorable clip.

Gemma captioned her video: "Spreading some positive VIBRATIONS this evening for you all 💗 my lovely child my son 😝😝

"he might as well be he’s my darling HAYDEN wearing @designerchildrenswear_store 💗 and I’m wearing my own collection @gemc_boutique"

Yesterday the whole family enjoyed a refreshing dip in their hot tub and she told fans she was having "the best day of my life".

She shared a picture of a gold bottle of Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades champagne, which retails at around £250 after picking up some fancy food at Smith’s seafood restaurant in Essex.

Queuing up to make a purchase, Gemma excitedly described the day as a “moment in history”.

She said: “It’s like Christmas day for me. It’s a dream come true, I couldn’t be happier right now. This is just the best day of literally my life. I am buzzing for this day.”

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