Good Morning Britain drama as Ranvir Singh accidentally ‘shares address’ on show

Good Morning Britain presenter Ranvir Singh seemed to accidentally reveal her home address on Monday's episode of the ITV show.

The 43-year-old journalist had brought her adorable puppy, named Shmizzels, into the television studios as she had no one to look after him.

However, as the camera zoomed in on the adorable four month old cockapoo, Ranvir's address was shown on the dog's collar.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to warn the presenter that she'd exposed where she lived as the dog's tag could be read easily.

One said: "@GMB gorgeous dog on today. Just to let you know that the collar tag was visible and I think could show house no and postcode."

While another wrote: "@ranvir01 – please be careful you've just shown everyone your home address on your dog's tag."

A third added: "That moment on @GMB when @ranvir01 held up her dog on camera and revealed her post code and house number on the name tag to national TV whoopsie."

Another fan penned: "Ahh he looks cute, just be careful of that tag, don’t want people trying to track him down. Blur the address out."

"Beautiful dog but your address has just been on show for millions to see", tweeted a fifth.

The numerous social media messages seemingly sparked concern as, after the ad break, Ranvir appeared to move her dog into a position which meant the collar was no longer visible on screen.

Then when the dog was shown again the collar tag had been removed.

At the start of the show, Ranvir's co-star Sean Fletcher explained how he had an awkward "humping" encounter backstage.

He had a shock as Ranvir's dog took a special liking to him.

The journalist laughed: "While you did the meeting with Ben, our producer, I was having to look after the dog…"

Sean said: "He just really liked the smell of me because I've got a dog…"

He added: "I've got a girl dog and you've got a boy dog… and that's when the humping started."

Ranvir joked: "You're deflecting, I mean we all have amorous feelings towards you Sean."

Sean added jokingly: "No ladies hump me like your dog."

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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