Gogglebox staff 'screamed at for 12 hours a day and forced to delete track and trace app to avoid days off work'

FORMER Gogglebox staff have accused the Channel 4 show's production company of 'inhumane' working conditions on set.

A former colleague of the reality series has claimed they were often subjected to "screaming for 12 hours a day" to get the show on air.

A number of staff members – previously employed by Studio Lambert -alleged they had to tolerate excessive working hours and go without breaks.

Speaking to The Guardian, one said: "People have had enough. You don’t turn up to work to be screamed at for 12 hours a day.

"It was the worst job I ever did. The way that it’s made is inhumane at times."

Employees of Studio Lambert were also apparently forced to delete the NHStrack and trace app to avoid days off work.

It's believed some individuals contacted the Bectu trade union, who work to improve the working conditions in the reality TV sector. 

A spokesperson for Bectu told the publication: "Bullying and harassmentare big problems in the TV industry, particularly for freelance workers.

"That is why we recently launched the #UnseenOnScreen campaign to raise awareness of the issue and demand change."

Meanwhile, Studio Lambert ensured the safety of their staff was taken "extremely seriously".

The production company told The Sun Online: "Studio Lambert takes the welfare of its teams extremely seriously across all its productions, and has a number of measures in place to encourage people to come forward with any concerns they may have, as well as support systems for a range of issues.

"All our shows since March last year have been produced with Covid-19 safe protocols."

In addition, a spokesperson for Channel 4 stated: "Channel 4 has a clear code of conduct which sets out the standards of behaviour it expects from its suppliers and production partners.

"We can’t comment on anonymous allegations and rumours, but we are satisfied Studio Lambert is taking appropriate action to ensure the welfare of its teams and to enforce appropriate standards of behaviour across the shows it makes for us."

It isn't the first time the hit show has come under fire.

During lockdown, the show defended cast members appearing in the same room together after fans accused them of breaking government rules.

At the time, some viewers were concerned to see several cast members still shooting the show, despite not living under the same roof.

The main ones coming under fire were sisters Ellie and Izzi.

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